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Missing the news from August 20 to August 26 because the site doesn't make it easy to find and sort older news:

(2021/08/27) NEWS: Discover two exciting upcoming games from Goblinz Studio!
(2021/08/27) NEWS: Play Holomento Demo
(2021/08/27) NEWS: Release: Thrillville: Off The Rails
(2021/08/27) NEWS: KONAMI games on GOG.COM receive a controller support update
(2021/08/30) NEWS: Release: Tinytopia
(2021/08/30) NEWS: Pre-load Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous today!
(2021/08/30) NEWS: Coming soon: The Captain
(2021/08/30) NEWS: Hedon Bloodrite update is here!
(2021/08/31) NEWS: Release: Amazing Cultivation Simulator - Immortal Tales of Wudang
(2021/08/31) NEWS: In develolment: ΔV: Rings of Saturn
(2021/08/31) NEWS: Coming soon: Stardeus
(2021/08/31) NEWS: Spiritfarer receives the Beverly Update
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(2021/08/31) NEWS: Release: Ghostrunner: Neon Pack
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(2021 Aug 23) NEWS: preorder_alfred_hitchcock_vertigo
(2021 Aug 23) NEWS: check_out_6_upcoming_titles_from_daedalic_entertainment
(2021 Aug 23) NEWS: release_blood_bowl_chaos_edition
(2021 Aug 24) NEWS: release_hoa
(2021 Aug 24) NEWS: coming_soon_xel
(2021 Aug 24) NEWS: check_2_exciting_upcoming_games_from_microids
(2021 Aug 24) NEWS: discover_4_upcoming_titles_from_nis_america
(2021 Aug 24) NEWS: bjoin_the_festivities_with_our_gog_games_festival_contestb
(2021 Aug 25) NEWS: release_psychonauts_2
(2021 Aug 25) NEWS: coming_soon_hotel_magnate
(2021 Aug 25) NEWS: check_these_upcoming_titles_from_crytivo
(2021 Aug 25) NEWS: release_behind_the_frame_the_finest_scenery
(2021 Aug 25) NEWS: release_ultimate_adom_caverns_of_chaos
(2021 Aug 25) NEWS: discover_games_from_this_years_indie_arena_booth
(2021 Aug 25) NEWS: put_your_skills_to_the_test_with_these_demos_from_deck13
(2021 Aug 25) NEWS: coming_soon_onde
(2021 Aug 25) NEWS: preorder_the_smurfs_mission_vileaf
(2021 Aug 25) NEWS: coming_soon_war_hospital
(2021 Aug 26) NEWS: release_tropico_6_festival_dlc
(2021 Aug 26) NEWS: release_myst
(2021 Aug 26) NEWS: preorder_gamedec
(2021 Aug 26) NEWS: release_comanche
(2021 Aug 26) NEWS: townscaper_is_out_of_the_development_stage

Also posted here:
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(2021 Sep 01) NEWS: set_off_on_a_fascinating_journey_full_of_game_deals_with_rpg_month_on_gogcom
(2021 Sep 01) NEWS: interview_creators_from_owlcat_games_tell_us_more_about_their_epic_rpg_pathfinder_wrath_of_the_righteous
(2021 Sep 01) NEWS: release_stronghold_warlords_the_mongol_empire_campaign
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Cavalary: Appreciate all the effort you put into it.
What are the odds that someone from GOG staff will pick up the banner and do this, since it's something they should have been doing anyway? :/
What I wanna know is why the thread was unstickied....not gonna be as visible to people if it disappears off of page 1.
(edit: updated info in the post below)
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Update: It seems this thread was unstickied upon request

If I might make a suggestion to the "new OP" Solar_Dome: maybe make a new thread, with a link to this old one in said new thread? That way I can ask for the new one to be stickied again(of course it's your call.....we can always keep using this one as well).
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Fixing the names to make it easier if someone wants to search the news later on:
New staff threads:
(2021/09/02) NEWS: Release: Kitaria Fables
(2021/09/02) NEWS: No Man’s Sky has received the Frontier Update and a discount
(2021/09/02) NEWS: Special Sale: 505 Games up to 80% off
(2021/09/02) NEWS: Discover Golarion – a fascinating fantasy world of the Pathfinder games
(2021/09/02) NEWS: RPG Month sale: games set in fantasy worlds
(2021/09/02) NEWS: Coming soon: Terrain of Magical Expertise
(2021/09/02) NEWS: Release: Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Will likely be posted here as well:
(2021/09/02) NEWS: Release: The Magister
(2021/09/03) NEWS: Special Sale: games from SNEG up to 50% off
(2021/09/03) NEWS: Weekend Sale: engaging strategy games up to 90% off
(2021/09/03) NEWS: Enjoy 3 classic games for strategic thinkers from Ziggurat Interactive
(2021/09/03) NEWS: Release: Aron's Adventure

Will likely be posted here as well:
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I made a new thread as per the suggestion of
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solar_dome: I made a new thread as per the suggestion of
And I sent the link to the new one to staff.....hopefully they will sticky it in due time. :)