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18.01.2015 - Mudlarks

- It's free,
- It has decent story,
- It has decent puzzles (with only a little bit of pixelhunting)
- It's quite long for a freeware game (took me 5 or 6 hours to finish)
- I learned about mudlarking from it and find it really cool!

- Animations are a bit dodgy (but I guess it's not easy to animate pictures of real people)
- One of the subplots (meteorite) remains unresolved
- A bit of pixelhunting

18.01.2014 - Always Sometimes Monsters
Or rather Misanthropy: The Game. Got it in some bundle and left unplayed for way to long. Finally after playing (and loving) To The Moon I decided to give this litte RPG Maker creation a go... and had a blast with it.
Left it for some days because of stupid boxing mini-game and couldn't throw it away from my head so today I decided to go past that minigame and apart from that chore it was a smooth, really fun piece of interactive fiction. Highly recommended (at least for those who can look past the graphics).
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I just finished my first game that was released in 2015. Sakura Angels.

This is a pretty forgettable four hour short visual novel.
The drawings are good but the music is annoying and the story is stupid. (Not the funny kind of stupid, sadly.)

Somehow they managed to have bugs in a visual novel. The mouse pointer jumped into the middle of the screen all the time and I tried to use F12 to take a screenshot... bad idea. The screen glitched out a bit and I had to restart the game to fix it.

This is the kind of game that needs an 18+ version but like this there's no reason to play this game.

Here's my list.
Jan 18 - A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda

This game is alright. It's fun, the story is OK, the music is good, the graphics are good. I wish I didn't have to finish the entire mission in one sitting or lose all of my progress.

Note: I played this on Normal, not Hard.

I feel like the weapon upgrades didn't do a whole lot and might have been completely unnecessary if you just kept building repair kits. The upgrades use a lot of materials and so you have to farm for materials next to an enemy spawn point. Doing this also makes it easy way to get the 99 combo achievement.

You definitely want to have a couple repair kits handy and farm materials until you have at least a couple. I learned this lesson having to defeat the fourth boss without any repair kits., You can't go back to collect more in the level because some sections close off the previous section and the only other alternative was to replay the entire mission again, which I didn't want to do. Having stockpiled several repair kits, the final boss battle was easy.

I would still recommend it if you enjoy action platformers (this is not a Metroidvania).
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January 19, 0:10 - I have just finished my second playthrough of Shadowrun Returns, this time with Street Samurai brute on Hard difficulty. It was pretty fun to play it again :)

April 20, 2:30 - Now I have finished my third playthrough of Star Ocean Last Hope International. On Universe Difficulty. Pretty challenging experience. Now I need only last 15 of Battle Trophies and Chaos Difficulty to finish the game on 100%. But it will take few more months I think, because now I want to fully focus on Pillars of Eternity.

July 19, 17:45 - I have finished Atelier Rorona on PS3 with the hardest to achieve Astrid Ending. It took me more than 70hours to get it, compared to the first playthrough few years ago, which was just under 18 hours. Meanwhile I started to play Lords of Xulima, so I put Pillars of Eternity on hold again. And was able to get 5 more Battle Trophies in Star Ocean Last Hope International. In last sale I also bought almost all Paradox games on GOG, so I will have to think hard what to play next :P

October 8, 18:30 - After 68 hour, I have finally finished my first Paradox Game. The Grand Campaign of Europa Universalis as Austria empire. I was able to win with decisive gap in Victory Points in front of second Spain. If you like to read Let's Plays, you can read more about it HERE :P

October 9, 17:00 - I was able to finish the first Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. Right of the bat on the hardest difficulty and with Thaumaturge. It was pretty fun game, and I have to say, I have enjoyed it as much as Diablo 2. The only issue was the first few hours, while I was still not very fond of the Talent trees. After I got little bit of playtime, the game became easier :)

November 18, 19:15 - I have finished the adult arc of Tales of Graces f on PS3. I have first finished the game in 2013, but I have decided to go for Platinum walkthrough now. The first part is complete. I got few 60 seconds trophies, some of which were easy-peasy, some of them were crazy hard. Now it's time to play little bit, with Zhonecage bonus dungeon and few superbosses.
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19.01.2015 - Shadows of Vatican act 1: Greed
One more game from my backlog. Quite enjoyable detective adventure. Hope to see it on GOG one day when (if?) it's complete. For now I'll need to wait for some good deals on Episode 2.
January 18th, Crack of dawn

I finished:

Ghostwise by Bioware

Action/rpg with stealth elements.
19.01.2015 - Real Horror Stories (ultimate edition)
Now, imagine what a 9-year-old may think is a scary horror and mix it with puzzles designed by someone who hates adventure games and you'll get pretty accurate picture of Real Horror Stories. Oh-so-very-scary monster face jumpscares, oh-so-very-dark enviroments, satanic symbolism taken straight from bad creepypasta, all filled with random clicking and tedious 'puzzles' - it's all there for you, in Real Horror Stories.
DuckTales: Remastered

Good game, not as good as the NES version, but a worthy modern version.

Good graphics
Good music
Gameplay stays true to the original

Boss fights drag on unnecessarily long
Lack of animation during cut-scenes. (characters mouths don't move at all)
Controls are somewhat finicky.

edit: also ran into a strange bug where I fell through a rope hole on the moon, and the death sound effect played, yet it was trapped somewhere, move around until I fell through another hole and the game resumed normally.
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Jan. 18: Secret Agent

Fun platform/puzzle game from Apogee. Some parts were very frustrating mostly due to its old age - bigger-than-your-sprite hit box and some of the jumps were instant death into water/slime if it wasn't done perfectly. I have to admit I used the god mode cheat in a couple places where those jumps were after failing numerous times. Seems most were in episode 2.

High scores:
Episode 1: Didn't make the list
Episode 2: 528750
Episode 3: 709300
Call of Juarez Bound in Blood and Amnesia so far. Still playing Sanitarium lol
hyperagathon: snip
Give Xenogears a go, the story is really good and the only problem with the game (and you probably already know this) is the 2nd cd since they run out of budget and they just rush it. The combat is ok, you combine some buttons and make combos, eventually unlocky more (powerfull) ones.

Even if you don't like srpg you should give Front Mission 3 a chance, it's not really long since you only have 3 units (or around that, can't remember) therefore it has less turns.

If you ever get a X360 to play Lost Odyssey then buy also Tales of Vesperia, i know it looks shunen (well, and it is) but it's more mature than most of those games since the protagonist isn't the typical kid saving the world and being all goody. I won't say more...

My friend is asking if you read Sanctuary/Strain? He says that the Yakuza games (ps2) are similar and yes, they're jrpg's since they follow the same structure (random battles, you level up, exploration, etc).

Anyway, i understand what you're asking (and i already said this recently here on this forum), i was remembering Eden: It's an endless abyss (due to the recent events in france) and wondering how come Japan have such great mangas and yet they fail to translate the same quality to the games (in terms of maturity/story).

Austrobogulator: Sigh, I really want to like Radiant Historia :( but it's just so long winded and there's so much backtracking and unskippable dialogue. If I go back to it, I'll do it with a walkthrough next to me. Figuring out what to do just gets so tedious :|
I feel the same, i really wanted to like the game but i though it just was... ok... *SPOILERS* and you can predict the plot miles away so i really didn't like the story.*SPOILERS*
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CrowTRobo: Jan. 18: Secret Agent

High scores:
Episode 1: Didn't make the list
Episode 2: 528750
Episode 3: 709300
My scores when playing through recently:

Episode 1: 948950
Episode 2: 710550
Episode 3: 968750
Just finished South Park:The Stick of Truth.

Completely over-the-top offensive, ridiculously rude, crude and juvenile with a lot of swearing. I laughed out loud more during this game than I have watching comedy shows or movies. Great fun for anyone that enjoys the TV show. Probably well avoided if you don't like the show.

The game was incredibly stable for me with absolutely no crashes and no glitches except at the very end (last 10 minutes or so) where my character seemed to want to flash in and out of existence on the screen. This did not affect gameplay in any way though (character always appeared for combat and cut scenes proceeded without issue).

Combat for this one is turn-based with an array of ridiculously named powers, talents, and spells to choose from (spells are all fart-based). The story was actually pretty good (overlooking the ridiculous nature of the whole thing), with a dual story-line permeating throughout. There's the D&D 'Stick of Truth' game the kids are playing, and there's also the 'real world' situation as well. Some crazy-assed shit going on through the whole game though.

Weapons and armor could be upgraded with various types of upgrades you find or buy throughout the game. All gear is level-based though, so you can't equip it if you're not of the minimum level. This isn't really an issue though, as there are tons of weapons/armor to choose from and the game combat isn't all that hard anyway.

Anyway, a very solid effort from Obsidian and kudos to them for pulling off one helluva fun and stable game.

Full list is Here.
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Finished Pokemon Red. Rushed through it a bit, but had a good enough time with it. I don't have much else to say about it. I mean, is there anyone out there who has never played a Pokemon game, or at least have a reasonable idea what its about? Probably not.

Current plan is to rush through Blue, then bring it all together and complete the Gen 1 PokeDex in Yellow. Maybe do Gen 2 next, but its much more likely I'll be ready to play something else by then.
Games I finished in 2015: Outlast(including DLC)
Bioshock Infinite(without DLC)