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kalirion: Tiny Barbarian DX

Finally beat the final form of the final boss with only my final hit point remaining. Then the bonus episode. Then started playing Chapter 1 with the newly unlocked character but after the first boss decided "you know what, I need a break from this game." But it is a very good game, you can tell a lot of heart went into it. It just feels good to play it. Until you hit a difficulty wall and just keep dying. But overcoming that wall feels good. Until the next wall. Thankfully you get unlimited lives, and the normal checkpoints aren't far apart, it's the persistent checkpoints (where you can start again after quitting the game) that are much farther apart. You have to wonder why every checkpoint can't be persisted.
andysheets1975: I think I need to replay this one because I think when I went through it, it only had two completed episodes...
Yeah, they added 2 more episodes Last Fall apparently. Dunno if they added the bonus episode at the same time - it only unlocked after I beat episode 4, but by achievement stats more people may have beaten it than have beaten ep 4, so...

I myself just noticed the additions recently which is why I was playing the game. No need to replay the first two episodes, not exactly a story heavy game - barbarian's woman was kidnapped, he's out to get her back.
I beat Call of Duty Remastered and Devil May Cry 3 they were really fun games especially after the fact they were remastered loved em
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

Fun Metroidvania-lite platformer. Mostly made easy by the abundance and cheapness of healing items, but there are a few frustrating "fast-fail" sections where any mistake sends you to the beginning of the "room".
Hero of the Kingdom

Nice but short adventure game, with charming graphisms, easy to handle, lots of unlockables. Didn't do all the success, since I rarely do that, but it was good.

So far in 2018:
kalirion: Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

Fun Metroidvania-lite platformer. Mostly made easy by the abundance and cheapness of healing items, but there are a few frustrating "fast-fail" sections where any mistake sends you to the beginning of the "room".
Which ending did you get? In other words: were you a completionist? ;)
kalirion: Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

Fun Metroidvania-lite platformer. Mostly made easy by the abundance and cheapness of healing items, but there are a few frustrating "fast-fail" sections where any mistake sends you to the beginning of the "room".
Ghorpm: Which ending did you get? In other words: were you a completionist? ;)
I used a guide to get the last couple Dark Magics that I hadn't found myself since it was needed for the true ending. Didn't bother to get the last few heart squids.
Ghost of a Tale. A charming little game in which you play Tilo, a mouse minstrel locked in prison by the rat overlords. You escape from your cell and must go about finding a way to escape the jail, then explore the keep as well as some places outside and below. All with the aim of escaping the clutches of the rats so you can find your missing wife. You must avoid the rat guards and have no real means of fighting, so stealth and carefulness are key. You also meet some interesting characters and unravel some mysteries of the past.

I liked the setting, the characters, and the game design. Artwork was very nice and there's some decent moments of humor as well. My only complaint is that it ends on what's basically a cliffhanger, but it's still a great game. Hope they do a sequel to this one.
Magrunner: Dark Pulse. Like Portal but you use magnetism instead of making portals. I liked Portal but I wasn't a fanatic about it the way people were for a bit - my house tends to be somewhat noisy and I don't play with blasting volume, so I actually missed a lot of GLaDOS's dialogue which everyone loves to quote. Magrunner is a pretty okay game but definitely not as good as Portal, which is probably okay because, like I just said, people really freaking loved Portal.

The main criticism I have is that although magnetism is a good gimmick for the gameplay, the way it works in the game can be fiddly in ways that I don't remember Portal being. In Portal, you make a portal and it's either in the right spot or it isn't. In Magrunner, there were times when I was doing the right thing but something was just slightly off and the puzzle solution didn't quite work right, and there's a lot of tedium in getting things set up and carrying through, especially in some of the more complex levels.

There's a Lovecraftian story in the game. On the one hand, I like Lovecraft so I don't mind it too much, but OTOH this was pretty basic and surface-level. Cthulhu blahblah tentacle monsters blahblah things outside blahblah main character going crazy, etc. There are ways to do this sort of thing without being so on the nose and regurgitating what even the casual consumers know :)
Finished Jack Keane at last. I played it intermittently since 2014, getting bored at times and putting it away until later. The humour isn't really top-notch, but I've had fun with the game. It has a nice colourful cartoonish look, the main character is kind of an anti-hero, but likeable enough. I'm not good at adventure games and therefore had to look up solutions quite often in a walkthrough, but part of the reason I do that is also I often lack enough patience to sort out the solution. It was mostly curiosity about the story that kept me going. Still, it's good to have finished the story now, so I can find out what Jack Keane 2 The Fire Within is really like, besides the notoriety of the game for causing the first Insomnia Sale to stall.

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The Last Time

A low graphics, short, easy, and apparently highly replayable point & click adventure game with a good plot. Got a couple of the endings by reloading a game near the end, could've probably gotten another one but I didn't have the heart to go that route. I'm sure there's plenty more story differences that can be made with different decisions along the way. I'll probably play again and see what I can find, but the decisions in my first play through were all that I thought were "the right thing to do" so anything on top of that would just be academic curiosity.
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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD (XB1X)

I played the 360 HD version on Xbox One since it was recently added to the backward compatibility list. Of course it was originally a PSP title in it's non HD form.

The portable origins absolutely show in the tiny areas (literally only 50 metres long sometimes) with numerous exits and load screens. Also the controls are a bit clumsy. However none of that changes the fact that it's still a pretty fine game and is clearly the blueprint for what was expanded into MGS V- one of my favorite games in recent years.

The story leads directly into Ground Zeroes and then The Phantom Pain and now gives me a better understanding of the overall story line. You play through the story in short linear missions which you can, and should, break up with side missions. It's a Kojima game, so the missions are followed by lengthy comic book style cutscenes, sometimes with QTE interactions. It's a typical Kojima bizarre story, but I like it. You can't accuse the man of not having his very own way of doing things.

I suppose the best way to play it now is on an Xbox One as that gives faster load times and the best performance. Though the 360 and PS3 should be fine. I don't see the point of playing it on a PSP since the coming of the HD version...unless it's all you have to play it on or you just really want to play in bed.

I've also got the 360 HD versions of MGS 2 and 3 and really want to go straight to number 3 Snake Eater to play the origins story that leads directly to Peace Walker...but I'm hoping it's going to get the Xbox One emulation treatment soon as well. So I'll wait and see for a bit.
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Hero of the Kingdom II

More of the same, but longer, with a more complex scenario and with more tasks/challenges. Overall very very good, like the first game. I really enjoyed it. But if I want to tell the absolute truth, some tasks were more chores-like than in the first game. You need to gather more things to progress in the story. It doesn't feel artificial because it's always justified in the scenario, but it's sometimes not so funny...

A small point anyway, it's still a great game and I'm waiting for the III !!

So far in 2018:
Black, Jun 7 (PS2)-I fully admit I was not good at this game and found it hard even on normal difficulty. The first level was very unforgiving for an intro. All the levels were long (taking me 1-2 hours each) especially considering I played it more like a stealth game sniping enemies from cover. The last level was insane and I had to drop down to easy difficulty to beat it and even then it still took me over 5 hours and multiple restarts. Overall I don't think it lives up to its pedigree but the destructible environments were cool.

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I think I have only finished Metal Gear V Phantom Pain and Ultimate Doom. I might be wrong.
Beat Paper Sorceror about 15 minutes ago.

Paper Sorceror was a enjoyable Wizardry style dungeon-crawler PC game with unique cell-shaded graphics. Sadly the developer of Paper Sorceror abandoned the game before all the game-play bugs in it were patched out, and the graphic user interface menus are really bad/require way too many key-presses to accomplish things.

My main party config in Paper Sorceror was usually: The Sorceror(Archmage Sorceror), Minotaur, Goblin, and Vampire. Skeleton, Puppet, and Ghost filled out the rest of my party, Minotar was the main melee damager, Goblin did status attacks, Vampire was the secondary melee/magic damager, while managing to be a better tank than the skeleton(whose challenge power never worked on enemies).

My favorite running gag in Paper Sorceror was the Goblin minion being utterly confused & useless when encountering any locked doors or magic puzzles.