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BeatriceElysia: I have Bard's Tale IV premium edition Xsolla steam key. There is chance key won't work.
I might give away key if I know you - meaning you are trustworty regular user and not a new acccount. But I more willing to trade. I will go first.
Will do for key of steam game or my gog wishlist.
I'm only interested in old rpg's so i don't want Bard's Tale.
Anyway if you have steam I can add You as my friend and this way You could play my games as long as I share them.
I have still 5 places left, so if You want play total war shogun 2 let me know
high rated
Please do not allow users to access your account to download titles. As pointed out, this is not how the trading thread works. Requests to let people into accounts to download titles will result in a moderation of the offending user. Please keep this in mind.
done trading, unsuccessful
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Thank you, misteryo, for the trade!
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adambiser: Thank you, misteryo, for the trade!
And thank you!
adambiser: ...
Thank you for the trade, adambiser! Everything went swiftly.
adambiser: ...
MadalinStroe: Thank you for the trade, adambiser! Everything went swiftly.
Thank you as well!
NinJaB0T: ...
If you are interested please send me a P.M but reply first to this message.
Many thanks!
I found this old post, so hopefully you are still around. I also sent you a PM.

EDIT: Actually I sent you a friend request because of your privacy settings.
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Thank you, kmcoolice, for the trade.
adambiser: Thank you, kmcoolice, for the trade.
My pleasure. Till the next time :))
yogsloth: Thanks to innerring for a smooth trade!
Thank you as well!




Master Reboot
Carmageddon Max Damage (the new game)
Styx: Shards of Darkness


The Saboteur
Throne of Darkness



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The ONLY thing the devs should address in regards to trading is all the nonsense requests to trade and resulting salt when scammed monopolizing the global chat lately. And I do believe the devs have said they’re aware of the issue looking at solutions.

But those solutions may not be, nor do they have to be, making an official trade system.

Being scammed hasn’t happened to me personally because I don’t waste my time asking for trades, instead I run missions and complete quests. All that time trading/scamming could be better spent earning seasonal gold, copper coins, event tickets, and vbucks to buy the Llamas and schematics so you can make your own weapons... now there is a thought. Hmmm.

But just so we’re clear. If you scam, then you are scum. No excuses. And if you get scammed, then you are dumb. Try to learn from your mistakes. Happy grinding!
Does anyone happen to have a spare Steam key for Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People? I'm looking for a backup copy, so that I'm not dependent on the SecuROM'ed Telltale account version anymore.

Generally, I'm also interested in other titles. Here's my current list of Steam games:

The Painscreek Killings
Super Cloudbuilt
Day of Infamy
Medieval Kingdom Wars
Sky Break
The Mooseman
Grey Goo - Definitive Edition
ICY: Frostbite Edition
Hive Jump
Think of the Children
Poker Night 2
Anna's Quest
Stories: The Path of Destinies
The Cat Games
Voodoo Garden
The Mims Beginning
Battle Bruise
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure
Puzzle Agent 2
Hector - Badge of Carnage
Poker Night At The Inventory
Telltale Texas Hold 'Em
Spaera (Early Access)
Super Dungeon Boy
Hack, Slash, Loot:
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Sniper Elite IV on Steam

Make me an offer. I'm interested in both GOG and Steam games. Here are my wishlists: