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​​Are you a fan of bears? Or breakfasts? Then we might have something for you!

Answer the contest question: "Imagine that, after building the B+B of his dreams, Hank the Bear is considering expanding his bear business. What should he focus on next and why?" and get a chance to win the recently released Bear And Breakfast game! We will pick one best and most interesting entry and reward it.

Check full rules here and don't miss the deadline! Only until the 10th of August, 5 PM UTC.
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As a forward-looking business owner, Hank would realize that both guests and regular inhabitants of the forest need various supplies every day, so that they do not need to forage for food. Therefore, Hank would expand into a chain of grocery stores in the forest and the nearby lands. He would call the chain Bear Necessities.
It's a Bear market and Hank should look to the big city and manage an office building! There he'll wear ties, arrange break rooms, choose office furniture, and do business. what kind of business? Hank isn't really sure.
Hank can create a summer camp ! Build and maintain cabins for the kids, and assign counselors. Maintain happiness ratings by providing adequate accommodations ( can start with tents, work up to full cabins ) and provide entertainment areas : lake for swimming ( Great Bearier Reef ) , Group fire pit, sports areas ( volleyball net etc ) , group cafeteria . Could be called Camp Nobear ( play on Camp Nowhere) , or something more simple like Camp Honey
Hank could branch into other areas of the tourism industry by beginning his own tour guide company, Grizzly Mysteries Inc., specialising in visiting sites renowned for mystery and intrigue. Whole new layers of management & planning to sink your claws into - and perhaps even a few mysteries of your own to solve along the way, like which forest animal keeps sabotaging the tour bus?
What about establishing a new B&B franchising?
You start with one and then you develop you're dream furthermore
After building the B+B of his dreams, Hank the Bear should consider expanding his bear business to include a recreation center for his guests, called The Den. Just imagine...

In the mornings, guests can visit The Den for various fitness classes, including bear-foot yoga and bear-obics. Afterwards, The Den is home to the B+B's very own bear-ista, who will be serving up cups of specialty beverages. (You simply must try the black-bear-y tea--with honey, of course.) Adult guests can get a little downtime in the afternoon by sending their kiddos over to The Den for Cub Scouts! In the evening, The Den hosts an assortment of activities for every guest. Why not try your hand at throwing paw-ttery? Or maybe relax with a good old fashioned Root Bear Float? On special occasions, you just might even find local sensation The Bear-itones putting on a show at The Den!

What a way to attract more guests and grow Hank's B+B even more!
Now that Hank the Bear has established their B+B business, it's time for all business owners' favorite time of the year...

Bear and Back Taxes

Help Hank the Bear get taxes filed for their business and help a whacky cast of characters charter the scary waters of tax season. File timely and accurately to ensure proper filing and keep their businesses running smoothly, otherwise an audit might just be in their future!
Hank has spent so long building the B&B of his dreams, he just CANT BEAR the idea of leaving for too long, but something is just nagging at his soul. He just had to test the limits of his creativity

For a while, Hank ran an etsy store selling his trash converted to treasures (from furniture to artwork!) but before long even that felt stale

Hank turned to the other bounties of the forest.... turning berries, leaves, and twigs into specialized paints that he carries with him on his travels around the world. He turned to street art as his new passion, tagging some of the most dilapidated landmarks in each city and giving them new life

He goes by Bearnksy now.
It would be great if there are holidays or you can make an event and then Hank will have to decorate according to a theme (bear themed of course such as Hanksgiving or Halloween) and have to serve themed food.
Hank realised how much his customers love his sweet treats and decided to open a honey mill and his own very treat shop with all of his creations displayed~
There will be all sorts to go for including fine dining type recipes as well as campfire ones such as s’mores! And the most special dish of them all is the honey pudding.
Hank wants to experiment however and find interesting ingredients to spice up his treats even more for his guests so he explores in order to search.
Hank Was finally finished with his b&b, but then he woke up to find the whole b&b in shambles, how could This happen! Said hank, twas the New bears said a customer, they came at night and destroyer the whole place, they Even took all of My left over fish from yesterdays dinner, then hank thought why would The DO such an awful Thing as stealing other Peoples fish Was the WORST Thing a bear could to another bear, hank thought and thought and thought Until he came up with the perfect idea, if the bears wont leave ill just make a new b&b with a fish river! Of theres a fish river then theyll leave all of Our fish alone
B n B sounds good but as someone who actually planning to change my business with similar modus I must say the most logical step is to build a pub.

I mean, it's already proven for hundreds and even thousands of years that people will always want their food.... and DRINK. No matter you're an adventurer exploring old dungeons or a a filthy manure gatherer, there's always time to unwind, get some drink and if you're still single, grabbing something to eat.

So yeah, gather your animal friends, start digging for your underground cellar and order several barrels of the finest (or at least reasonably priced) Ale. A cook that love to curse and several waiter/esses.
I think opening up a school would be really cute! Imagine all the little bear cubs and making lunch for them too
I think Hank the Bear would expand his business by partnering with local environmentalist agencies to provide soothing nature walks that help spread appreciation for the great outdoors, with a portion of the proceeds going to further conservation in the area.