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pump my list
A big thanks to Tannath, for a quick and flawless trade.

real.geizterfahr: A big thanks to Tannath, for a quick and flawless trade.

Thank you too for a great trade. =)

EDIT: Might as well bump my list too.
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Thanks for the smooth trade amund!
DeMignon: Thanks for the smooth trade amund!
Likewise! Enjoy your games :)

Added some new games
Bumping my trade post.

Couple of titles I want are on a sale right now on Steam.

Borderlands 2 Headhunter DLCs
Dreamfall Chapters
Saints Row IV (and the game of the century edition)
XCom: Enemy Within expansion
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Looking for these games that were part of Insomnia promo:
Beyond Good & Evil
The Banner Saga
Broken Age Season Pass
Rayman Origins
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Trade list over here.
Looking for Assassin's Creed, The Secret of Monkey Island, Wasteland 2, Spycraft, Inquisitor

HAVE: the long list here

The other most wanted games in the list are in bold, will trade a lot of keys ($1 bundle tier type and even more expensive for those titles and/or GOG keys). The list of people I've traded with is at the bottom of the linked post above.

Thanks for reading.
I am very interested in Blinding Dark and Beyond Space from IndieGala Friday Special #11.

To trade, I have other games from the same bundle :) Don't ask. I can give 3 for 2.

FYI, my trade post
I woke up this morning, looked on my phone, and saw that X-Wing was on sale. Clicked to buy it, but I barely missed the sale price!

So I'm looking for anyone that has X-Wing. I don't have much to offer myself, just a few Steam Star Wars games:
Star Wars: Battlefront II
Star Wars: Dark Forces

I would be more than willing to hand BOTH over for X-Wing if anyone grabbed it from the Insomnia sale.

(I know we're supposed to link to our previous post, but I can't find mine. There's literally nothing in "My Posts" for me, and I don't remember if I posted it up a few weeks ago, a month ago, or what.)
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D'oh, missed out on X-wing during the insomnia bundle. Looking for that, to trade I have a bunch of humble bundle steam gift codes.

Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II
Star Wars™ Empire At War: Gold Pack
Star Wars™ Jedi Knight Dark Forces II
Star Wars™ Jedi Knight™ II: Jedi Outcast
Star Wars™ Jedi Knight™: Jedi Academy
Star Wars™ Knights of the Old Republic II
Star Wars™ Knights of the Old Republic
Star Wars™ Republic Commando
Star Wars™ Starfighter
Star Wars™ The Force Unleashed
Star Wars™: Dark Forces
Star Wars™: The Force Unleashed II


LordBasaThunder -
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Want (examples or see my wishlist):

From current promo: IL-2 Sturmovik™: 1946, Vampire: Bloodlines, King of Fighters' 98 Ultimate Match

Heroes of Might & Magic 3, Sam & Max: Hit the Road, Wizardry 6+7, Neverwinter Nights 2,

I can offer the following games:


The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Unreal Gold

Black Mirror 1 + 2

Jagged Alliance 2

Great Battles Collector's Edition


Master of Orion

Metal Slug 3


Breach and Clear

Fieldrunners 1+2

Galcon Fusion + Galcon Legends

Just send a PM.
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Hi everyone!

Looking for Enemy Front from this bundle. It's the only game I want from the bundle. I'm away from my desk and can't remember where my trade offers are, but PM if interested and I'll be able to get back to you later today.

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