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im student and new here ..
i need any game in my steam .. im only have dota2 and magicka

i cant sign in @steamgift cause im only have $27 value of game :(
thanks in advance if anyone gift me some game for free
i just need to up my value and i can sign in in steamgift
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Well figured I would ask since I haven't played the games before and the 3rd game just got announced and as it happens is on sale right now.

The game is The Witcher ($5.99 right now), I would rather have it on Steam since I spend most of my time on there but GoG works just as well.
would be awesome if someone would gift me The Witcher EE or Fallout New Vegas :D..
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Updated my Wishlist, thanks
Reposting my wishlist, just cuz it give me some hope ^^

- Dragonborn (Skyrim DLC steam)
- Hearthfire (Skyrim DLC steam)
- Borderlands 2 (steam) :)

Thx for reading.
Just saw that Worms Reloaded was in the Be Mine 6 Bundle, would anyone happen to have an extra key for that?
I'd like to request : The Sims 3: 70s, 80s, and 90s Stuff . Currently it's $9.99 on the US store of Origin .
Hi Test Drive Unlimited 2 is on promo on steam for 4.99 Euros.
I would be more than happy if someone would gift me it :)
I also found a Steam Key for Mafia 2 that I can give for TDU2 but I can't garuantee that it will work.
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My first time in this thread and my first time asking for a steam gift (Is it the same as GOG gifting?)

And the game I like to have is.........Amnesia the Dark Decent.

Yes I am asking for a Survival Horror that is not Fixed Camara.
Hi, does anyone have a metro 2033 lying around? :)
drxenija: Hi, does anyone have a metro 2033 lying around? :)
Check PM. ;)
Does anyone have a spare Cargo Commander key?
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If anyone is feeling generous, I would really want to play Talisman Prologue ( or [url=]Desura ).

I am willing to trade for it.

Thank you for reading! :)
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