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==== Overview ====
Civil Rights: Excellent (70)
Economy: Reasonable (43)
Political Freedoms: Superb (76)

The Free Land of Gogan is a massive, socially progressive nation, ruled by Doctor Marcin with a fair hand, and notable for its museums and concert halls, rampant corporate plagiarism, and restrictive gun laws. The compassionate, democratic population of 4.012 billion Goganians enjoy a sensible mix of personal and economic freedoms, while the political process is open and the people's right to vote held sacrosanct.

The enormous government is primarily concerned with Education, although Welfare, Healthcare, and Social Policy are also considered important, while Spirituality isn't funded at all. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Keanesomnia. The average income tax rate is 71.2%, and even higher for the wealthy.

The large but inefficient Goganic economy, worth 208 trillion Gogs a year, is highly specialized and led by the Book Publishing industry, with significant contributions from Tourism, Pizza Delivery, and Information Technology. State-owned companies are reasonably common. Average income is 52,055 Gogs, and evenly distributed, with the richest citizens earning only 2.1 times as much as the poorest.

Elevator music has been replaced by thrash metal played at maximum volume, a new generation of aquariumless hotels are being built under government supervision, police officers spend more time on calisthenics than actually catching criminals, and the ban on cars has been repealed. Crime is totally unknown, thanks to a capable police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Gogan's national animal is the Goglodyte, which is also the nation's favorite main course.

==== Issues ====
4 days ago: Following new legislation in Gogan, the ban on cars has been repealed.
The overview has been updated following the last decisions made.

A Busload of Worry (issue 406)
An advertisement battle over the morality and acceptability of "coming out of the closet" is taking place on Keanesomnia's buses, with different factions presenting their vehement cases on these moving billboards. Groups on all sides are demanding the government step in, soothe egos, and take action.

1. "This is disgusting, and I shouldn't have to see it," pines prominent homosexual, Roger True, for once abandoning stereotype to be seen without feather boa, "Gogan should be a nation intolerant of intolerance, and what could be more intolerant than this? Have you any idea what damage this fundamentalist advertisement will do to young people struggling to come to terms with their sexuality? We should ban this ad, and instead educate children to be free about their sexual preference, without deference to religious or cultural orthodoxy."

2. "This is disgusting, and I shouldn't have to see it," declares Ariel Jefferson, a particularly prudish representative of a major religion, "Have we forgotten that Gogan is a country founded on traditional values, not least the sanctity of the relationship between man and woman? These deviants have no respect for what is natural and are spreading a sickness through my country, so I have a god-given right to educate the people about it. I say we ought to ban these LGBwhatever posters and divert some government funds to reminding the people of Gogan what it truly means to be a virtuous soul!"

3. "Last I checked, free speech meant listening to people you didn't like," yawns your advisor, Hillary Gutenberg, slouched over a sofa with a newspaper over her face, "A principle your office seems utterly devoted to... Look. Should a bunch of religious nutjobs stop homosexuals from saying it's alright for Jim and Jones to hold hands in the street? Of course not. Equally, should a bunch of tarted-up fruits stop the devout from banging on about their divine revelation? Obviously no. So why stop either of them? Freedom of expression is more important than either party's sensibilities, no matter how distasteful that might be."

4. "This whole culture is foul, and we shouldn't perpetuate it," argues daily commuter, Zack Hernandez, "Surely the point of public transportation is to quickly get people to work or wherever, not to bombard them with fringe political causes. We should do away with advertising on government services and properties altogether, as well as pour some more money into our public transportation network. Then Keanesomnia would have the best transport in the world."

==== Public announcement ====
You might not be aware of this if your only interaction with Nationstates is through this thread, but the site has been going through a heavy update. Not only have various values changed in significance and effect and the site have changed looks, but we have, apparently also gained some stats we didn't have before - you'll notice that the last few posts have information about the economy and wages which did not exist before (actually, even though this was added in January, I didn't notice it before now - that's how well I read everything before I post the copy-pasted texts).

We also have a fuckload of "achievements" which earns me (because I'm the one to interact directly with the Nationstates page) banners that can be visible for anyone to visit the nation's page as they change randomly.

A few of the achievements earned:
Slice of Life (Support the pizza industry)
Server Room (Develop a strong technology industry)
Tourist Destination (Develop a culture-based tourism industry)
Making No Cents (Free yourself from the tyranny of coins)
Minimalist Curves (Develop an extremely intelligent populace)
... we've retroactively earned 92 of 'em, so I'm not going to list every single one, but there are even more than that still to get, such as eschewing the military, building a large military, enhancing the environment by removing trees... and others.

I'm sure achievements will be announced as we earn them, and if so, MGT will be able to include that in his posts.
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This will hurt the economy, but removing ads would be the Gogan thing to do, so...

406: 3
Necromancy of Nations coming up:


or, alternatively, I vote to give our nation a decent burial, since it is likely dead by now.
406:3 although getting rid of ads is also tempting.
Is gog still running a nation? :D
XYCat: Is gog still running a nation? :D
No, GOG is running a Galaxy now. ;)
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XYCat: Is gog still running a nation? :D
PaterAlf: No, GOG is running a Galaxy now. ;)
lol man :D
that escalated rather quickly though
poke poke.

Humm, no reaction.

It's time to shut up SJWs and Bible Fanatics all at once with a lesson of free speech.

Edit: Oh, mh... I guess Gogan is now living on anarchy?
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I declare my Canton to be autonomous and not bound by the EU or UN regs.

Everyone must carry a sidearm at all times and beer must not exceed the price of ammo.

All children must be spayed or neutered.