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Uninstalled GOG Galaxy. No patience for anything trying to direct my computer to Fbook.
Edit: I just checked the Galaxy Changelog and found:

1.2.55 (April 17, 2019)
- Hotfix for unintentional opening of Facebook link after entering Forum
My galaxy client is 1.2.57, It looks like the bug is not totally fixed and it occurs again.


It is quite annoying. GOG should fix this ASAP.
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still no hotfix? still no reaction?
Haven't seen before that behavior but for chuckles just tried.. It's actually true, facebook is trying to open in a browser most annoying. I didn't even gnow (gnomes..!) galaxy has something to do with facebook.
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It seems to be fixed for me now. I've opened a bunch of threads and no sign of a browser popup. Galaxy is still on 1.2.57 so it must have been a server-side fix.
Galaxy 2.0 devs pls fix once and for all

don't embarrass yourselves :'(
Can confirm this, it doesn't do it anymore for me either. GoG Galaxy wraps webpages inside the client so I assume they were fiddling with some stuff and broke something causing the FB page to be opened each time you opened a GoG community page (thats why each click to a new page opened that thing again).
I am waiting for Galaxy 2.0 and GOG‘s first little „problem“ there and people having all their other accounts fucked up by GOG‘s incompetence. Bright future!
Nice. Seems to be a server-side fix and the issue is gone at least for me.
Yes, the bug is killed.
I hope it won't come back again.