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5th guess: Wing Commander®: Privateer™
Guess #17

Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy)

In for grargar this round :D
The Feeble Files
One more guess for Sage:

Broken Sword 2: Remastered
Looks like 146 options left:

A,B,J,Q,V,X-Z: 0
N: 1
O: 2
Another guess for Cecil: Praetorians.
Cannon Fodder 2
6th guess: Wing Commander™: Armada
Last Clue: The game has a star rating of less than 4.2
First game remaining on the list followed by the last item on the list. Interesting.

I'll go with the game I'm actually playing right now:
Eschalon Book 1
Looks like 106 results, of which....62 remain on the board if I'm counting correctly.

Exciting race to the finish - it's complete Pandemonium 2! For the winner it will be a Screamer, while everyone else lives out their own Personal Nightmare.

[Edit - should be clear to everyone, but just in case this post is a joke not an entry]
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ooo, really down to it now!
lots of fun mrkgnao, thanks!!!

Another guess for Cecil: Wing Commander™: Academy.