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Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians
Monster Loves You
Neverending Nightmares
Secret of the Magic Crystals Complete

Trade List

Thanks for the trades Fuin, roelibex and Grargar!
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Updated my wants and haves
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Still [H] that Bioshock 2 Steam key, [W] Carmageddon 2 Carpocalypse Now on GOG
Bumping my post.

Looking to trade any two games for 1NSANE.
[Want] The Elder Scroll's bundle

[Have] $15 Paypal or any game of that value or lower.
Added a couple Steam games to my Have list (from the latest bundle). Full Have/Want list Here.

Interested in the current promos:


Telltales Humble Bundle Games:
Jurassic Park The Game
Back to the Future The Game
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Thanks for the trade, Sarhento! :)

Trade list updated.
BranjoHello: Thanks for the trade, Sarhento! :)

Trade list updated.
No problem BranjoHello, we pushed through our deal! :))
Bumping my trade offer since it's been a while since I last posted :P

I'm currently looking for Elder Scrolls: Battlespire / Redguard, Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, Quake, Act of War: Gold Edition, Krush, Kill N' Destroy; and Party Hard, over on Steam.
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*The trade proposition no longer applies -I just traded with hummer010 (for the Witcher Adventure Game) and Grargar (for some other stuff), so thanks both of you for the trades!*


The Witcher Adventure Game
It's on sale at the Humble store, and I'd normally get it myself, but Humble's store (contrarily to the normal bundles afaik) asks for a physical address on checkout and I'm a privacy nut, so I don't want to give my address (another reason I shop here on Gog-it only asks what it needs to know and nothing else). Note that for me this game shows up as 3.49 euros discounted.

Have: I can buy you a gog game of equal value (e.g. from the weekend sale). In case you want something of a greater value (e.g. $5.99) from Gog, there's a couple of other games from the Humble sale I'm interested in, so we can work something out. :-)

P.S. Please note: The Humble sale of this game expires on 2 days!
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Bump my list:
Thanks for a good trade, hummer010. Pleasure doing business with you. :)

Also bump:


My list.
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Fuin: Thanks for a good trade, hummer010. Pleasure doing business with you. :)
Thank you!
skimmie: Thanks for another great trade mchack! A pleasure as always.

Also editing my trade request: I'm now looking for Forgotten Realms Archives II + III.
Still offering either a Steam or a GOG copy of Wasteland II Digital Deluxe Edition in return.
The pleasure was all mine ;P Thank you skimmie!