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After almost 2 years in the making, ./ 2.12 release candidate is ready for testing!

The changelog and the test instructions can be found on our forge: 2.12 release

Any feedback is welcome, as extensive testing is the best way to ensure we will squash most bugs before they get a chance to reach our users.
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Trying to install a game to:
I used: --prefix /data/games/playit/
The created launcher gives the path as:

It's not a big deal since the launcher works but it might be an idea to check for trailing slashes on the prefix path so you don't end up with a double one. Also, it'd be nice if it didn't add the extra "games" folder into the path between my chosen path and the game name folder.

Sorry to nit-pick because I'm loving these scripts!
HappyPunkPotato: (…)
The double-slash is most probably something easy to fix, I’ll have a look at it.

About the path to the game, I guess /data/games/playit/games/agatha-christie-the-abc-murders is the path to the game binary, not the one to the game directory. This last one is most probably /data/games/playit/share/games/agatha-christie-the-abc-murders/.

The paths on Debian-based systems are:
- ${PREFIX}/share/games/${GAME_ID} for the game data
- ${PREFIX}/share/doc/${GAME_ID} for the game documentation
- ${PREFIX}/games for the binaries (all games would put binaries in this same directory)

Of course, it makes a lot of sense for the default value of $PREFIX, /usr/local, and a lot less for custom paths. We can quite easily test if the game will be installed in a standard path (/usr or /usr/local) so we could give a special treatment to non-standard installation paths. Any suggestion on this front would of course be welcome ;)

Maybe something similar to:
- ${PREFIX}/data/${GAME_ID} for the game data
- ${PREFIX}/doc/${GAME_ID} for the game documentation
- ${PREFIX}/bin for the binaries

Another option would be to use the paths for Arch-based and Gentoo-based systems, that might be less confusing than the Debian ones:
- ${PREFIX}/share/${GAME_ID} for the game data
- ${PREFIX}/share/doc/${GAME_ID} for the game documentation
- ${PREFIX}/bin for the binaries


By the way, you can easily try custom values for these paths if you wish. Look for these lines near the end of, that you can replace by any value you like.

But do not change the values of PATH_DESK or PATH_ICON_BASE, or your applications menu would no longer find the game launchers.
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vv221: By the way, you can easily try custom values for these paths if you wish. Look for these lines near the end of, that you can replace by any value you like.
Thanks, I was hoping to keep all game files in their own dir in /data/games/playit, didn't realise there was also a share folder at first. Since I know nothing about how games like/need to be installed I'll just stick with a prefix of /data and let them do what they want in there for now!
./ 2.12.0 got released a couple weeks ago, we now have a detailed English news post about this new feature release on Reddit: ./ 2.12: API, GUI and video games
New games

New games are supported by the current stable version of ./

Age of Wonders (this one used to be supported by an old ./ version already, limited to Debian and derivatives)
The Pedestrian
A Short Hike
Bit.Trip Runner3
Devil Daggers
The Talos Principle


As you can see, I am giving a new try at more regular news between bigger releases. I can not promise I will be able to be regular on this front, nor exhaustive, but I guess it is at least worth trying ;)

By the way, these updates will only include games that are distributed by
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Nice to see another update. It says on your Reddit post that you accept donations, where can I send one?
HappyPunkPotato: (…)
Thanks for the proposal, I sent you information related to donations through GOG chat ;)
New 2.x scripts

The following games used to be supported only by old 1.x ./, with support limited to Debian and derivatives. They have now been ported to ./ 2.x, adding support for Arch Linux, Gentoo and derivatives.

Art of Fighting 2
Baseball Stars 2
Breach and Clear
Dreamfall Chapters
Fallout Tactics
Fatal Fury Special
Samurai Shodown Ⅱ
Sengoku 3
The King of Fighters 2000
King of the Monsters

New expansions

Support for new expansions has been added to some games already supported by ./

Dungeons 2 - A Chance of Dragons
Dungeons 2 - A Song of Sand and Fire

New games

Last but not least, we have a couple new games that are newly supported.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
Night in the Woods

And that’s all on side for today ;) There has been more activity than that of course, as we do not focus exclusively on games but on all DRM-free games. You can follow a real-time activity feed on our forge if you feel curious about all this.
Game updates

Shadowrun: Hong Kong
    - Fix missing audio when PulseAudio is running
Little Big Adventure 2
    - Add launcher for game configuration

New expansions

Aragami - Nightfall

New games

My Brother Rabbit
Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York
Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York
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Game fixes

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine
    - Ensure minimal file permissions are used
./ will be at the MiniDebConf Online #2

The MiniDebConf Online #2: Gaming Edition is a Debian-centric event planned to happen on 19-22 November 2020, with a series of talks around gaming on Debian.

With the ./ team we submitted a talk proposal, you can read more about it on Reddit: ./ will be at the MiniDebConf Online #2
Game updates

    - Drop most shipped libraries

New games

Long Live the Queen

Help required

The ./ bugfix release 2.12.1 entered its final testing phase before the actual release, to get as much feedback as possible from users of diverse setups will help us ensure this update is (almost) bug-free ;)

More details, including test instructions and a changelog, can be found on our forge: 2.12.1 bugfix release

If you wish to help us in this testing phase but do not know how to do it, please ask for more instructions here.
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Are you planing on doing Europa Universalis II?
Everyone has it now and I'm having trouble getting it to run under Linux, so it is not a trivial matter.
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