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Will be trading System Shock 2 (eventually, when I get the key from GoG).
I'm very much interested in the following games from the Bullfrog Bundle:

- Populous
- Populous 2
- Populous: The Beginning
- Magic Carpet Plus
- Magic Carpet 2
- Syndicate Plus

Other offers for games on my wishlist also welcome :)

Here is what I have to offer (GOG and Steam).

Here is my list of people I've traded with.
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skimmie: Thanks for a pleasant trade, X-COM!
Thank you for the great trade too skimmie!
I have...


Steam Marines
Lumino City
Cave Story+
Thomas Was Alone
Super Motherload
Spark Rising
Vikings: battle of Asgard
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent
Broken Sword: Director's Cut
Hack 'n' slash
Cloud knights
Outland special edition
Mercenary kings
Freedom planet
Coin crypt
Where is my heart?
Ronin (2Keys only)
Gods will be watching
Hitman Absolution

Towerfall ascension

GOG: I may buy a game for you if you have a game that interests me, I usually don't buy games at full price.

Steam wishlist:
GOG wishlist
Gog games/ Steam games offers
I changed things a bit and added some stuff

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Very interested in Noctropolis, currently on the High and Strange bundle over at Groupees.
Also interested in some games on sale here at GOG, namely:
Sherlock Holmes and the Secret of the Silver Earring
Agarest Zero.
If you have any of these, please take a look at my list here and we'll see if we can reach a deal!
timmy010: wants
to complete his witcher collection - adventure game, expansion pass on gog
A note: The expansion pass isn't currently giftable. (Plenty of scammers used Witcher 3 to fool people just after it was released so GOG temporarily disabled gifting of both the main game and the expansions. It has yet to be enabled again.)

Also bump:


My list.

If I have something of interest, send me an offer.
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Anyone has a fallout 4 copy that he/she is willing to trade for €35-€40 (that is trading for other game(s) of that value)
Want from recent bundles:
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic (steam)
Braveland Wizard
Two Digits
Scarab Tales
Spaceport Hope
Three Digits
The Extinction

Full Haves and Wants list
Anyone want to trade Unreal Gold for one of the games I have here (linking the post doesn't seem to work), please?
I have extra GOG keys for System Shock 2, Chronicles of Riddick which expire on Dec 15. (yes from the current sale)

I only want GOG keys, make me an offer if you're interested. I realize these keys are only worth for using, so I'm easy.
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Bumping my post.

Looking for Cannon Fodder 2.

Edit: Also looking for:
An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire,
the Anno Classics, and
Settlers 3, 4, and Rise of an Empire.

Looking to trade away the Settlers 2: Gold Edition and Heritage of Kings: The Settlers.
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