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Impaler26: Updated my trade list again.

Recent Additions:

Bad Rats: The Rat's Revenge (Steam)
Pixel Piracy (Steam)
Revenge of the Titans (Steam)
Secrect of the Magic Crystals (Steam)
Torchlight II (Steam)
BAD RATS 2? gonna gift that to my friend ans tell him to post it on reddit
bump ... in the light of my fierce and unyielding resolve not to use steam being somewhat thrown overboard by getting GTA V on steam. I'm now also looking for some great steam games not available on gog.
ie. fallouts and half-lifes.
Thanks for the trade, siulebuo! :)

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BranjoHello: Thanks for the trade, siulebuo! :)
Thank you, too!

Now the force is more strong with me...
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I'm looking for Grim Fandango Remastered from the current promo. Feel free to check my list or PM me if you're interested in a trade.
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Bump for the Weekend promo.
A little bump for my trading post.
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My main Trading Post
My Steam Games with Cards Trading Post

Rarities and Curiosities

Thank you for your consideration

I accept Steam Trading Cards for all my keys. Details are in the respective Trading Posts above. Swap your unwanted Steam Cards for games now! :)

Please Note:
Too many scammers trying to fleece me in Chat lately. As such I'm defensively paranoid. Will not deal with someone I do not recognise.
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Thanks for the excellent trade, mchack!
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Thank you for a great trade Rievier :)
Thanks for the fast swap ALH :) Enjoy!

Spectrum_Legacy: Thanks for the fast swap ALH :) Enjoy!

Thank you!
Ingsoc85, thanks for the nice trade.
Thank you mchack for a smooth trade.