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i finally did it man! i kill hades last boss of immortal throne expansion from titan quest! i was level 39 brigand (hunting + rogue) and i died 84 times total
<span class="bold">Thermometers Puzzles</span> (Android)

Interesting variation of the Nonogram/Picross formula: there's a 2D grid, with a random number of empty horizontal and vertical thermometers in it. Each row and column tells you the amount of mercury it contains, so you must turn each termometer segment white (no mercury) or pinkish red (mercury). Ignoring the fact that mercury thermometers have a silvery bar and not a red one, this game makes for an excellent entertainment at short bursts.

It contains more than 300 levels free of charge, ranging from 4x4 to 11x11 grids, and then several hundreds more that you can buy. These include 12x12 and 13x13 grids, so there is some reward in the form of larger and harder puzzles if you pay.

My list of finished games in 2016
Twitcher3 Dziki zGon
clocked 55h

Even though I tried to rush through main quest like - more and more obstacles and tripping happen, making it longer and longer to finish one quest in the journal.
Similar case to Pillars of Eternity - way too large worlds and too long for it's own good.
Size of the worlds leads to most infuriating thing - terrible economy. You get peanuts for hour of scavenging, then buying it back destroy your budget, even when you want fistful of nails and desk.
Last battle was truly epic and calming it down (last visit at Emhyr, then tavern and wandering around post war world).
What else? Lots of talking. That part was good. the emperor why they break combat on purpose? All these pirouettes when single slashes do job better. Targeting is borked - you face the enemy but you swing at different target because...I have no idea. And I know there is locking option but that does not justice this.

Still - 7/10 got fun
FINALLY finished Hordes of the Underdark. That final push now and finally made it. Had saves from Dec 2010, towards the end of chapter 2, with a final one then in Jan 2011, then another attempt last August, last save then start of September 2015, then again in April this year, with a last save in early May, and then again now, the final part.

Good game, good design, they pushed the limits of what NWN could do... Bar that frustrating part at the end if you don't know ahead of time that you'll need a ton of gold to get all names and all you have as source is the djinn in the bottle that buys at 15k tops. I got them all for 1.9M (so no final battle - thought I'd give it a go, but no reason and just wanted to finish it, so commanded him to die and that was that), but can cost you even 2.1.
So yeah, enjoyed it overall, but was also frustrated by it in parts, but that's also from how I play and such. Couldn't say more considering how stretched it was over the years. Basically have no clue what part 1 was anymore, those saves from Dec 2010 had me almost finishing part 2 like I said, so couldn't even say when I started it really.

Basically every year since 2011 when thinking of what I'll play I had "try to finish HotU" at the top of the list, but till 2015 I didn't even touch it again, and then took these three different periods to get myself through chapter 3. Just one thing or another not playing well with how I play and making me uncertain of a decision and giving up on it all as a result.

And yes, grinded rats for a long time towards the end, just to finish a leveling plan. Did it all single character, a sorcerer, taken through original, SoU and now this, no henchmen around since they lowered the exp received and just had to take care of them anyway. Finished at level 33 actually, but didn't get to level since that last level was gained there at the end, where I did take Aribeth and Nathyrra to see their endings too, and commanding them to stay with me gave me the exp I needed. Either way, a level 32 sorcerer with insane gear is darn badass, even if I made some poor feat choices earlier on.

You probably don't usually get sorcerers with str 18, con 20, 288 HP, AC 43, +30/+25 attack, 1d8+14 physical + 2d6 electrical melee damage, 10/+5 physical, 10/- for most and 20/- for a few other types DR, 20 SR, 14 HP / round + 5 vampiric regen... A cha of 32 was nice to have when spells were needed, but it wasn't often.

Later edit: Better yet, did start that fight to get level 33 and make screenshots. And since I did it, here it is.
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+Another Metroid 2 Remake (Linux Unofficial)
Truly satisfying game. Why have I skipped the Metroid games of the past two decades? Probably because of the NES Metroid, which isn't as friendly as AM2R. It is a part of the game series that started the Metroidvania genre of games (before Castlevania even thought about it), wherein you play a platformer where you obtain upgrades and backtrack to obtain even more upgrades or access new entire level, games where the progression isn't linear and more open world like.

The game was appropriately hard, neither fiendish in difficulty and neither cake. I don't regret playing it, and I don't regret hosting most of its currently available official and unofficial versions for it on my OneDrive.

Backtrack to see my other games.
Took a while, but beat one route of DYLHB. Um, yeah....
Just finished Grow Home.
Picked up a Steam key for it on eBay for $1.67. Enjoyed every minute of it. Great sound design. Great character control. Nice (mini) open-world feel and free-falling never gets old, but finding 99/100 crystals and having no idea where the last one is...not cool. Hope to play the recently released sequel some day.
Borderlands the Pre Sequel.
Its pretty fun, though the writing and humor is still lackluster
Finished Batman: A Telltale Series - Episode 1. Same gameplay as the previous games of the studio but in the Batman universe. It was quite good and I'll be glad to play the next epîsodes.

Full list here.
The completionist in me wanted to finish Mass Effect 3 for the sake of... well... completing the trilogy. Knowing how badly the ending blows, and being totally lost on loading the game, not wanting to start over, I am finished with it.... For now (TM).
The best game Double Fine has ever made, hands down.
The story and writing are some of the best I have ever heard and read, with every joke hitting its mark. Every character is unique and interesting and all their voice actors did an excellent job in bringing their personalities to life. The level design is some of the best and most imaginative in the history of video games. From the upbeat 'Milla's dance party' to the artistic 'Velvetopia', from the war of 'Basic braining' to the sheer lunacy of 'The milkman conspiracy', all are unique, unmistakable and fun.
However, the game has got its share of problems as well. Like the "balance problems" considering its difficulty, the usefulness of powers and platforming. Its collect-athon gameplay is more annoying than fun and 100 % completion of the the game is 100 % NOT worth your effort. Sometime your skills and powers like double-jump and telekinesis just won't work properly and the camera has the nasty habit of sabotaging you on a few occasions. I also hate that some of the characters and bosses simply can't shut up and will constantly annoy you with the same lines repeated ad infinitum.
When it comes to writing, characters, design and humour, the game is second to none.
But when it comes to the actual gameplay like platforming, fighting and puzzles, it's just average. I have played Psychonauts more than six times by now, I know how he game handles, I know it's not worth it to collect everything, I know it's not the best in the gameplay department. But I also know that everyone should try it out.
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I've recently finished The Witcher 1 and 2 as well as the Master Quest for Ocarina of Time
Wizardry 1-Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

I played the SNES port, because I'd heard that was the best version; both visually, and mechanically, and also because my introduction to the series was playing Wizardry V on the SNES.

I used an emulator, but played it as I would a physical game. In particular, I didn't use save states. But I did make use of the fact that the SNES can't save mid-battle, and therefore you can just reset the game if things are going to hell during a battle, because that's an option that people playing the physical game would have. And if you want to tell me that that's a cheap thing to do, I'll reply, Look. I had a party which I nurtured all the way from from level one to level thirteen (when wizards and priests get access to all their magic). I patiently mapped the entire game with them, retreating to the surface when necessary. Dozens of hours. And then, on the final level of the maze, my useless asshole thief flubbed a disarm and my entire party was teleported into solid rock and annihilated; there weren't even any bodies to try to resurrect. So I stared another party. The glamor was off now, because I'd realized that there is absolutely no reason to explore and absolutely nothing to do in this game; you grind against Murphy's Ghosts on the first floor, take the elevator down to the fourth floor, get an item, take the elevator down to the second to last floor, then walk about ten steps to get to the final floor of the maze. There are no secrets to find, and nothing to do but grind, which isn't my favorite things. But I didn't give up. I patiently created a new party, ground them up to high levels ... and then my jerkass thief flubbed a disarm again, and my party was teleported into solid rock again.

Even after that, though, it was only after I'd had my first battle with Werdna--when he surprised my party and got to act first, and slaughtered my priest, make, and half of my front line with Tiltowait (with some help from his vampire friends) before I could do anything--and was leveling up another party, when I decided that you can't afford to be too damn honorable when you're dealing with the Wizardries of the world.

This probably makes it sound like I didn't like the game, but that's only in retrospect. When I was actually playing it I enjoyed it a lot. I love mapping and exploration and filling up graph paper tile by tile. The incredible satisfaction when my priest learned to cure poison, and I could proceed down to the second level, when I didn't dare to before. Clawing my way through the fixed fight on the fourth level, with half my party dead at the end, and limping back to town with my prize. The tension knowing that each fight was a serious deal with real potential consequences if something went south. I got trapped in an anti-magic area, with no idea where I was, trying to map my way to safety while I watched my party's HP drop lower and lower, and the satisfaction when I finally won my way to safety was profound.

It's just ... you know ... I now realize that there was absolutely no point to any of that, and there's no reason to visit more than the first, fourth, ninth, and tenth level--and no reason to stay on any of those levels for more than a few minutes, except the tenth. Kind of killed the thrill in retrospect. But as a CRPG fan, I'm glad that I finally played and beat a version of such an important game (I suppose the right-holders are being difficult, but it's absurd that the first five Wizardry games aren't already on GOG), and I have plans to play the second. My understanding is that there's something to do (find a piece of plot-relevant armor?) every level, so it sounds like my main gripe with the first might be fixed.
BadDecissions: you grind against Murphy's Ghosts on the first floor, take the elevator down to the fourth floor, get an item, take the elevator down to the second to last floor, then walk about ten steps to get to the final floor of the maze. There are no secrets to find, and nothing to do but grind, which isn't my favorite things.
lol. I used to that route, and a lot of grinding.
Mr.Murphy is our best friend in the game!
The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine

Nothing much to say that hasn't been said already. One of my best, if not my very best experience in a DLC/old-fashioned expansion pack. The writing is stellar, the visuals are stunning, there is simply nothing to throw away.

In a way, I'm glad CDProjekt Red announced it was the last of Geralt's adventures. I mean, the trilogy and the DLCs make perfect sense in a whole, and I don't think they could add anything to Geralt's story. Plus, it gives them a great reason to continue in the same universe with different characters!

The Witcher series is a jewel, a pure diamond and has easily taken the 1st spot in my most beloved games ever (along with some masterpieces like Baldur's Gate games, Mass effect series, Dragon Age Origins, LEGO LOTR and Harry Potter, Zelda's series, etc...). That's why I'm glad I'm playing video games: to, sometimes, be able to play such masterpieces.

But I'm not totally done with the Witcher 3 yet: I haven't played the Gwynt tornaments, don't have all the cards, neither I did all the horse races or boxing tornaments. Not counting retrieving the witchers armours and a couple of contracts! But these will be perfect for "in-between" short play sessions! ^_^

So far in 2016: