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Quest for Glory designers Corey and Lori Cole are doing an additional kickstarter for Hero- U Rogue to Redemption.

I would suggest that those who liked the Quest for Glory games or might interested in an adventure/RPG hybrid check out the new kickstarter. You can also download the demos on the Hero-U website

Some backers of the first kickstarter have been very critical about the fact that the Coles could not finish the game with the funds of the first kickstarter. The Coles have also admitted that in retrospect not all their decisions have been right ones.

Personally I think the Coles have given proper answers to the critics and that Hero-U could be a nice game. Quite a few original backers seem to agree and are also backing the second kickstarter.

The Coles are committed to finish the game. They have taken a large mortgage on their house to get extra funds, but those are not enough and they need the second kickstarter to properly finish the game.

For those suspicious because of the fact that it’s a second kickstarter, there is some useful information here :

Edit: I don't seem to be able to post links, but I think what I posted shoud be enough to find the sites
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daluggage: Edit: I don't seem to be able to post links, but I think what I posted shoud be enough to find the sites

You are not allowed to post a link till you have reputation above 5, I think. You gain a reputation based on regular activity (+1 per a day you posted something) or based on popularity of your posts (+5 per popular post, i.e. post which many people voted + for).
It is a prevention against spamming bots.
As for the Kickstarter, I am an original backer because I really miss the certain something their older games had. I think their second campaign is outcome of their tendency to overdeliver. They want to make something really cool for fans and thus already changed art to more visually appealing one and expanded on the scope a bit.

I admit I had my doubts when I backed them and think of their project as something which has 50/50 change to deliver. Their passion is genuine but there is a possibility that the feature creep could lead to an unfinished project. If they restrain their goals properly, I am fairly certain, the result will be quite enjoyable.

I appreciate that their KS posts have displayed a real progress of development and I wish them a luck with the campaign.
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