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Not all banks are large or multinationals however
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marsattakx: Not all banks are large or multinationals however
True enough, though sadly the smaller ones seem to be more rare(at least where i'm at).
GamezRanker: Short of people stuffing it into their mattresses and whatnot, I don't see too much difference between trusting google and some large multinational bank chain, tbh.
I don't really think citing post-SERN employees' project with servers under a rock (pun partially intended, I mean THE bunker they use for one colocation) is particularly indicative what other UNRELATED corpos do.
Tho mad props for the project citation :P ;)

But I agree, banks GENERALLY have less data on average. Whereas Alphabet can actually achieve some profoundly crazy high profiling of individuals (think this way - they do own 1.One of the most (if not THE ONE) utilised search engines 2.Part of international network infrastructure [for example DNS servers] 3.Most popular in-the-west online video hosting service 4.Some of the most popular cloud storage [not great imo, it has lot of issues, but it certainly is popular], 5.Some of the most popular e-mail service 6.Entire mobile platform, then some other things, and on top of all that they have 7.THE PAYMENT SYSTEM - the premise is that an average person is supposed to log in to ALL that with ONE account - at which point the amount of telemetry they get from an average person is just CRAZY - and then there's the fact that most people don't read TOS [EVER] so they may not even know what EXACT data is being smuggled out of their lives).
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