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I have a bunch of games for trade from GOG, Steam and Origin. Check out my trade list if you find anything you fancy, some of them no longer available on GOG. Just send me a PM if you wish to trade :)
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dr.schliemann: You have to change your privacy settings to allow other users to contact you.
i just did :) sorry about taking so long to reply i was at work
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grynn: ...
Thank you for another successful trade grynn!
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For the King (Steam)

Overfall (GOG, on sale for $5.09)
Open to offers on GOG
Looking for a Kerbal Space Program key, any format. Steam is fine. I'd like to gift it to somebody.

With it in the new Humble Monthly, hopefully there will be some keys floating around.
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WANT (from the Sale)
- Noctropolis
- Invisible Inc.


Thanks! =)
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Shane from grouppee.
You are look for Kerbal Space Program for your brother. Checked out your list there is a lot of good stuff. Can we trade by steam chat?
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trade in progress with TvPizza
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This community is great, i got a Ni no Kuni II steam gift for 2 Fanatic bundles.

[HAVE] Hard West
The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine expansion (GoG version)

Blood and Wine (Steam)
Offer (Steam/GoG)