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Activity Feed • Gameplay Stats • Personalization

UPDATE: We've added a new option to the Privacy settings in GOG Profiles - from now on you can turn off your profile on GOG entirely, so no one can see any kind of information that is shown on the profile page. This also means that when you turn off your profile, you won’t be visible on your friends’ friends lists, even if they decide to keep their profiles visible.
The option to enable/disable your GOG Profile can be found in your account „Privacy & Settings” options, under „Privacy” tab.

We just introduced a new feature on GOG.COM: User Profiles – a social way to share what you and your friends are up to. See what your friends on GOG are playing, achieving, and sharing across four sections – Feed, Profile, Games and Friends.

Your Feed is the centerpiece of your Profile. Here, you’ll see which games your friends have been playing, all sorts of achievements and milestones, as well as general thoughts, screenshots, and forum activity. You can dispense your approval at whim and share your own stuff as well!

Your Profile is all about you and your gaming accomplishments. It's a summary of your activity, like the time you've spent in your games , your latest achievements (and just how rare they are among other users), as well as a glimpse at what your most active friends have been up to.

If you want to know more about your Games, you need to hit the the third tab. It contains a list of all the games you own on GOG, together with stats like time spent in-game and your progress towards unlocking the achievements. Sort the list, compare stats with your friends, and get some healthy competition going.

Finally – your Friends: get a general summary of their achievements and hours played. Here you'll also see which games are the most popular among your friends right now, so you can join them in multiplayer or find something you might enjoy yourself.

Of course, your profile comes with some sweet personalization options, choose a wallpaper from your game collection and share a few words with the world.

User Profiles are available for all GOG.COM users. Your personal gameplay stats like achievements, time played and milestones depend on GOG Galaxy, but if you’re not using the optional client you can still use the feed, post in it and interact with your friends.

Launching profiles also means adding new privacy settings on our end. You'll find three new Privacy options in your account's „Privacy & settings” area. These settings allow you to set the visibility for your profile summary, your games, your friends, etc.
So what are you waiting for? There's so much room for activities!
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Is there any way to turn the damn "activity feed" off? I don't give a rat's ass what you're playing or for how long, and I can't for life of me imagine why I should give a shit.
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And now for a little stress relief, le me introduce you to my new coaching guide !

Protip from a veteran GOGer to drive on the road to 1k+ game:

Finish school
Finish college and/or get any job-worthy professional certification
Find job
Dont waste money on booze
Dont waste money on cigarets
Dont waste money on pot/weed
Dont waste money on fancy designer/streetwear clothes of trendy brands to show off and brag
Dont waste money on going out to cinema (it grew overpriced anyway)
Find a better job
Do some side-professional activity for additional income (aka work longer and harder)
Dont breed kids
Mostly buy games during sales or on discount

[i]Optional steps for the hardcore playa:

Be victim of severe prejudice / malpractice punished by law
Go to court to gain the rightful retribution you are entitled by such prejudice
Win the trial
Keep yourself aware that the retribution can't make up anyway for the long lasting prejudice you suffered

Do that and i can safely bet that within a decade of time, you'll have a nice collection of games that will be displayed without your consent by the very store you'd had purchased them to, and attract toxic people to bug you off in the process !

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As has been pointed out before, several settings don't work as one would expect:

1) Setting "Your Profile page including activity and active friends can be seen by" to "only me" does not completely hide one's profile.

2) Setting "Your full list of friends can be seen by" to "only me" still shows five friends on the profile page itself and it should not.

3) Setting "Your full game library can be seen by" to "only me" still shows "recently played" games on the profile page and it should not.

If these choices were by design, then your design was bad.

EDIT: Adding random search text since linking to the post doesn't work:
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Djaron: wait.. wait... wait ! did you say it was fluffy too ? i mean, i knew it was huggy and happy and such... but if it's also FLUFFY, lemme reconsider for a moment ;)
Yeah, well, FLUFF you!
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At last! Great news, thanks :)
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This 'feature', or at least it's implementation, is a betrayal. I hope that doesn't sound over-dramatic, because it's how I genuinely feel about it. I came here to purchase and play computer games, not to socialize, network, chat, or have my metadata collected and shared with the whole world. I actually am autistic, and pretty introverted as you might expect, but for this I'll come out of my default lurk-mode to express myself. Blargh. I'm tired and this just makes me more tired. Hopefully next time I open up GoG they'll be an apology and a fix.

Edit: Nope, still no fix. Until this is addressed adequately I'm going to be not purchasing anything on GoG. If it isn't addressed at all then I'm going to be deleting my account.

In the meantime, there's a new community wishlist item called "Disable "view profile" function for customers who care for their privacy!" that I suspect a lot of people here would like to vote for.
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If I don't use the fucking client, I don't want my play time and trophies displayed as "0". It's just an unfair and stupid attempt to ostracize people who don't use Galaxy, thus forcing them into installing the damn thing. "Always optional" my ass.

Also, other people have no business whatsoever finding out how many games I have in my account. I know that buying shitty games in dirt cheap sixpack bundles and hoarding hundreds of games you'll never play is the wonderful new thing that makes Steam really really great, but frankly, I have no interest in that kind of cock comparison. I'm, like, an adult. Most of the time. I don't brag with and I'm not ashamed of the number of games I have.

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Not my kind of thing but neat if you like it. I just turned my privacy settings to "Only Me" - should be set yes? Also, "Recently Played?" - a little bit off there - Republic Commando was ages ago!

I do like the listed background pictures and gradient coloring. Tempting, but I'll keep mine at default.
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Djaron: Protip from a veteran GOGer to drive on the road to 1k+ game:
So in short: live a brutally ascetic life, take 10 years to amass 1000+ games, get mad when others find out you have amassed 1000+ games.

Got it.

Not sure how exactly the whole prejudice thing relates to this, but I'm sure it does.
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Cool. I can finally see who is THAT guy I friended back when I discovered the feature existed.

I have no idea who he is but he's my best buddy.

My only buddy.

I'm a bit jealous, he has 2 friends.

But at least now I know what games he has, and how much he used Galaxy to play them.

I feel so much closer to him already. I might even talk to him one day.

Thanks for that new feature Gog.
Ixamyakxim: Not my kind of thing but neat if you like it. I just turned my privacy settings to "Only Me" - should be set yes? Also, "Recently Played?" - a little bit off there - Republic Commando was ages ago!

I do like the listed background pictures and gradient coloring. Tempting, but I'll keep mine at default.
Did just the same, the only thing others can see is the number of games you own which doesn't bother me that much.

Some of the backgrounds are pretty neat, to be honest I'll probably pick the most simplistic one though. :P

Edit: Shit, didn't see the activity feed...not a fan of that one. :/
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joppo: If GOG is going to copy steam features they could at least pick those that are useful, like the Key Trader or whatever it is called.
To be fair, Steam has no such feature that I know of, unless you mean Steam Trading but that really in no way enables key trading.
I feel soooo naked. *flees to the nearest bush*
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some folks are posting vids. All it lets me do is post urls for vids
keeveek: No problemo, I know how to click on "Decline" without my tinfoil hat on.
Me hurt.
JK just wanted some friends, man; the more the merrier
not kiddding: sorry for adding ya pal ;)