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<span class="bold">...</span>
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Redeemable code for System Shock 2

Anything from my wishlist
Thank You mchack for killer gift.

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.
Thank you for the nice trade Djaron!
thank you too for the trade, mishosonic

My list.

If I have something of interest, send me an offer.
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Thank you SorcerousSundries for the trade


Subject 13
Shadow Watch

Real Myst Masterpiece Edition
Settlers: Rise of an Empire

Saints Row 2
Saints Row the Third

Ultimate DOOM, The
Quake: The Offering
Quake II: Quad Damage
Quake III: Gold
Wolfenstein 3D + Spear of Destiny
Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Grim Fandango Remastered


15 Days
Overclocked: A History of Violence
The Moment of Silence
The Mystery of the Druids
Unity of Command: Red Turn

Want from current Steam sale:

<span class="bold">XCOM: Enemy Within</span>

Trade Post Link
Currently interested in the following games from the sale:

- Guild of Dungeoneering
- Kyn
- Mortal Kombat 1+2+3

Other offers for games on my wishlist also welcome :)

Here is what I have to offer (GOG and Steam).

Here is my list of people I've traded with.
Bumping my list (post 7998)

I'm ready to offer several Steam or Desura keys for the games I need. My wishlist -
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Hunter65536: Want:
Rayman Origins


Aquaria + Fez (Already have the remaining games, 1 on GOG and other on Steam)

Steam wallet code worth 5USD redeemable in countries below

Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey​

My previous trades: x2, [url=]Benkii, , [url=]Gr00t

Unfortunately due to Steam pricing change in India it is no longer possible for me to get you something of equivalent value on Steam. (Regional restrictions block gifts to outside regions) Nor do I have a card which means I can't get you stuff on other sites as well, that wallet code is all I have.

Also please reply to this post first and then contact me. Thank you!
Bumping updated post:
You wrote in post 5283 "Considering other Fantasy/Adventure/RPG offers/wishlist", so I thought I would ask if you're interested in trading Divinity 2 for Knights of the Old Republic 1 (on Steam, will give you Humble Gift URL and give you the link first).