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MadalinStroe: ...
ciemnogrodzianin: I'm afraid that format was extremely popular and generates nice profits - so there will be more of that.

Have you seen the numbers of posts in Mystery Box and Regular Sale threads before? It seems that at least 80% of attention was on that lottery, I had feeling that nobody care for regular discounts... :(
Unfortunately, yes, previous lootbox sale were very popular.
SCPM: ...It showed up in a Google news search. :)
It looks that Google US Edition is smarter than European one ;) I can't make it to show the result even now, when I know what am I looking for.
SCPM: This Chinese article has revealed the upcoming week long St. Patrick's GOG sale:
300 games on sale up to 90% off, plus mystery box stuff, if I understood the machine translation correctly. Ends 7:00 (pm or am?) on March 20th, Beijing time.
Neat, thanks for lettung us know! ;)
RogueXanter: I just hope Galactic Civilization III goes on sale this time. I'm still kicking myself for buying the Master of Orion reboot when I was debating between it and GalCiv III because the Master of Orion reboot was eventually offered for free for a day.
Good luck - since last summer, Stardock seems to have decided that they hate GOG. Game hasn't been on sale here since June 2017:

It wouldn't surprise me if they removed their games from the store whenever their current contract with GOG ends.
MadalinStroe: Another lootbox sale... I would have loved a tower sale, but we'll have to suffer through it.

I'm assuming that it will launch two hours from now.
getting excited .. lets see what happens
Why is it so fun to wait for sales, feels like an addiction
pkk234: Why is it so fun to wait for sales, feels like an addiction
there is some truth in that ..

st patricks day sale .. wooohooo !!
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Leprechaun hats lol
Wow, another sale!
It's a pity that the money I have in my wallet doesn't match the excitement for these sales. XD
I finally caved and bought GalCiv III at full price along with several of the DLCs, though I got the discount on Crusade which was the one I wanted most. Watch it go on sale or free within a month.
When are we due for the next weekly sale? I have a wishlist to answer to.

Wishlist Paradise ---> Backlog Hell
Looks like we have a boring Easter on Gog . Nothing good on sale .
We totally had Spring sale as St. Patrick's Day instead of Easter one.
BeatriceElysia: We totally had Spring sale as St. Patrick's Day instead of Easter one.
I was going to make a comment about the high percentage of religious folks in Poland, how a high percentage of them are Roman Catholics and would up here reading about a splinter group of them:

This is why I can't get any work done today....

Oh and Happy Passover to anyone here of the Jewish faith.
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Humble Bundle is pimping these 3 games as the "early unlocks" of their Humble Monthly bundle that costs $12 for around 6 to 9 games each month:

* Kerbal Space Program (KSP)
* Dead Rising 4

KSP and RUINER are the only ones on GOG right now, and I think the upcoming Humble Bundle sale hints that GOG will be similarly discounting those two games some time in the next few weeks. KSP has new DLC announced recently, so the steep discounts are certainly intended to bring more KSP customers that will be interested in the new DLC. Once again, that hints there will be more discounts coming.

I'm not so sure about RUINER, other than the fact it's one I have wanted for a long time. Anyone have any news about RUINER that might explain the motivation for future discounts on GOG?

Dead Rising 4 isn't on GOG yet, as far as I know. However, many times in the past I have seen games appearing on Humble Bundle and then on GOG mere days or weeks later, so that's something to keep in mind if you want that game.

For myself, I had one bad experience with Humble Bundle, and I will never buy from them again. ALL my gaming money goes to GOG alone, so I don't care how cheap the games are at Humble Bundle. I'm reassured by the fact that I have observed many games showing up at GOG very soon after they appear on Humble Bundle. So, I am very comfortable just waiting for GOG Almighty, Our Lord And Saviour, to sell me more games :)
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