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F4LL0UT: So, my pretty good run this month is continuing with another finished game. I finished the Tomb Raider 2013
I just bought that for the PC a few weeks ago. I haven't started it yet.
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Saints Row 3
Saints Row 4
Hardy counts, I know, but I just erm... experienced 'Something, Something Soup Something'
I manged to get the transmission to the kitchen and then decided which of the dishes were and weren't soup - took 5-10mins!

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Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride (2014)

OK, this one is no different then others. Quite repetitive, but still I'm impressed with puzzles variety in Artifex Mundi games. I just like it as a pause between longer and deeper games.
* nice visuals, really nice chill-out music (loved Lilly's song)
* more of the same high quality HOPA made by Artifex Mundi
* story is crap (give it to your mom) with burning-red-eyed antagonist, but who cares! ;)

List of all games completed in 2018.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown Third play through and probably the last, as it feels too familiar now and I blasted through the campaign in about 8 hours instead of the 18 or so for the first play. Time to move onto XCOM 2 I suppose.

Knights of the Old Republic (GOG)

Was one of two Bioware games that I haven't played yet, only Andromeda to go now. I enjoyed most of this one. It really gets the Star Wars feel right and it looks pretty good even today. I didn't mod it so I was only able to choose 1600x1200 max resolution, but it was sharp and had surprisingly good lighting. I didn't bother trying to mod it for widescreen since I was unhappy with the available methods. I had one graphical issue...areas with grass made the characters have no legs and smaller creatures were entirely invisible! The solution was to turn the grass off and I preferred the cleaner look anyway. I think the issue is caused by newer AMD drivers having some legacy features removed- same problems with Neverwinter Nights and ATI/AMD cards. Other than that, everything ran fine. I do wish that the game had UI scaling for the higher resolutions though.

It plays kinda like Star Wars NWN. For 99% of the game the combat was really easy. Some of those Jedi powers are so overpowered, like Droid Kill and Stasis Field. In a way though, that's true to the subject isn't it? Jedi and their Sith opposites ARE the most deadly combatants in the movies, so it wouldn't make any sense to make them weaklings that get rolled by a couple of Sandpeople.
Most of the companions were okay, especially HK-47. But I couldn't tolerate Jolee, exactly the type of boring old fart I can't stand- I hated the two parts where the game forced me to have him in the party.

So it was all okay up until the very final segment when the game totally changed. Waves of infinitely spawning enemies leading to a pair of my most hated type of boss fights. The type where you approach the most dangerous person in the galaxy and you stop and have a chat, then fight and bring him/her to 5% health and stop for a chat again. After which the boss regains full health. So you beat them down to 5% again and stop for another chat. Rinse, repeat. That final boss guy especially...damn. I think he replenished full health like 10 times whilst I just spammed those 300 health packs I'd collected because the rest of the game was so easy. Terrible end game sequence, one of the worst I can remember.

I did enjoy it overall, but the last hour did sour the feeling for me a bit in the end. Oh yeah, I played the light side...sort of. Mostly. There were times though when the light side dialog options were so repulsive to me that I couldn't bring myself to chose them. I really should have played Dark Side all the way as that is what suits my beliefs (survival of the fittest) closest anyway. Besides, anyone that makes friends of something as annoying as Gungans and Ewoks cannot be on the correct side as far as I'm concerned. I've learned my lesson and I'll be playing KOTOR 2 Dark Side for sure.
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CMOT70: I've learned my lesson and I'll be playing KOTOR 2 Dark Side for sure.
It's fun as hell if you go Dark Side.
Stereo Aereo

I enjoyed this rhythm/dodge-em-up, though I can understand that it may not be for rhythm game aficionados, considering that you can't adjust the audio offset. For me though it was fun dodging and occasionally shooting to the rhythm of music, and I don't mind that some Perfects I got I might not have deserved and some that I missed maybe I did. I only needed the Perfects to replenish lost health, I wasn't in it for the high scores. Which is a good thing, because I don't think the leaderboard / high score list works...
Bionic Dues

Arcen games are hit-or-miss for me, ranging from one of my favorite games ever (AI Wars) to big disappointments (Shattered Haven, Skyward Collapse). Sadly, Bionic Dues is once again a miss. Arcen games are usually known for their complexity and this aspect is present here too. The problem is it’s all about micromanaging TONS of loot which are very similar to each other so optimizing your exos takes a lot of time. What’s even worse some equipment add a constant value to your stats and other increase them by percentage so getting a perfect build is even more complicated and obviously very boring. Missions are much better. They look very generic and play generic as well. Just pick your enemies one by one, destroy, rinse and repeat. Boooring! I can’t really recommend the game. It has its moments but it’s not really worth it. I’ve finished the game once and will never play it again.

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Into the Breach - 5/5

Some of the best tactical gameplay I've played in any game. Almost everything feels tense and well balanced. I'm definitely going back to unlock more of the achievements.
Finally. Thanks for the full list.
Mirror’s Edge

A very nice parkour simulator. I thought that it would not work well with the first person perspective but man, I was wrong! It’s very intuitive and fun. I didn’t have much problems with learning the controls and after half an hour I was running, jumping and fighting smoothly and efficiently, maybe with a small exception for the fighting - but the game was clearly not designed as a brawler/shooter so no shame here. I’m not sure if the game would benefit from more open world. I think it’s fine as it is. My only complaint (very minor) is a nonsense plot. Seriously, it was like trying to get rid of mosquitos with nuclear bomb.

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Life is strange

nice adventure, though the decisions sometimes are between pest and cholera :/ wished max would just grab a baseball bat sometimes and defend herself instead of always hiding and manipulating time to get somewhere. still nice game and pretty good story and that drew me in.
Meridian: New World

It’s just an average RTS game. The only thing which is absolutely awesome is that the game was developed by a single person. But it doesn’t make the game any better, it only means that its creator is very talented, passionate and patient. The game is just average with a few nice ideas like decisions you can make in-between missions, troops morale based on how well you keep them alive (or not). Some other things are poorly executed (UI, pathfinding) and others completely ridiculous like not being able to repair buildings. If you are RTS fan then go for it. If you rarely play any RTS games pick a better one.

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Not really a good game. All you do is running around and looking for runes and power-ups. Which isn't satisfying at all, because the levels are empty for the most parts. There are no enemies (with very few exceptions), just a few environmental obstacles and some very easy puzzles. That's it, there is nothing else.

When you got the runes, you'll have to fight bossfights. Some of these were fun, some were a little bit frustrating, but none of them were really hard.

Some aspects of the game were really good (artwork, voice-over), but all in all there is lot of wasted potential. Feels more like a prototype than as a real game.

Complete list of finished games in 2018
March 2nd - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
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