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The story of Legacy of the void really sucked imo, they butchered the Starcraft universe with that. I was pissed they killed off Zeratul so early, he deserved better than that (I was also pissed when I found out the vision of Tassadar you saw in Wings of liberty wasn't really Tassadar). Most of the story was painfully boring, and they added all that stupid prophecy nonsense which didn't fit at all...I already thought the retcon of the Overmind as a good guy was too reminiscent of Warcraft 3, and this added to that feeling. And the ending just sucked, what a stupid way for Kerrigan and Raynor to just disappear.
Wasted potential...just sad.
I liked the story. I liked everything, aside from the rush of siege missions at the end. Those almost killed me.
Vitek: I was hoping someone will post in the meantiem so i don't have 2 consecutive posts.:-)
I know that feeling ... XD
Finished Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on PS4 yesterday. All in all I liked it and had a lot of fun playing it but it's quite a mixed bag and riddled with seriously weird design choices.

So at its core it's a clone of Assassin's Creed and the Arkham series which seems like a pretty great match for the Lord of the Rings universe but it has a seriously weird and misguided obsession with orcs. It's orcs everywhere. You make your first jump off one of the towers (where you start and always continue the game) and there's orcs in each direction. You go further and there's more orcs. To the North there's a small orc encampment, in the East there's a large orc encampment, in the South there's a medium orc encampment, in the West there's another orc encampment. And between these orc encampments there are smaller orc camps and orc patrols. I kid you not, it's like the whole world is one big orc camp. And there's not just standard orcs, oh no, there's orc captains and they fight each other for power. They are quite developed and have different traits, they aren't just bosses, their motivation and activities are simulated in detail, you may encounter them just walking around in the world or you may have missions involving them. And if they die they are replaced by new orc captains. At the top there's orc warchiefs, particularly strong orcs that require you to do missions if you want to get rid of them. You can kill orcs stealthily, you can kill orcs with your bow, you can kill orcs in open combat but kinda all you do is related to killing orcs. There's also side missions that mostly involve killing orcs in a specific way. Until you get the ability to convert orcs when the game gets even weirder. It's a welcome change from the orc killing but also kinda messes up the orc killing that the whole game is about.

This is the point where I'd like to say something like "of course I'm oversimplifying things" but that would falsely trivialise the game's orc-centricity. There's of course a story, there's some other beasts like weird mountable cats, ghuls and garg... grag... evil giants and you run into the odd non-orc character but the point is that at its core the whole game revolves around orcs and the problem is that orcs just aren't interesting enough to be pretty much the only topic of a game and frankly the fact that the game is set in a universe which has so much more going for it only makes matters worse. And I mean, sure, they tried making the orcs more interesting through this "nemesis" system where the game dynamically creates orc leaders that engage in dialogue when you encounter them (and some of the stuff is just awesome, e.g. how orcs will accurately reference stuff from previous encounters or comment on how they will have it easy to finish you off because you are currently at low health - more games need this kind of stuff!) and have different character traits but let's be honest for a minute: an orc remains a stupid, evil, backstabbing, barbaric creature that lusts for power and nothing more. Also one particular orc that appears in several story missions is just another example of a typical, if particularly incompetent, orc. And while the whole nemesis system with the simulated activities of the orc leaders and their power struggles is kinda cool, at the end of the day you just have to ask: why? What does this system really contribute to the game that a simpler and more traditional boss system wouldn't have? It's a decent sales pitch, that's what.

But let me say something other than "orc" for a minute: the combat system is pretty great and satisfying, as is the stealth gameplay. I had lots of fun climbing, sneaking around, shooting my bow and slaughtering bad guys. Each of the side activities was fun because all the actions you have at your disposal are just fun to use and you unlock a crapload of pretty cool abilities like being able to just look at an enemy and teleport to their position, thereby cutting their throat, or causing gigantic fiery explosions by shooting at camp fires. Utterly awesome. But other than that there's pretty much nothing. For instance, there's basically no aspect of exploration or adventure in the game. You can instantly move freely around the first map and there's literally nothing noteworthy to find anywhere, the first map even lacks any visually notable places as pretty much the whole place is that brown battlefield / camp. It gets a bit better on the second map which has a stone fortress and a fishing village and gorgeous grassy plains but again, there's no exploration or adventure there, it's just places with differing concentrations of orcs and soon enough you're powerful enough to survive almost anywhere. And I've literally never seen a sandbox game where, I kid you not, pretty much any point in the world can be reached in less than two minutes and there's no hard-to-reach places that hide remotely interesting things. I know that it's not an RPG but it would have helped if there had been at least some places that aren't orc camps and where you may encounter other characters. In the story and many of the side activities you support human slaves who rise up against the orcs but that doesn't really go anywhere and the slaves don't have a camp of their own. Later on you visit some kingdom that needs your help but you never actually visit that place, you only see it in cutscenes and actually only a single throne room, you don't even know what that kingdom really looks like. The most interesting thing going on is a pretty meaningless subplot where you help a dwarf hunt down a particularly nasty creature but that kinda has literally no relevance to the actual story and doesn't take long to complete.

So... a very weird game. I enjoyed it a lot because the AC/Arkham-inspired core mechanics are just very fleshed out and fun to use and some of the places in the game are visually stunning (at least by day, at night it's all very samey). Also: this has got to be the only game ever (well, besides its sequel, I guess) where mounts can climb up buildings and shit which is just mindblowingly awesome. But one can't help but wonder how they managed to turn a LotR-themed sandbox game into one big orc camp where you do pretty much nothing but slaughtering orcs.

Oh yeah: whoever decided to make the final boss fight a few QTEs deserves a punch in the face.
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Just finished Fahrenheit. Loved it because it was so 'cinematic', despite all the quick time events.
It played the most comfortable with an (xbox one) controller, but I did the hardest QTEs on the keyboard. Maybe I'll play Heavy Rain one day... when there's a good PS3 emulator...
Vaporum (2017)

Ladies and Gentlemen! This game is awesome!
When I played Legend of Grimrock I never expected there will be others, who will try to make modern dungeon crawlers - and will make them such well!

⚙ beautiful graphics and lighting
⚙ fantastic music and sounds of steampunk machinery
⚙ variety of levels' styles, nice environmental puzzles
⚙ interesting story, even with some twists
⚙ superb ideas for gadgets and waeponry
⚙ demanding gameplay and enemies with option to switch difficulty level whenever you want
⚙ time-stopping feature bringing tactics to real-time fights
⚙ mapping with user notes option

Guys, if you liked Grimrock you just have to play the game. God bless the devs! Thank you!

For Linux users: the game works perfectly under Wine.
For Polish players: the game received very good translation!

List of all games completed in 2018.
teceem: Maybe I'll play Heavy Rain one day... when there's a good PS3 emulator...
Actually... Not sure how many games work on it thus far, more so with good performance, but I guess there's a chance you will be able to play Heavy Rain on PC in the near future.

Edit: Yeah, Heavy Rain doesn't yet seem to be quite playable (without annoying visual glitches and at a good speed) but we'll get there... we'll get there...
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F4LL0UT: Edit: Yeah, Heavy Rain doesn't yet seem to be quite playable (without annoying visual glitches and at a good speed) but we'll get there... we'll get there...
I'm not in hurry.
At the moment, getting a PS3 (even to play just one game) seems to be MANY times cheaper then upgrading to a GTX 1080Ti.
F4LL0UT: ... where mounts can climb up buildings and shit which is just mindblowingly awesome.
Bit strange that they included mount defecation as a game feature, much less while scaling a wall.
Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Part Deux

This was a game that I quit last year b/c I really didn't like the combat. Not sure why I got the harkering (get it?) to open it up again, but...I did. And almost quit again.

+Story is reasonably good, though the "plot twist" is only completely obvious from the beginning
+Easter egg / cultural references start off interesting though at some point seem to lazily give in to quantity over quality
+Skill trees for both main + ghost are interesting on the surface

-Combat is really unbalanced. Some mobs can't scratch you, and others put on a whomping, and not even just from nukes from orbit that have a warning to not stand in fire.
-Ghost is really pretty hit or miss in any spec where she's your tank.

I think one big problem with this game is that it seems to be balanced around healing potions. To get around that, relatively little damage of note is incremental, most of it is spiky, either from damage types you have lower immunity to, or just level design.

The other is that, esp. for an ARPG, combat really was never fun. I tried every class, and ultimately played the mechanical dude not because it was any more fun, but just because it was less annoying. You get RMB/LMB key binds, and then 6 hot keys for other specials.

But, unless I'm missing something, for the vast array of possible abilities, I didn't see how you could chain them together.

The game also adds a few other aspects, but mostly I was left confused as to what the point really was, particularly for the faction missions. I leveled up 4 specialists but only so they could do more similar off-screen quests, returning nothing seemingly of any use for the actual game. It was a way to introduce some additional lore, I guess, but from a play standpoint it seemed pretty wasted.

Would I ever pick up and play the whole series? Eh...I don't think so.

I really want to like this game, and a few aspects of it make me wish I loved it. But in sum I just don't think it delivers on its promise. It's an ARPG with an above-average plot and voice acting, but below average combat. And...that really puts it fairly low on my list of ARPGs I've enjoyed - for better or worse it's a genre where the combat has to carry the game.
bler144: Bit strange that they included mount defecation as a game feature, much less while scaling a wall.
It's not that weird.
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Okhlos: Omega
I got it from GOG community giveaway, donated by mchack

At first I quite enjoyed the game. It’s a silly, fast paced action game: you run around and order your angry mobs to kill every enemy in sight. Soundtrack is nice too. After beating two first worlds I got massacred really fast. That was the point when I realized that running around and constantly pressing the attack order was not going to work. And sadly, that was the point where the game stopped to be funny. Why? Because the game doesn’t offer you any good strategy. Just don’t run blindly everywhere, block some attacks, avoid being stomped and kill your enemies. That’s it. Just a few simple rules and you should beat the game in no time. The sad thing is that it could’ve been so much better game if only you had some decent control of your mobs. You can’t sort them so there’s no point to keep many philosophers (they count as your lives) because they will die like lemmings anyway. Heck, you can’t even decide who to hire, every neutral unit will join you if you still have some vacancy. The only part where you can really decide is in between levels when you can trade some of your units for other or for a hero. Sure, heroes are nice and you should have as many as possible but it still doesn’t change the biggest flaw of the game: there is almost no strategy so even though the game looked like tons of fun at the beginning it becomes boring and repetitive really, really fast. I can’t really recommend it.

Full list
Shogo Mobile Armor Division, Feb 19 (GOG)- Shogo was rough around the edges and a little buggy but worth the time for a quick mech shooter. I think an update or reboot would be pretty fun.

Full List
bler144: Bit strange that they included mount defecation as a game feature, much less while scaling a wall.
F4LL0UT: It's not that weird.
huh. that's....something.

ciemnogrodzianin: Vaporum (2017)

Ladies and Gentlemen! This game is awesome!
Thanks for the recommendation - I had had Vaporum on my WL since it came out. Also picked up Fall of the Dungeon Guardians in a fanatical bundle and am enjoying it for the most part, but Vaporum certainly looks more polished/creative. Glad to hear it's worth keep an eye on.
bler144: ...
Oh, that's nice. I hope you'll enjoy the game as much as I did.

So - is the Fall of the Dungeon Guardian worth trying?