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Klumpen0815: I prefer music made on real instruments and it doesn't matter which kind, so gimme woodwinds while swinging my sword, certainly better than an electric guitar in this particular context.
dtgreene: Like this?

(Video is a concert band playing some music from Morrowind; it says "orchestra", but it's "just" winds, brass, and percussion.)
Morrowind Main Theme
Telika: Also possibly Kabuto. Wait, is Kabuto female ? Whatever, there's the Meccs anyway. And Borjoyzee.
Breja: Prehistorik and Prehistorik 2! - Pretty obvious, right? You play as a caveman with a huge club bashing everything that moves, gathering food for your tribe. That has to be THE archetypical alpha male game.
Suggestions added! They are all definitely Super Manly Games.
Starmaker: No thanks, I like my men feature-complete and bug-free.
Under-appreciated comment :D
ToasterBox: Suggestions added! They are all definitely Super Manly Games.
*right leg gets manly bitten by max and left leg by sam*
Post edited June 11, 2017 by Telika
Pass. If I wanted to shout about how small the sausage and the ping-pong pals were, I'd simply buy a large vehicle.
Saints Row series.
viperfdl: Saints Row series.
Its already there :P