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Double the katana, double the attitude.

<span class="bold">Shadow Warrior 2</span>, the bombastic sequel to the notoriously cheeky FPS, is now available for pre-order, DRM-free on, with a 10% pre-order discount. Owners of <span class="bold">Shadow Warrior (2013)</span> or Hard Reset Redux get an additional 10% discount.

He will slice, he will dice, he'll make the demons pay the price. Lo Wang is once again caught in the middle of a cataclysmic fight that involves dark magic, dark science, and a whole bunch of misshapen monstrosities. But the talented death-dealer is now packing an expanded selection of murder weapons, including his katana, daggers, and hand claws, alongside some nasty magic powers and dependable firearms. The 4 player co-op and brutal damage system will make using all these new toys all the more rewarding and Wang's trash-talking all the more justified.

Craving some more Wang? The timing is perfect for <span class="bold">Shadow Warrior Classic Redux</span> to arrive in our fair parts, and with a sexy 75% launch discount to boot! Sporting remastered visuals, two expansion packs, GOG Galaxy support for achievements, and all the old-school sass of Lo Wang, this is the definitive edition of the cult classic. Plus the original <span class="bold">Shadow Warrior Classic Complete</span> is now FREE for all those who want to see every single pixel that they're cutting off their enemies.
The 75% discount on Redux will last until September 9, 6:59AM UTC.

Pre-order <span class="bold">Shadow Warrior 2</span> and get ready to carve up some nasty demons, DRM-free on Want to add some style to your mayhem? The <span class="bold">Deluxe Edition</span> comes with the soundtrack, the art book, and the Solid Gold Pack.

The 10% pre-order discount will last until the game's release on October 13.
Extra pre-order bonus: the exclusive Razorback chainsaw katana.
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First thanks

But Really? So we need to get through, what, 2 out of 29'ish missions (~7%) first?

Now I'll be curious to see how far I would have had to have gone to obtain equivalent anyway.
bluesplayer: First thanks

But Really? So we need to get through, what, 2 out of 29'ish missions (~7%) first?

Now I'll be curious to see how far I would have had to have gone to obtain equivalent anyway.
Dude, the first two missions are just a glorified tutorial that are intentionally limited to the basic weapons and the "Wang Cave" is part of the hub town that you hit directly after the second mission.

... hell, the reason why I found the sword is because the game gives you a quest objective to go and pick up a bunch of loot, and the sword is right next to it.

mountain out of a mole hill here dude, mountain out of a mole hill.
New stuff incoming.

Shadow Warrior 2 x PAYDAY 2 crossover is here - Lo Wang trades his katana for a wad of cash to slap demons around!

Flying Wild Hog, Devolver Digital, OVERKILL and Starbreeze have announced a special crossover event between first-person shooter standouts Shadow Warrior 2 and PAYDAY 2. The crossover event includes two PAYDAY 2 weapons and the iconic Dallas mask introduced into Shadow Warrior 2 while Lo Wang’s trademark katana and several demon masks have made their way into PAYDAY 2.

Additional updates to Shadow Warrior 2 include:

Added new reload animations for full clip

- Fixed a quest barrier persisting for client who joined during gameplay
- Fixed explodable damage indicators
- Enemies now regnerate HP after client dies
- Fixed damage future weapons damage indicators
- Fixed coop issues with Crampus giftbag
- Fixed cutscene display for client when he was in hub after triggering it

- Fixed game difficulty displayed on server list

- Intel graphics card crashfix
- Fix for some Radeon issues
Welp, looks like we're being forced into using galaxy if we want this patch too.... le sigh.