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KotOR2: The Sith Lords with the Restored Content Mod v1.8.4 and the planet M4-78 mod.

First off, it's lucky that I have the habit of making many saves and saving at regular, short intervals. Game locked up fairly regularly (probably two dozen times over the course of the run) and also crashed to desktop a handful of times. There seemed to be an issue at one particular transition on Onderon where it crashed 4 times when trying to transition to another area - all at the same place. It ahppened three times in a row and I was seriously worried that I wasn't going to be able to continue the game.

Anyway, that aside... I went Dark Side all the way and played a Consular/Sith Lord. Had a blast going with all the Dark Side options in dialogs and quests. Ended up at level 32 by the time I got to the final battle with the bar complete and total Dark Side.

I thought the game was very good, although seeing how it ended, I don't know if Light Side would have had a vastly different ending. Thought the story was pretty good and overall enjoyed it better than the first game. Some good, fun battles and some fairly decent quests (I find Obsidian's quest writers tend to outdo BioWare for the most part anyway, though).

So, yeah, game #2 for the year. Not sure where I'm heading next, but it's been a good start so far.

Dead Island

I loved Techland's latest game, Dying Light, so I wanted to give a shot to their first try in the genre, Dead Island.

I'm not sure what to think about that game, to be honest. Oh, it's a solid action game, and you definitely see where Dying Light is coming from. But of course, Dying Light a much more polished final product (even if it also has its own flaws).

First of all, not being able to parkour the maps is a big letdown. I know I'm playing the games chronologically wrong, but I can't help to compare them. Sometimes, especially in the town map, it was quite frustrating no to be able to climb things. But that's a minor letdown.

A much bigger letdown, gameplaywise, is that I had difficulties to get used to the reach of the weapons. I mean, sometimes I was sure I would hit, and the creature was too far, sometimes it was the contrary. I understand that one-handed and two-handed weapons have a different reach, as well as bare hands or knives, but I had a hard time judging where my opponent was, which is a problem when you have a zombie horde running at you...

The special zombies were also more frustrating than challenging. Special mention for the big one running at you: when it's outside, you can avoid him, run in circle around him, in short, have a strategy. When you meet him in a prison corridor and suddently there's another one coming, that's just not manageable...

Still, the action is gore and solid, the environments are quite varied and you have a lot to explore and to collect, so it's still a good game. But it's far inferior to his successor, Dying Light.

So far in 2016: https://www.gog.com/forum/general/games_finished_in_2016/post46
Well, once again I've been watching too much anime, so not much to report for 2016 so far (will not be listing Binding of Isaac Rebirth Wins for obvious reasons) except

Unhack: Destruction DLC

Nice little DLC. Quite short though, and I didn't like this prequel story quite as much as the base game's.
List of finished games - 2016:

● Lords of Xulima
● Shadowrun: Dragonfall
● Technobabylon
● Ziggurat
● The Blackwell Series
● S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl
● STAR WARS - Jedi Academy
● STAR WARS - Jedi Outcast
● Hard Reset Redux
● Dear Esther
● Homeworld Remastered
● Metro Last Light
● Kerbal Space Program
● UnderRail
● Brutal Legend
● The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
● The Curious Expedition
● Shadowrun: Hong Kong
● Resident Evil / Jill side (PSX)
● Besiege
● Resident Evil / Chris side (PSX)
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I actually managed to finish a game this early in the year. That could be a good omen. On the other hand, it's Pillars of Eternity, and I started playing it not to long after in launched, as a backer. Since this summer, my attention was taken away by other games (and more importantly: exam, summer job, a lot of other stuff), which was a shame, as it had only about 5 hours left by then (God appeasement quests and the ending). I loved the ending, and most of the game, so it would've probably been awesome if I played it in one big sweep, not spread out over 10 months.

Anway, I really liked it, so when White March part 2 is out, I'll probably buy the lot and play it when I have time.

List so far:
#1: Pillars of Eternity
In a surprise finish, my first of the year is Fran Bow! And it was excellent! Huge thanks to <span class="bold">Owl</span> for gifting this to me (and for letting me know about it in the first place!)
It has an absolutely awesome creepy atmosphere, some of the coolest visuals I've ever seen in an adventure game, and perfect music to match. I absolutely loved the main character, Fran. And the rest of the cast was quite interesting too.
I thought the puzzles were really fun and clever (though I did get stuck on a couple of them and Owl had to help me :"p). And they are made more interesting by the mechanic that makes the game pretty unique - being able to "switch" the scene between normal and bizarre modes by taking pills.
All this, with a pretty cool story that kept me constantly excited to play and learn more.
The only real downside I can think of is that the game doesn't come with the soundtrack as a bonus.*
I'd recommend this to any adventure fans that dig the art style, and don't mind the lack of any voice acting. I can't wait to play this one again, maybe in a few months :-)

My full list.

*edit : The music is actually in the game's directory as .ogg files! awesome! :-D
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Updated my list again!

Games of 2016

Demon's Souls PS3 Platinum Trophy after 3 years, hundreds of deaths, and hundreds of hours, finally achieved!
MMLN: Updated my list again!

Games of 2016

Demon's Souls PS3 Platinum Trophy after 3 years, hundreds of deaths, and hundreds of hours, finally achieved!
Congratulations, that's pretty impressive.
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MMLN: Updated my list again!

Games of 2016

Demon's Souls PS3 Platinum Trophy after 3 years, hundreds of deaths, and hundreds of hours, finally achieved!
omega64: Congratulations, that's pretty impressive.
Thank you :-) I ragequit the game long time ago, but after watching some Twitch streams, I've decided to try it once again and this time, a lot of deaths at final boss was not enough to keep me away from the goal :-D
Damn, I really should finish that DS playthrough also. I've started it a couple of years ago but then shelved it for some reason.
blotunga: Damn, I really should finish that DS playthrough also. I've started it a couple of years ago but then shelved it for some reason.
Some of the chioces are typically 'jerk' options, but others are deliciously Dark Side. It was a fun run through the game.
GR00T: Some of the chioces are typically 'jerk' options, but others are deliciously Dark Side. It was a fun run through the game.
I think there were a couple of instances where DS made you feel almost stupidly evil. I would've liked to be more subtle in some instances. Still a great game. Kotor 1 was also great on the DS too.
I just finished Ori and the Blind Forest for Xbox One. The game came with the system and I enjoyed it quite a bit. The last portion was trial and error but I managed to guess the very last portion.
Card City Nights

So I bought this game cheap during sale since I wanted to see if I like these card game things. Turns out I don't like them :D
I found it totally boring and I especially don't like it when you need to play against a cheater just because the story says so. So lesson learned, no more card games for me ;-)
The New Zealand Story

Set in New Zealand (obviously), this is a platformer originally released for arcades in the late 1980's. You play as Tiki the Kiwi, who is probably the cutest protagonist I've ever seen, who has to rescue his friends from some evil Walrus. Your weapon is a bow and arrow and you must make your way through 20(?) levels in order to rescue your friends, fighting enemies and navigating through tight gaps. You also get to ride in balloons which you acquire GTA style, killing the enemy using it and jumping into the basket. The levels are set in various landmarks throughout the country with 4 levels at each landmark with a boss at the end of most of them.

This being a game meant for arcades, that means it has a high difficulty curve, fortunately I was playing a port and had infinite lives, though it was incredibly difficult none the less. I really enjoyed it however, which for me doesn't usually happen with arcade games. Level 4-4 however was really stressful and was by far the hardest level, there were so many enemies the game started lagging. About 3/4 of the way through you end up with levels that involve jumping inbetween 2 sets of spikes with a gap only just big enough to fit you, if you don't line it up exactly, DEATH! It's a great platformer and really fun, though I used 17 credits to complete it (5 were just for level 4-4). In terms of bad points, it may have just been with the port but the bosses can be taken down incredibly easily by spamming the attack button as fast as possible, also the bosses themselves. The 3rd level's boss looked like a robot baby, but that's just my pet peeve with the game. I would highly recommend it.