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If you are not a player in this game, no posting at all in this thread, thanks

RULES - read all of these rules!

1. Everything I say goes and I am allowed to change my mind.

2. Have fun, don't be a jerkface.

3. If you have any concerns, questions, or anything at all that you want to address with me, do so privately via PM or your QT.

- If you need to replace out of the game, notify me privately, do not mention it in the game thread.

- All character QTs will remain private permanently, they are a private place to correspond with me.

- Any other QTs will be released immediately upon the game's completion. No redactions permitted.

4. No cryptoclaiming.

5. No betting among players or observers.

6. "Real Life" is not to be used as an excuse not to participate in the game to an acceptable level unless there is an actual serious real life issue that is affecting your ability to play. If this is the case, please notify your moderator privately. If you have an issue with someone's use, keep it to yourself, contact the moderator, or wait until after the game to deal with it privately.

or as the GOGfather has it:

"3. Real Life issues and situations should and will always take priority over what happens in the game. If a player presents a real life issue as a reason on why they need a bit more time or are temporarily unavailable to partake normally in the game that reason should be accepted and respected by everyone else (including the mod). Everyone should always treat real life problems/situations in a gentlemanly manner and never try to make accusations or gain leverage in the game based on that. If these issues become too overwhelming the incapacitated player should inform their mod and ask for a replacement as soon as possible or if they are unable to do so the mod should take steps in finding a replacement for them. Everyone should be playing the game for fun and treat each other with the necessary respect. Therefore we shall always assume that every real life reason for inefficient participation in the game is 100% real and has to be taken as such. We shall also count on everyone playing the game to show proper respect and sportsmanship to their fellow players and the mod by never abusing this "free pass". If someone is caught taking advantage of everyone's good will they will be immediately allowed to find another place to play forum mafia. "

7. This will be a SEMI-OPEN NON-BASTARD game.

- Semi-open because I ran the first variant of the game <span class="podkreslenie">here</span>.

- The list of roles and mechanics of the first iteration can be found <span class="podkreslenie">here</span>.

- There is NO guarantee that anything will be the same. General game rules, roles and the abilities associated, character names, game mechanics, and the entire setup in general is subject to change. Make NO assumptions.

8. Lynch by majority vote is in effect. bold your VOTE. If no majority is reached by the time the Day ends, NO LYNCH will be achieved. If you would like to request a votecount do so by some sort of bolded+underlined @votecount please method.

9. You must make a content-related post at least once every ~60hrs. Weekends count as 24hrs.

10. Day length / deadlines will operate under a window. At some point during each Day (unless a lynch is already achieved) I will announce the Deadline Window. I can end the Day at any moment within the deadline window. If a lynch is not achieved when I end the Day or by the end of the window, I will end the Day in NO LYNCH.

- DO NOT post in the game thread once I have announced the LYNCH or any time at Night unless otherwise noted.

- No "BAH" posts, once you are dead, no posting.

11. Regarding the EDITING of POSTS !!! You may make continuous posts and create "post merge", but you may not deliberately edit any text you have already submitted, even the slightest of most annoying hang-nail grating erros. LEAVE them there, if you are caught intentionally editing your posts I will do bad things to you (modkill, force replace, public shaming, who knows!)

12. ANY reference, allusion, or mentioning at all of any other ongoing game is STRICTLY forbidden.

13. Scum DO NOT have Day Talk.

*** players may now post ***
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----- ***** $$$$$ Gold Miner $laughter $$$$$ ***** -----

a hopefully spoofyspin on Coal Miner's Daughter


A Journal of a Minor Gold Miner

- July 24, 1882 - Exter, Minnesota - population 58 -

A view from a hillside in Exter

Exter is a small gold-mining town located in a tiny pocket in the mountains near Marroy's Creek (The Story of Marroy will not be told here) in central-ish Minnesota.

(a pocket not unlike one found on the chest of overalls)

Life in Exter is rough (like a river of rust!), and so are those who live here. This will journal the most ruthless and bloodiest conflict ever in the history of Exter. As I tell this part of its history, I also tell part of my own. If you read this, you could be shocked.

While there has always been gold to be found in Marroy's Creek and the hills of Exter and the town has been established for over forty years, until recently no major veins had been discovered. Those carving out a living here do it slowly, in the midst of many dangers, with the dedicated patience of few others ever in history.

Two months ago a new, very large vein of gold was discovered by the brothers Henry and David (no, not Thoreau!) Jenkis on their property in the hills. They recently inherited this property from their father, Edward, after he died in a cave-in this past January (his body was never recovered, unfortunately there was no Big Bad John there to help.)

The Jenkis brothers have been working and mining for gold here their whole lives, along with myself and others like their father and mine. Gold deposits in the creek-bed and in the walls of the hills are found scattered about healthily, and most of us find enough to make ourselves a life and stay motivated to keep digging for more, but no one had ever found anything substantial enough to pay off big or that anyone would take much interest in. Like myself, most plan to go on digging for gold for the rest of our lives. We know no other life and it suits us fine. The Jenkis property is a large piece of land with a cabin that Edward had built on it over thirty years ago.

The brothers have no greed between them and have always been the best of friends, always helping and looking out for one another and other people in the town. This discovery was a joyous thing shared between them. Henry is the older, less-smart brother (in fact, he's as dense as a diamond, some say) and David the younger, more cunning and intelligent of the two (as bright as polished silver, some say.)

The gold vein they discovered is the largest anyone here in Exter has ever been close to (as far as I know, anyway.) Henry told one too many people (or was it two or three too many? no one is sure - they're not much for counting in Exter, anyway, I'm the smartest of the whole bunch!), and last night an attempt was made on their lives and David was killed. Henry, by some stroke of luck, was out taking a pee when someone tossed a bundle of dynamite into their cabin, blowing it, and David inside, to bits. Henry says that he heard the explosion, zipped up mid-stream and ran back and saw a group of indiscernible figures running away in the dark. He immediately made his way to town and told the town magistrate (that's me, I also own a bit of land in the hills, but my home is in a more densely-cloistered section of houses in the area), as there is no structured law-enforcement in this town. I've decided this was no doubt an attempt to kill them both so that some bad people could lay claim to the land.

It is now the next morning and to protect Henry and his interests I have hidden him away until those responsible are rooted out and dealt with. I must make my way now to get on with the day's doings so this issue can be resolved.


I have gathered a small yet crucial and influential group of this town's existence, who have it's interests in their minds and hearts among which I hope and am pretty sure want to do right by Henry Jenkis and his now deceased family. I brought them here to discuss among each other who they think is likely responsible and involved in this deed and what to do about it.

It has quickly become apparent that not all I have gathered get along or have Henry's interests in their hearts and that a portion of them were very likely involved in the murder and murder attempt of the Jenkis brothers. I am certain a plot will continue to try and kill Henry until they are stopped or they find him and kill him.

I will update this journal as things unfold, and it looks like I'll have to start a new page as this one is full. Just perfect!
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1. Hunter65536
2. RWarehall
3. trentonlf
4. Sage103082
6. Lifthrasil
7. [s]QuadrAlien[/s] DarkoD13
8. GammaEmerald
9. oldwino
10. medamiedo



1. Hunter65536
2. RWarehall
3. trentonlf
4. Sage103082
8. GammaEmerald
9. oldwino



10. medamiedo - lynched D1
7. DarkoD13 - died D1
6. Lifthrasil - killed N1



1. dedoporno
2. DarkoD13
3. Stanari
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vote count / votecount / vote-count / VC - 1.00

NOT VOTING - Hunter65536, RWarehall, trentonlf, Sage103082, CSPVG, Lifthrasil, QuadrAlien, GammaEmerald, oldwino, medamiedo

10 alive takes 6 to LYNCH


*** Day 1 will not last longer than 10 days ***
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Looks like a slow start, I was half worried that it'd be few pages in when I opened this thread.
Wow, very slow start. I think it's going to be Monday before this game picks up based on how this start looks. I'll be here all weekend though so I sure hope I'm wrong.

Nice to see you playing again Hunter! Let's welcome you properly

Vote Hunter
Hello all! How is everyone? I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Im sure everyone will pop on soon..I hope.

Vote CSPVG as a welcome back to the games.
Vote: Sage103082
Hello :)

Just here for my wolfy pop-in!

Fyi I'm super super busy so I won't be able to give this game a lot of attention but I'll be here as I'm able.

Vote: trent/b]

Vote the trent! Vote him!
Let's give a little love to the new player...besides, looks like he is stashing the town's booze...

Vote oldwino

Vote: trent




Guys my RVS reads are boss where you all aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
medamiedo: Hunter



Care to explain?