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Connect your Steam account and grow or jumpstart your library.

UPDATE: Last chance to grab your games from the original list! Make sure to get them until June 8, 12:59 PM UTC.

Want more games? We've got more games! Three new titles are now available through GOG Connect:

- Kona
- Defender's Quest
- Door Kickers

You can get them until June 13, 1:59 PM UTC.

Today, we're launching a new program called <span class="bold">GOG Connect</span>. The premise is simple: connect your Steam account and add your eligible games to your library.

Whether you're checking us out for the first time or have been with us for a while, <span class="bold">GOG Connect</span> gets you DRM-free versions of your games, digital extras, and a whole lot of freedom of choice (like whether you go with the GOG Galaxy client or not). It gets you our take on game ownership, and we say: why buy the games more than once?

Thanks to our awesome partners including Deep Silver, Harebrained Schemes, Jonathan Blow's Number None, TaleWorlds and more, you can now add more than 20 games to your library if you previously purchased them on Steam.

The full list of games will always be available on, starting with these and more:

- The Witness
- FTL: Faster Than Light
- The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut
- Galactic Civilizations 3
- Trine Enchanted Edition
- Saints Row 2
- Shadowrun Returns
- The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

While <span class="bold">GOG Connect</span> will stick around, the available games will come and go. These are limited-time offers made possible by participating developers and publishers, so stay tuned as we bring new titles onboard in the future (and grab your copies before they go away)!

For a bit more library-building, a bunch of our favorite titles will also be discounted up to -85% all week long, including The Witness, Saints Row: The Third, System Shock 2 and more. You can check out all the deals here. The sale will last until June 6, 12:59 PM UTC.
Anyone gotten this to work correctly it just keeps telling me can't access Steam right now try again later
I'm getting the no eligible games error, even though I own some of the titles eligible for GoG Connect on Steam. :/
If the idea is to get people to switch over from steam, is there any chance of getting GOG Galaxy to support the steam controller? That's the real thing that's been stopping me from buying games on other platforms lately: I really like my controller and want my games to work properly with it.
Anyone gotten this to work correctly I keep getting the message can't access Steam right now try again later
I wasn't ready for that !
I will try it at home asap, even if I have only 2 or 3 games availables in the list.
"NO ELIGIBLE GAMES FOUND", but I do own to the moon in steam library.
Oh it is OK now. Cool, thanks gog.
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Very nice.... if more games with cd keys could be added aswell....

i have Industry Giant 2 on a retail cd, with serialnumber on it on the cd
Also have retail cd of Diplomacy with cd key , but this game is not yet on GoG

The only game i have on Steam that GoG also has, is Randalls Monday, the rest are mainly casual games
and other good point and click like chronicles of zerzura, alternativa.
Not working here stuck in a loop refreshing :(
This is awesome :D

Can't get it to work yet, probably server overload,
Will try later.
Now I get the NO ELIGIBLE GAMES FOUND message. Oh well... It doesn't work for now.
This is fantastic news indeed. I'm not sure how many games on Steam I might have that are eligible at the moment, but I hope as many as possible as I'd much prefer all my games on GOG for various matters of convenience and longevity. Unfortunately I'm unable to get GOG Connect to work at the moment, it takes my Steam credentials and links my account then is unable to connect even after several refreshes. Presumably the back end is being overworked with an influx of GOGgers at the moment causing a choke point or some other technical problem. I'll read through the thread to see if anyone else is experiencing this ATM (on page 1/6 currently).
haydenaurion: Doesn't work for me.
wizisi2k: gives the same error here it did before. When it DOES get through, it finds 0 games of the at least seven in my library that are on the list.
Just in case: have you tried reloading the page after disabling AdBlock and not simply click on "update"?
My account is connected but it cannot contact the steam service. I just assume it's heavy load (keep in mind it's not just this site that uses the steam api but tons of different sites).

Out of everything GoG has done so far, I'd vote this the most valuable and the most significant. In the long term I do think it grows the GoG base. However it also in theory works out for Valve as you have potential GoG customers who would never use Steam now have a reason to create a Steam account in order to get bundles where only a steam key is provided. In a lot of ways this is basically just publishers providing a DRM-Free key to certain titles. I'm curious on the limited nature of certain titles though. Usually when publisher provides a DRM-Free key, it's not of a time limited nature.
i have shadowrun returns on my account with steam but i still cant get it to share the copy , why ?
Ya finally got it to connect but it shows that I dont own the games that I do.
So must still be broke. Will try again later.