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227: [...] The watering down of the extras bothers me more than anything, anyway.
HunchBluntley: Maybe the bulking up of the release calendar over the years means that some people who used to seek out and/or prepare extras got shunted to more crucial tasks, like testing.
The extras started to dwindle because of new games. When GOG was exclusively about old games, every game had their extras put in the package because the publisher just didn't care about charging for it at the game's original release and it wouldn't start with GOG's release. It was gonna be cheap change after all.

But once new games got in, publishers wanted to follow the way the industry had "evolved" to in the meantime. Why give the soundtrack for free when I can charge for it? Wallpapers? Artbook? Let's sell it as DLC. Hell, we've had a game I can't remember selling the user manual as DLC. It can't get any worse than that.

Even indie devs do this now as DLC became synonymous with "easy money". Note however how older games released recently still have a higher likelihood of coming with extras than the rest.
Lodium: The problem with too much option is that you cant see the trees because the forrest is blocking your field of vision.
Its like beeing in junk jard full of junk trying to discover the few gems that exists.
Unless you are into that sort of thing or like doing junkjard jobs you will pretty fast get burned out as a regular custommer trying to dig up the few gems you can find.

Valve have said they are working on something to solve the problem
it remains to be seen if their solution will fix the problem.
Yeah I can agree with that. At the moment though, I just adapt and only use my personal wishlist. At least I know what I want to play (by tracking game releases, following curator groups for example), and I can gauge my interest well enough from the store descriptions, screenshots, videos, reviews.

silent49: Well GOG doesn't support trashing their store with a bazillion trash visual novel games, so we have that going.

I think the bigger problem is the growing psychology of "I HAVE to have this game" at all costs, leading to so much piracy on the platform easiest to get a game for free causing so much drm measures. Sure we can point fingers at companies but the blame game goes both ways.
Quality control is good, but GoG surely knows they need more options around here. Visual Novel players are niche, and probably not the biggest market share around here - but if there's still profit for them I see no reason to reject so strongly to this particular genre.

If piracy is the problem, they're fighting a losing battle anyway. All biggest VNs like Steins;Gate, Fate/Stay even to more obscure ones like The House in Fata Morgana (great VN), all have been pirated.

And I don't think it's even remotely possible to stop piracy. Deterring piracy maybe - like Denuvo's successful attempt at protecting some games for months - but totally avoiding it is a futile effort that's been proven again and again.

I still support if they don't want their storefront to be cluttered like Steam's, but at least be more accepting.