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[This is a sticky post, it will be visible in every single page of this thread. It has been published in October 2020.]

Our moderation team decided not to take a side in the discussion since this giveaway thread was created by the community and, as long as there are no forum rules violated, is up to you, dear Gogers, to decide its fate. We will not set giveaway rules, edit the OP's post, nor lock the whole thread.

However, to make it easier for newcomers to understand the situation (about the OP being inactive and other), I will stick my own post right above the first one.

You are, of course, free to create new threads to start anew and make your own, clear rules. At the same time, please stay reasonable when crating them, as multiple new duplicates might make it even more confusing for many Gogers.

That being said, here you can find a post with dxenija's community poll to have better understanding of the situation: CLICK.

At the time of writing, open giveaway threads are:
- Massive Giveaways Blog (this one)
- Free (temporary) keys giveaway central topic.
- Updated giveaways

Be nice to each other *flies away*
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/ᐠ - ˕ -マ Ⳋ☆☆☆☆★★★★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ☆☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★★★★☆☆☆☆/ᐠ - ˕ -マ Ⳋ

In case people have forgotten last time:
Purrfect! After installation, Ghostrunner is DRM-free!
It can be opened directly from the game exe file without the client active.
A game title DRM Free, no shortcuts or crazy codes required, what's there to not love?

- Your giveaway side-paww
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Streamer Life Simulator is free on Fanatical (Steam) until April 24th, 2024, 2 AM UTC.
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Minion Masters has 4 DLC available for free. Frosbite is newly free, the other three have been given away previously.

Minion Masters - Frostbite
Minion Masters - Zealous Inferno
Minion Masters - Arise!
Minion Masters - Mountain Song
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Epic Games:

Deception themed giveaways this week!

The Big Con - Link

Welcome back to the 90s with this humorous comic styled action-adventure game!
And what was the best of 90s? Tricks!
But this time, we play as the tricksters!
This game has a story but players are welcomed to farm money with their con mini-games.
Play your fast hand and pickpocket without getting caught!
Reach your daily goal of EARNINGS and receive bonuses by completing objectives and challenges.
And explore this hilarious yet revealing story about the life of con-artists.
Enter the underworld of this secret society and work with your team!
Learn the tricks of the trade and make some loyal con artist friends in your journey!
Just one rule: Don't get caught!

Brief description from the storepage:
Hustle your way across ‘90s America as a runaway teen con artist. Choose how to make your scratch as you don disguises, pick pockets, and rip people off in this comedic crime-filled adventure. Experience the totally rad '90s in all its plaid and payphone glory!

Features single player only!

Town of Salem 2 - Link

Players who loved Town of Salem 1 may know this game well.
Among Us fans, if you're interested in a village instead of space, this game is up your alley!
It was originally modelled as a retail game but has now implemented a pay-to-play system.
The reasons why everyone hates EA...that reason has joined the sequel of this series.
However, if you don't mind that feature, you may still enjoy this game.
From con artists to witches, social deduction and trickery is still required to survive.
Whether you are a witch or a detective, you must play your cards carefully.
It is a race to achieve your objectives.
Fans of Mafia may love this game of deceit,
Just don't get caught!

Note: Launch the game for free DLC

Brief description from the storepage:
Step into the Town of Salem, a realm of Mystery and Deceit awaits! Join us in this thrilling online strategy game. Experience paranoia, taste triumph, and confront Murder in every move!

Features multiplayer only!

Other ongoing giveaways:
Return Alive
Armored Warfare

Next time: Industria and Lisa: The Definitive Edition
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/ᐠ - ˕ -マ Ⳋ☆☆☆☆★★★★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ☆☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★★★★☆☆☆☆/ᐠ - ˕ -マ Ⳋ

Purrfect! After installation, The Big Con is DRM-free!
It can be opened directly from the game exe file without the client active.
An indie game title DRM Free, no shortcuts or crazy codes required, what's there to not love?

- Your giveaway side-paww

P.S. Sorry for updating my summaries late. For some reasons, GOG forum blacklisted the word earn-ings (without hyphen) and I spent a long time trying to isolate what word was upsetting the filters... My apologies
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BlueMooner: I could see them maybe getting upset at mentioning game discounts and sales on others sites, as then people might buy the games there and not from gog. But idbeholdme is just giving a heads up on two free games coming up. Again, this whole thread is about free games. I think it's fine.
Andtha: I'll always be willing to pay the extra bit, if a game actually costs more on GOG at all, for a DRM-free version, which is why I tend to buy games twice: once on GOG, and once wherever it is released first. Or the other way around. For example, I first bought Horizon Zero Dawn from GOG, and the game is so great that I bought it again from Steam when I got my Steam Deck. The game deserves it, it is one of the few I played so so many hours. When Horizon Forbidden West was released on the PC, I got it on Steam first. Had to have it and also Telefonansagen fur Unternehmen convince me to do this, am playing it now. BUT as soon as GOG releases it, I will buy it again, to get it DRM-free.

... which is why IMHO GOG will tolerate us having this freebies discussion. Because they know, we are for the cause: which is clearly DRM-free games, and to support good game makers.

I also bought games I thought deserve the money, even though I didn't find the time to play them (yet). But I have to earn my living, and as long as this includes a full-time job, my spare time is limited. Which doesn't mean I won't support good games... Despite -- or rather because of (!) -- this thread!
Do you know any of telephone related giveaway?
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Smithy if free (again) on Indie Gala
drxenija: ...

Town of Salem 2 - Steam Link

Armored Warfare - Steam Link
These two are also on Steam, if you want them.
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World of Tanks: Starter Pack Key Giveaway (New players only)