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Mass-produced fun.

UPDATE: If you want to enjoy Factorio's strangely atmospheric tunes even when you're not staring at your mechanical farm, go ahead and grab the <span class="bold">soundtrack</span> separately, available both in MP3 and FLAC formats.

<span class="bold">Factorio</span>, a labyrinth of interconnected conveyor belts and machinery of your own design, is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on

What is it that separates humans from wild beasts and secures us the top spot on the pyramid? Isn't it our capacity for technological advancement, the ingenuity to build more and more complex machines and automate progress?
That's exactly what you'll need to do once you find yourself stranded on a hostile alien planet: start small, gather your first materials by hand, then build machines to help you mass-produce what you need, including more machines. But what you desperately need is guns, turrets, walls - something to protect yourself and your sprawling production lines from the local wildlife who doesn't agree with your presence here.
Before the game is fully released, Wube Software LTD., the team behind Factorio, are also planning on cleaning up the GUI and implementing a multiplayer matching server, which will enhance the fun and chaotic situations you can create with your friends even further.

Build a massive microcosm of fine-tuned production lines and keep the beasts away from your <span class="bold">Factorio</span>, DRM-free on

Note: This game is currently in development. See the <span class="bold">FAQ</span> to learn more about games in development, and check out the forums to find more information and to stay in touch with the community.
One of the best In-Dev games that weren't already here!

As I said on another thread, I hope the original Indiegogo backers get GOG keys. :)
Oh my GOG, these factories eat up the forests... our forests..... and all those trees... *sigh* :P

As much as I'd like to give this a try, the high price and InDev status means I'll have to wait at least until it's finished.
Really glad to see this here, though I'll be waiting until it's finished. Lots of good stuff releasing during this sale!
low rated
paid beta/early access.

not now, not ever
Don't be afraid of "In Develeopement" status. It is pretty much a finished game. If I didn't already bought it from devs directly, then I would do that now from GOG
I love the falloutish art-style..
high rated
This game is addictive <.<
This game has a fantastic trailer!
Ah, Good to see it here :)
Oh come on! Another Non-FF2 rele-... wait a minute, I have an idea. I could make a factory in this game that produces nothing but Freddi Fish 2s! Your a genius GOG!
Nice, I remember the thread on the forum about this a while back and thought it looked quite interesting. Wishlisted for now, will probably get it at some point when it's officially released.
This is simply the best game I have played in 30 years! I'm so happy that it is here on GOG!
Just two words: Buy it! :D
Oh, this looks very interesting - but could be too complicated for my old brain.

Thankfully there is a demo on the developer's website:

and also a Players strategy guide
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