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Can i ask how do you trade games?
rvm7: Can i ask how do you trade games?
You look for a game you want in other people's list, open chat to make an offer, and, if he accepts, trade.
rvm7: Can i ask how do you trade games?
VERY carefully.
I would have to agree with the above.

Had a trade go wrong, for a free game so oh well! I am impatient.
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trade list Update (post 10320)

Games Added

Deadlock II: Shrine Wars
Pajama Sam's Sock Works
Sid Meier's Covert Action
Silent Service
Tank: The M1A1 Abrams Battle Tank Simulation
Tycoon City New York
World War II GI

Want from current Bundles
Pre-Civilization Marble Age
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II (Complete Pack)
World War I
Thanks for the trade elpc!
rjs02: Thanks for the trade elpc!
My pleasure rsj02. Thanks to you too for Van Helsing. :)

(All GOG)
Legends of Eisenwald
Saints Row the Third
Neo Scavenger


Shadowgate: Special Edition (GOG)

Other stuff, plus my trade list
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TheMaru: I have a key for SERPENT IN THE STAGLANDS that does not interest me, anyone interested in a trade?
Themaru, thanks for the trade :)
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This one's actually a pretty simple deal:
I got gifted a steam code for PoE, Expansion Pass, but already own the game on GoG.

Deal no longer available, found a trade partner somewhere else.
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no longer available.
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<span class="bold">Here's my HAVE list (new additions in bold)</span>

- Crookz: The big heist (insomnia)
- Transistor (insomnia)

- Sword of the samurai (weekend promo)
- Falcon collection (weekend promo)
- Colonization (weekend promo)

- Anything on my wishlist

My list of confirmed trades.
Hitman blood money
Hitman absolution
total war rome 2 delux edition

Far cry 4

Make an offer :)
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amrit9037: Do you want to bet?
If you win I will get you a game from insomnia promo and if I won you will start believing me!!! :P
The_Blog: I do believe you! I have traded for quite a few years with TF2 Items and games. I think the chances of him being legit are probably smaller then 10%. However I am kinda curious how he will react. Though since there is nothing to loose from this bet I am in :P
Psst... I won!!!