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Anyone generous that wants to get rid of their extra Disco Elysium key? Thank you in advance.
EDIT: My request is no longer valid.
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Hi folks,

I have the Unity of Command: Stalingrad Campagin key (fanatical free steam key). Send me a private message if you are interested. I will edit this post if the key gets taken by one of you.
anyone have spare for RE 5 Gold Edition from recent Humble Bundle
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EDIT: My request is no longer valid.
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Steam. Armored Core 6. Goodluck to me.
Does anyone have spare RE6 key since it recently went on Humble Bundle. I'd very much love to play it. Thanks!
This is all Steam

Arcade Paradise CLMJ9-6B0PN-T6AVY
Hot Brass C5PID-N0GF3-I5N3C
Banners of Ruin L7WWF-BXAJ9-9VFNC

Hello everyone,

Trek to Yomi from the last Humble Choice, does anyone have a spare key? I'd really appreciate it :)
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zlaywal: Well if anyone got a spare Disco Elysium from August 2023 Humble Bundle I'd be happy to play it.
An end of the month bump in the small chance someone got a spare, and I'd be really grateful.
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If anybody got the October Humble Bundle and has key for The Quarry or House of Ashes (or Ghostrunner) that they don't want, I'd be very grateful to get to be able to play it. Thanks!
If anyone got the Bandai Namco Humble Bundle and have a key for Tekken 7 if they don't want, I'd love to have it since I really love Tekken games and have played till 6th but haven't played 7th and the 8th is coming out soon. Would be really grateful for this gift of game(gog). Thank You!
For anyone interested in Bandai's bundle and has a spare key for CODE VEIN or GOD EATER 3, these games have been on my list since their release. I would love to give the games a home and finally get to play them for the holidays. It'll be a holiday wish come true!

Thanks for reading and as always, may you have a pawsperous and catppy day!~
If anyone has an extra key of The Quarry from Humble, I'll love to play it.
I originally had zero interest until I saw this video...
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I would be very grateful for a steam key of Unpacking from the current Humble Bundle!