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Lin545: I was not able to find exactly that formulation. Also, I am basically giving away my only account without making any new, doesn't exactly fall into not "trading" (and) "accounts".
You're not giving away your account since you're asking something in return. I can understand your intend behind this being to trade the four Steam games (you have), but since they're tied to your account, the only way to do it is to trade the whole account away.

I don't think that GOG allows its forum to be used for trading even non-GOG accounts, and they may have said as much (perhaps in the first iteration of the trading thread), but even if it hasn't been spelled out explicitly, just consider this: I'm pretty sure that selling/trading/giving away your Steam account is against their ToS, so bringing it here is akin to asking GOG to facilitate you, and whomever might take you up, in breaking Steam'sToS. I'm pretty sure that GOG wouldn't want to be part of this, just as they wouldn't want/appreciate other sites facilitating the breaking of their ToS.

Full disclosure - I've PM-ed Judas to look into the matter, and settle it once and for all; should GOG's position be against it, it should be included in the OP, the same way "no keys selling" was made into rule #5.
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Lin545: snip
Please restrict your trade offers to games, not accounts to any service. Please do not trade any accounts.
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JudasIscariot: ...
Okay Judas!
Lin545: Look, I found no posts stating that "trading steam account" is prohibited here and I am doing it only because I leave steam, so I am not into "trading accounts" either. If blues ask me to do it, I will remove the post - its just exactly that I expect people here to be much more trustable trade partners, than a random buyer on some 3rd party site that does this daily, so better suited for this one-time migration.
The only legal recourse that I know of despite not being a lawyer myself would be to ask Steam to terminate your account.
Just updated my list.

Quake IV



Anything from GOG, Steam or HumbleBundle with the same value that i can buy
WANT: Quake IV

GIVE: A game of your choice for the same discounted price (or a bit more, if necessary).
Is there some kind of region issue with Quake IV ?
wanderer_27: Is there some kind of region issue with Quake IV ?
It's not available for German customers.
Anyone looking for trades here needs to make sure their Chat and Wishlist settings are set for Public viewing . . .
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Looking to get Sonic Mania on Steam as a priority. I know it's unlikely but if you want a bunch of games on my list let me know! I'm open to other offers too.
Witcher 3 GOTY is on sale on steam for 25 euro right now. I'd be willing to buy it and trade it for a GoG version if anyone is interested. :)
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Actually forgot to mention, I can buy any game/games worth up to 25 euros if someone has Witcher 3 GOTY (GoG version). :)