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Djaron: [..] try to consider using a [..]
DeMignon: That's an advice you should't give in this forum, because it violates GOG's User Agreement (see User Agreement - 6.6)
You might want to edit your post, or GOG considers you uncool ;-P
I edited my post, but i humbly believe the new edited version would'nt violate any rule unless sacrificing free speech in the process... just in case, let me know anyway.

Also, may i bring to your attention that the 6.6 article is related to "pricing", and by extent, regional pricing... not "pure availability" of games. I'm the first one to praise GOG for its policy regarding regional pricing, and store credit with the difference and the like. But the issue you are involving me with is not about helping German folks getting unfair cheaper price for their games (hurting the sales, and so it's unfair), it is about allowing german to simply be able to purchase a game for the regular European Union pricing.

Also everyone already advice people to get those games gifted, which is maybe no probleme regarding GOG TOS but is though rather objectionnable regarding german domestic policies...
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Rpg Tycoon
Satellite Reign
Midnight Mysteries: Witches of Abraham
Last Horizon
The Forest
Deathspank (both)
Tibetan Quest: Beyond the World's End
The Secret Order 3: Ancient Times
Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher's Stone
Darksiders 2 Deathinitive
Fleeting Ages
Sumico - The Numbers Game
Renowned Explorers
Outcast 1.1
Alien Isolation
Dark Souls Prepare to Die

Hidden Objects Game i dont have

See something on my list? show me your tradelist!
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Click here!
low rated
Any body willing to get me Vampire the masquerade bloodlines???

Evil Genius
Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded
Witcher 3


Games from my wishlist
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xxDWx: Any body willing to get me Vampire the masquerade bloodlines???
this is the trading thread not the gifting thread try there for best results.
Djaron: I edited my post, ...
It looks perfect ;-) I'm totally with you on this point and I'd never doubt your good intentions. Censorship sucks and it wouldn't even be necessary if GOG had some sort of age verification. It's just nothing to promote openly in the forum. TOS are TOS.
updated list
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<span class="bold">Updated</span> for the coming weekend... :)

Tales of Zestiria pre-order (includes Symphonia and the pre-order DLC(Steam))
Battleblock Theater (Steam)
Dawn of War II - Retribution - The Last Standalone (Steam)
Shadow Warrior Redux x3 (Steam)


Corpse Party (GOG)
Grim Dawn (GOG)
Battlezone 98 Redux (GOG)
Enter the Gungeon (GOG)
Way of the Samurai 4 (GOG)

Looking for something from CDN$35-40 from my want list

A link to my steam inventory
Nevermind, got what I was looking for!
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Trade list bump

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Other stuff from my wishlist.

My list.

If I have something of interest, send me an offer.
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