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Thanks for bearing with us in this thread. We’d like to announce that today we’ve introduced the addition of new installers, with implemented GOG Galaxy client.

Like Destro described it back in May, we decided to separate the „new" and „classic” installers, for your choice. So if you don’t care about the features like achievements or cloud-saves and don’t want to use GOG Galaxy, you can download the „Classic Game Installer", just like it was handled before. For games that have new installers, the default download view on „My account” will show the "GOG Galaxy Game Installers" - you will notice that, as it is visibly described in „My account” game view. To download the „classic” ones, just go to „Options" and choose „Classic Installers”.

The new GOG Galaxy Game Installers were added to +100 games - a selection of all games that make use of GOG Galaxy features. I'll post the current list of games with the new installers in a separate post.
Going forward, all new games that will use GOG Galaxy features, will now receive both GOG Galaxy Game Installer and Classic Game Installer.

Introduction of GOG Galaxy Game Installers doesn’t change anything in terms of keeping the Classic Game Installers up to date. As soon as we receive an update for any game, we will prepare an updated version of the classic installer, just like it was done in the past.

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InsertDisk2: That's kind of sad, GOG tries so hard to be Steam it's worrisome.
On that document there's plenty of talk about AAA releases, about Galaxy, big companies, early access, but there's not a single mention of DRM-free, not even in the whole chapter about
I never read that document before, but that was definitely worrying to see that there was no mention of DRM-Free. Another thing that wasn't mentioned anywhere was a commitment to bringing more classics to the platform. To be fair this year has had a plethora of noteworthy classics releases so I'm not ready to give up on GOG, but it would be nice to see these aspects highlighted since they are the reason that I try to support GOG whenever possible.
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Executer: ...
Gersen: and ? not sure what exactly you are trying to say?
That GOG never planned for Galaxy to be optional
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ok, masks dropped now

gog future and roadmap is about galaxy only
so long for the optional stuff

and also about NEW releases only, and AAA.. (i could safely assume that galaxy will soon implement denuvo compatibility)
so long for the goog OLD games freed from DRM (you know, the decent stuff that were made more than 5 years ago)
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Johny.: Just wanted to throw in my opinion here:
Johny, am I missing something here?

I mean it's all well and good that you feel it would be better to have a tick box to select a download of Galaxy, but what's actually going to happen tomorrow? Because as far as I can see, your comments in that link are just blue-skying/spitballing what would be 'optimal'. I see no indication that GOG is going to reverse the implementation of Galaxy-install-checked-by-default tomorrow, or that the affected games won't carry the full weight of the Galaxy client in the installers.

So, your opinion is great, and it pretty much jibes with ours... but does it mean anything has changed?
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BKGaming: Non optional would be giving you zero choice in letting it install or not. Which they have made clear you would have a choice.

Quite frankly I would rather not be defending GOG in this, and I haven't if you looked through this thread. But now this is starting to get silly, people are letting their strong dislike for Galaxy outweigh common sense here.
Five years ago it was clear that you didn't need a client with any of GOG's games.

And I agree it's getting silly, a company made enough money off of us to build a client so they could treat us like garbage

Edit: sorry about hitting the post button before I typed my comments
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Keep your Galaxy-ridden installers, GOG.
I'm not interested.
te_lanus: That GOG never planned for Galaxy to be optional
And how exactly would you come to this conclusion ?
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BKGaming: I like Galaxy, but honestly, I'm an "in between" user because I back up all my installers offline so I can use them when ever. With over 500 games, that means nearly 100GB of redundant files will be stored on my HD. Why? What did I ever do to you? I'm already using your client, why do my installers need the bloat?
well, same problem here... plus i keep some older versions + all intermediary patches for rollback manually (only for a fraction of the games... though i have over 880 of them now :( )

but i'm sure GOG will give me some discount or coupon to help me purchase a brand new/additional 4TB synology NAS ? shall i contact tech support, or customer support, to get such little financial help ? :)
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te_lanus: That GOG never planned for Galaxy to be optional
Gersen: And how exactly would you come to this conclusion ?

Galaxy technology enables individual game purchases
They shift business over to the Galaxy Client. They want Galaxy on as much Computers as possible as that means future business. Its not about customers not "finding the Galaxy installer" on the Homepage-

brand-new AAA releases fully supported by GOG Galaxy
AAA products will rely on Galaxy for features

technological foundation upon which gamers can access videogames produced by CD PROJEKT RED
technological foundation does not sound OPTIONAL at all.. its a foundation, thus required!

We develop our own digital distribution and online gaming platform, creating a full-featured user-friendly ecosystem that will constitute an integral part of our future videogame releases.
everything screams "STEAM", and integral part.. is not optional at all.. exactly the opposite
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AB2012: How is downloading Galaxy any different, and if not, why do you believe GOG users are too thick to do exactly the same thing every one of your competitors requires?...
RogerAXS: Apparently GOG customers require more "special" treatment... or at least that's what GOG management thinks of us.

I wonder, has GOG recently come under new management or have they just suddenly decided to let all common sense and fundamental values go out of the window?
what is scary to me is that many long-shot loyal customers here are way older than their marketing/management team folk

i mean, how did i manage to survive puberty and handle live so far without those people's help to make things easy for the dumb me ?
i was handling myself when many of those folks were in diaper but they would dare to tell me how to use my games and computer, assume what i am unable to do/handle by my own and take my hand to do it for me as if i was impotent ?

do they gog folks have any idea of their own customer base's demographics data ?
in early gog days/beta, i bought back my entire shelves of physical games i already had... means i played the original games at their release days. do they think i wouldnt have already come into any trouble on daily basis if i couldnt have handled myself until THEY arrive as saviors ?

gee.... seriously !
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te_lanus: That GOG never planned for Galaxy to be optional
Gersen: And how exactly would you come to this conclusion ?
I'd assume it was careful observation of the giant, obvious glowing neon signs all around us.
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te_lanus: If an average user download a installer with galaxy in, and press install, it installs Galaxy, thus it's no longer "optional" the only pretense of optional is GOG allowing you to deselect it, if you "know where to look"
This is me right now.

Give you guys an inch of support because I think what GOG is doing here is fundamentally wrong on a lot of levels, at least how they currently want to do it anyway... and now you guys want to take a mile instead. I'm not going to change the definition of a word to fit a constrained view point.

Optional: "available to be chosen but not obligatory."

Installing Galaxy is not obligatory.
Using Galaxy is not obligatory.

You have a choice even if its opt-out instead of opt-in. With or without these stupid changes, that hasn't changed. Thanks for causing all this drama GOG, but time for me to bow of this thread.

Whoever said you can't please everyone... was right on the money.
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Gersen: And how exactly would you come to this conclusion ?
Breja: I'd assume it was careful observation of the giant, obvious glowing neon signs all around us.
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here's another brick in the wa^w^w^w^w indignant customer.
seems i'm a little late to the disco, but anyways.

actually... i'm wordless.
the most disturbing thing here, i find, is terrible absence of blue presence here. despite all that uproar there was no any official answer. i don't like it.
the only real reason i clinged to GOG for this years was DRM-free. probably i'm not a perfect consumer, i have just nearly one and a half hundred games in the library, most of which were purchased with heavy discount. but i was loyal client and didn't have plans to leave and cease buying games.
until this wery event.
not so long ago i had found pretty assuring reasoning that steamification of GOG will kill it, because it will lose its main advantage. but now it seems advantages and losses are not the case. i wonder, what is?

it's a shame. a shame, really.
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Scenario: GOG managment meeting

"We absolutely must have Galaxy installed on as many user systems as possible!"

"I don't know how, we advertise it everywhere and annoy people with it already."

"Where do we not have it yet?"

"In the offline installers, below the big blue TRY GOG GALAXY button perhaps?"

"Excellent, start packaging Galaxy with the installers but make it, you know, optional. With a nice opt-out checkbox."

"You mean opt-in?"

"No, opt-out. I know what's best for all users."

"That's brilliant!"

*applause in the room*

A small tear is running down Johny.'s face while he's eavesdropping outside. He mumbles "So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause."