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My eighth guess:

Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico

This round i'm in for bler144

bler144: I'll be in for EITerprise.

I'll also be uncreative and go with Sacred (1) Gold.
Thank you for the entry :)
Anna's Quest.

Nite-nite for me. Good luck all!
Gangsters: Organized Crime
My final guess: Redneck Rampage Collection until next clue arrives.
Guess #5

Die By The Sword + Limb From Limb
Earthworm Jim 3D
Next guess:
Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands
Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series
Guess #9

Thief™ Gold

In for Ingsoc85 this round :D
Another entry for ZFR: Democracy 3: Clones and Drones
Next guess: King of Dragon Pass
high rated
The list has been updated.

(Many thanks to mrkgnao for creating MaGog search engine [and this giveaway].)

bler144: ...
Thanks for the kind words. :)

mrkgnao: ...
Well now that's truly an interesting method. +1. :)

Also, duplicates begin to appear. One of them even by the same person. :D

ElTerprise: Cossacks Anthology
Fantasysci5: Cossacks Anthology
Luned: Gateways
drealmer7: Gateways
babark: Witcher Adventure Game, The
babark: Witcher Adventure Game, The
helpo1: Also, duplicates begin to appear. One of them even by the same person. :D
Heh...I get the feeling one of my entries wasn't valid, so instead of too much complication, I just waited 2 hours and posted it again. Either way, your list was up to date even after my post, so that was good :D.

If I'm not mistaken, the pool of games to guess from is now around 1000 (1058 according to the clues, with 166 already being guessed, but some of them before new clues were given, which I'm too lazy to calculate.
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Next guess, in for moonshineshadow this time :)

Spellforce 2: Demons Of The Past