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Guess #14

Ultima™ 9: Ascension
Next guess:
Mobile Forces
Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard
Realms of Chaos for myself.
DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale
The list has been updated.

(Many thanks to mrkgnao for creating MaGog search engine [and this giveaway].)

If my list is correct, there are 14 games still on the table.

mobutu: Dunno, sounds to me that you have to set "stars, is no more than, 4.2" in magog and that gives you a total of 124 entries left ...
Yes, that's why I asked. Mathematically, the hint says " x < 4.2 ". However, MaGog only supports ≤, ≥ and = search functions. That's why I want to be sure if mrkgnao used the correct wording.

After a fairly long while, another dup.
bler144: Ultima 9: Ascension
agylardi: Ultima™ 9: Ascension
Ishar Compilation

for Grargar :)
Guess #20

Seven Cities of Gold: Commemorative Edition

In for grargar again :D
One wacky penguin can handle orcs all by himself, but this is a different game. Backing up noble hummer010:

Space Colony HD
MegaRace 3 for Drealmer
Next guess: Red Faction 2
Pinball World

In for cecil again.
Early morning bioguess drive-by-guess:

Shadowgrounds Survivor

back to sleep!

again, good luck all!
My next guess:
Galactic Civilizations I: Ultimate Edition
Ghost Master