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I just found out about this and it's awesome.
Thanks for doing this :)
Poulscath: (…)
You’re welcome ;)
hummer010: Do you take requests? I would love to see these three upgraded to playit2 (so they support Arch!):
Knights of the Old Republic
Temple of Elemental Evil
Vampire: the Masquerade
I was just browsing the website, and I'm very pleased to see that Temple of Elemental Evil and Vampire: The Masquerade have been updated to version 2 - they now work on Arch!

Thanks vv221 and all the other folks!
hummer010: (…)
The list of scripts still on ./ 1 is getting quite small:

I should get back to it as soon as I’m done with the couple outdated scripts remaining:

By the way, both tasks are quite easy to pick up, even by someone with no prior knowledge of shell programming.
So if someone is interested in helping us on these fronts, just tell me and I’ll help you to help us ;)