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Klumpen0815: It's a classical hidden object game
Leroux: I wish it was, but sadly the classical hidden object games look more like this, prompting you to find all kinds of objects that don't have anything to do with the story or tasks you have to complete.The Tiny Bang Story felt much more consistent in its gameplay than the average HOG I've seen. From my point of view, it actually stands out in that regard and is more of an exception. I've seen Botanicula being called a HOG before, but I wouldn't agree with this definition either, especially after checking out some typical examples of what's commonly referred to by the name of HOG. Try the games by Artifex Mundi for classical HOGs with higher production values, but I bet you won't like them as much as Tiny Bang Story or Botanicula (in any case, I don't). ;)
Maybe, I haven't played many of those games, "4 elements" has HOG sections and they are quite random too but not as messy as the one in your picture. I've recently bought the HB bundle from Artifex Mundi and will look into them soon although I am really bad at such games.
Avernum: Escape From the Pit

I found this fully turn-based cRPG to be great fun and not as difficult as a couple of the Geneforge games (2 and 5). There isn't a strong central narrative (lot's of small objectives, larger objectives, and then three important objectives), and the setting is fairly generic but still compelling.

It's open ended nature is both positive and negative since the player can't make in-game annotations (there are game generated notes, but they're incomplete) as there are many areas that must be revisited. I had to alt-tab to notepad for this.

The game doesn't end with a cliffhanger.. only the promise of new mysteries and mounting conflicts. This is great since I'm not sure when I'll be able to play the next Avernum title (there are six main entries and at least one spin-off to the series). Those who require fast action, flashy FX, and instant gratification need not apply but for any who can still enjoy 80's and early 90's cRPGs should find this worthy of their time.
Negatus: Avernum: Escape From the Pit
Great series! I've played that one and the remade sequel "Crystal Souls", only problem is I'm now waiting for Spiderweb to remake the third game. I could play the older version i suppose, but i decided to wait to keep the consistency across the series. At least 4, 5, and 6 aren't being remade, because they are already pretty much at the same standard.

I love how everything in these games, including the story, is just discovered by wandering around and exploring and talking to people- never by the developer bullying you or railroading you with cut scenes or scripted sequences. Exactly how i prefer RPG's to play.
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A nice little action puzzler with 20 levels. It wasn't very hard and I completed it in about 90 minutes. Controls could have been a little tighter, but overall the game was quite enjoyable.

Developer planned to create more content (which would be welcome), but I'm not sure he will still do that after his Kickstarter project miserably failed (he just got $91 instead of the $5.000 goal).

Complete list of finished games in 2015
PaterAlf: Infinitrap
I got it the instant I learned it was developed on Linux. I agree that it could use tighter controls, though.

If anyone's interested, my spider sense tell me it's going to be the next IndieGameStand PWYW deal (judging by the current clues, at least).
Trine 2 - Complete Story (Linux)

It fixed all the issues I had with the (old version of) Trine 1. There is a bit enemy variety now (although mostly goblins) and at least after the base game, you see new kinds of environments like a desert, the inside of a giant sandworm, a crypt, a town, etc...
Since I grew up with "The Lost Vikings" on SNES by Silicon Synapse (later known as "Blizzard"), I adore the concept and which more games like this were made but Trine 1+2 are more than worthy to the throne and since Blizzard doesn't give a damn about it's old gems, we can't expect a new "Lost Vikings" anytime soon.
The graphics are absolutely stunning and this is the case technically on the one hand but especcially when it comes to actual design. Everything seems very alive and real in its own universe.
I'm happy to have bought a proper Nvidia card a while ago because this game and Shadow Warrior 2013 seem to be made for high quality gaming on Linux.
In addition to way more variety, the expansion introduced some technical glitches as well (mostly sound) which weren't gamebreaking though. The puzzles in the additional worlds need proper use of the higher abilities of the characters and add a bit of difficulty. I still haven't understood how to break fragile stone walls under water, but that's ok, I've found a lot of secrets myself although there is really much to find and I will play it again some day in order to enjoy it again and find more stuff.

One of the best games I played in the last years and although it is linear, the replay value is very high.

PS: The German voice-over really sucks.

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Awesomenauts (Linux)

I didn't know that it's a multiplayer arena game but since I've unlocked all characters and maps, I consider it as finished.
It's red vs. blue 3 vs. 3 and the base that is destroyed first loses. Collecting and earning money during the match for upgrades on your character reminds me of my Counterstrike sessions 14 years ago.
The character variety is pretty good and they need quite different strategies, but I can't believe, that they only made 4 maps, there is probably more on Steam but I'm only talking about the DRM free version here. The 2D design is nice but a bit too colourful for my taste.
Since I don't have any gamers around and have no interest in online multiplayer, I can only play with bots and this gets tiring after a while, but the game has a local (split-screen) multiplayer mode and does support non-M$ gamepads which is very nice although the controls are more complicated than neccessary - an extra button for opening the shop and another one for closing shop, wtf? Just the shooting button when you're standing in it would suffice since it's a no fighting area anyway.

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"Brothers - A tale of two sons" and "The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone", also a second time "This War of Mine" for the Galaxy achievments.
Devil May Cry 3 - Special Edition

Classic action videogame that should be in every gamers collection.

PC version with Joy to Key fixing the reversed analog sticks. Tough gameplay, mostly the boss fights but also some platforming, traps and puzzles. One of two games along with Ninja Gaiden 2 I've had to play on easy at least for a first playthrough. Nice character models but you could notice some low resolution PS2 art in the background occasionally. Rocking soundtrack that suited it well, well done voiceovers and sound. Wasn't the greatest PS2 port but worked well enough, probably worth it to play in higher resolution than on PS2.

Played this before Devil May Cry 1 as it seems to be a great version of Devil May Cry, with lots of different weapons, crazy cutscenes and a bunch of worthwhile bosses. Excellent end boss fight with demon Vergil, an epic demon fight I'll remember. Added bonus one of the best end credits I've seen.

Above average 9 out of 10. Stands tall up next to classics like, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Ninja Gaiden.

Number seventy six on my most awesome and cool videogames completed list. With an annoying "Easy" note mark on it. I might have to get rid of that...
Some months ago I installed The Darkness 2 and played through its first level before abandoning it.

I've recently picked it up again and finally finished it a few minutes ago.

It's a strange game for me. It has many elements that I like in a FPS game, and I didn't mind the consoley things on it, but it simply didn't inspire me very much.

The world didn't make me want to explore every bit and crany, I just felt I could end it soon enough and be done with it.

The Mob family aspect of the story didn't engage me and the love story and frequent alucinations didn't help at all.

The final level in hell was nice, too bad its enemies and weapons were mere reskins of what had already come before.
Amelia and Terror of the Night (Android)

A very nice children's book with detailed pictures and nice narrative, unfortunately it's only available in English and Polish. In order so see the bonus page you have to find 60 hidden stars and I needed a while for one of those but apart from this, it's very relaxing and something I'd give my children if they were English or Polish.


Pajama Sam - Thunder and Lightning (Android)

I didn't know, that Ron Gilbert was involved in Humongous, otherwise I'd have tried it earlier.
It was the first P&C adventure I didn't need a walkthrough for. xD
It's really polished, nicely made and quite short. I'm looking forward to playing the other games on my tablet as well, especcially when I'm lying ill in bed again.
Too bad those games never seem to have been translated to German, so I can't give them kids around here.

Zombie shooter (GOG)
A brainless(pun intended) shooter. Overall an improvement over the Alien shooter game.
Kind of short, easy(only challenging if you try to rush it) and several levels tend to overstay their welcome.
If you have two hours to waste, give it a try.
Shadowrun : dragonfall

Liked it so much that I tried about every path, replaying entire sections of the game. Although, having in the end gone through the final battle 7 times( between the fails and the different choices that can be made ), I definitely would have liked the game to be longer and with more side stories. Otherwise excellent experience, if a bit wasted by bugs ( that game still crashes from time to time ...)
Assassin's Creed: Rogue

A standalone Assassin's creed game that was released along side Unity for last gen consoles, I found it to be magnitudes better than Unity. Everything that made Black Flag good transitioned over into a very well-written and game play intense title.
Thief (360)

Not sure how this game got past past the Left Wing Feminist Lesbians with Arts Degrees that constitute Australia's Censorship board. It has drug use, nudity and actual sex scenes (though only R Rated). Those things are usually frowned upon in my country. But it did pass so...

I wasn't expecting great things from it, as a lot of reviews give it a very average rating. I'm now thinking that a lot of people are comparing it too much to Dishonored, which is actually a different sort of game. You can play Dishonored in a stealthy way, but it's actually a lot of fun not to. Thief can only be played in some sort of stealth way, either using stealth to kill or use it to evade- but either way it's a true stealth game. I also think it's a great modern example of the style. Maybe some people are also treating it as a sequel to the earlier trilogy, but it's a reboot only in their spirit.

First of all it was a bit slow to get going, but by story chapter 3 i was really into it. It still has the old Thief series mechanics like the light gem, and pretty much all of the gadgets with the exception of the moss arrows. At first glance it's looks to be much dumb downed with modern conveniences like the super vision ability to highlight notable items. But anyone that's takes the time to look at the options when starting a game will see a huge amount of options to return the game to mostly the old experience- including completely turning off the vision ability. There are three broad difficulty levels, plus every difficulty level can be played with any number of options on or off - aiming reticle, more realistic speed, no health boosts, no mid level saving instead of save anytime, permadeath, no damaging arrows etc etc- all are options that modify the challenge and your score.

I didn't know how i'd like the game so i played it through on the normal difficulty and enjoyed it, though it wasn't all that hard. I played slow an steady, in the spirit of a stealth game and fully explored and completed all of the optional missions and got a solid 20 hours of play. Only two negatives, just like Deadly Shadows, by the end of the game i'd really had enough of having to slip by the exact same guards in the same parts of the city for about the 20th time. A bit repetitive in that respect. By the end i was just headshotting them with the bow to speed things up.
Only other issue was a couple of short action sequences with insta death for a wrong turn...totally out of character for the type of game. But they were only very short short and didn't impact too much.

Anyway, i enjoyed it enough that i restarted immediately today just to play the 8 story chapters on the hardest difficulty for a no kill (not even animals), no knockout, no alerts, no food, no drugs, no super vision, no damage arrows, no tools or upgrades except mission critical tools. I'm up to chapter 6 and loving it, though it's obviously makes it easier having played it once. I'll update with my thoughts on the second play when i finish it.
UPDATE: Finished the second no kill, no detection playthrough. It sure made the final confrontation a bit of a random lucky dip, but i got through it with a bit of trial and error. It wasn't brutal hard, but then again i still remember everything from the initial normal playthrough. It did take much more thought and care and reloading. The hardest part was never having any gold to buy special arrows like rope and water i had to really hoard them for when i REALLY needed them. Anyway it took another 8 hours just to replay the story alone on that difficulty.

One of the better AAA titles of recent years i think. It's especially good to have so many options to tailor to different tastes and time constraints- more developers should do this.
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