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Alexim: ...
It would be nice and I think there are big chances for that, if you look at Spring Sale dates from years before.
It would be also nice to see come back of some old good sale ideas as deeply discounted bundles, bonuses for collected xp and/or even insomnia-model perhaps. On the other hand I'm afraid that they'll try make something special and choose mystery-game scheme or sth.
If I would be a sale manager, then I would make a Horde's Invasion Sale,
connected with releasing of Warcraft 1 and 2 starring as main cast.
I would suggest to delay it until April. The hunger of Big Sale would be bigger then ;)
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What I'm seeing from OP is that they never, ever fail to do a sale in March and since we've already passed St. Patrick's, a spring sale should be imminent. Though I guess it could be next week.
TentacleMayor: ...
Who knows? Perhaps - point for you :) Check the link.
Spring Sale is coming?
sale.png (254 Kb)
TentacleMayor: ...
ciemnogrodzianin: Who knows? Perhaps - point for you :) Check the link.
Spring Sale is coming?
According to the image from that newsletter, it seems the blues have read my previous post here about Horde's Invasion. Kek.
I don't wanna be like Sapkowski, but where is my profit? ;) Just kidding.
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4 hours and we'll know!
I'd really like to see a big sale before a summer one, but we've had one every month so far this year...
C'mon Wizardry 8 plz