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NoNewTaleToTell: Interesting! I have American McGee's Grimm but only played an episode or two before moving on to something else (I had fun but not "that" much fun). Are there any standout episodes that are worth a playthrough?
Hmm, I can only tell about the one I enjoyed, so no guarantees you will also enjoy them, of course! ;)

But here we go:
- Mulan (because it was all in chinese voiceover, since American MacGee is based in Shanghai, I think) season 3
- The Frog King season 3
- The Fisherman and his wife season 1

Really, it's a master of taste, since they are not fundamentally different from the other episodes.
Finished Grey Matter.

Great game. I didn't care for the final puzzle (essentially a point and click "boss" where logic gets stretched a bit... too much trial and error for my liking on that one puzzle.

But otherwise I am now a big fan. Great music and acting. I also liked the story, visuals, and the gameplay was fair most of the way. Highly recommended for adventure fans.

This game was featured in several bundles recently so I got curious. Is it a cool game and it just needs some attention? Or is it a poor game and its devs just need some monies, no matter how few. Well, all I can say it's definitely not the former. The game looks like a poorly balanced tech-demo.

First of all there is no campaign, story or whatsoever. New game button gives you three somewhat significant options (difficulty, number of systems, number of resources) and one insignificant (choose your emblem, your opponent will get the other one. Yeah, there are just two of them). And so the games begin... you can see your Mothership and... well, nothing else actually. Yeah, I know it's in space and everything but... oh, no wait! There is an asteroid! Wait! Two of them actually! But the background is still very ugly. But yeah, it's not that important so let's continue.

You can win either by destroying your opponent's Mothership or by getting 100 influence which can be achieved by claiming sectors (each of them has different influence factor so try to get the best ones first). How do you claim a sector? Well, isn't it obvious? By building a claim structure! Seriously, a claim structure! Got it? Because it... well... it claims a sector!

Since I mentioned buildings... do you know that you can build only one thing at the time? Doesn't matter if it's a structure or a ship. Only one. No queue allowed. Just one.

Do you think it's bad UI? Well, not as bad as this: try to move your ship. They are always patrolling so first you have to click it to highlight it. Not that difficult, they are pretty big anyway. And then "move icon" is displayed. But... it's so tiny! And you have to click it while it's moving along with you ship! I mean, hello! It was easier to move your units in Dune 2 because not only the move button was bigger but it didn't try to run away from you as well!

Do you think bad UI is the worst part of the game? I have some bad news for you. Your Mothership can power-up only two structures at the same time, you need a generator to get things running. But you can't build generator just yet, you have to build a lab and research it first. For that you need special resources. But wait! You don't have any! Nor any means to produce them (it's available much later). So what should you do? Well, just wait patiently until your opponent moves his lazy butt and sends a few of his ships your way. Destroy them and you will surely scavenge some of those needed resources. I'm dead serious! You can't really start the game until you get attacked two-three times! And even after that your economy will be always dependent on enemy's attacks! How cool is that? But since your opponent apparently starts with those resources why can't he just claim enough sectors to win without attacking you even once? There would be no way to stop him! I mean... WTF?!

So yeah, a poorly balanced tech-demo it is. Avoid. Just avoid.

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Finished Lucius.

Mixed opinions. Decent graphics and gameplay, but very, very linear despite faux elements of exploration. All achievements completed in 6 hours (except the 2 that require 20 and 40 hours of gameplay... those are ridiculous in all games, but especially so in this type of game), so its not a very lengthy game either.

They also went a bit out of their way to get gory. (while very opinionated, I wasn't expecting the slow downs and details they emphasized in the murders).
Aaaand today I finished the Games of Thrones 'Blood Bound' DLC
Its quite short and combat heavy (in a game where, as I said above there, the combat isn't the strongest part) but I was entertained throughout, I think it helped that I chose a different build for Mors this time so there were new combaty things to try out, it's set 10 years before the main game so you start at level 1 but level up almost comically quickly, gives you something to do though
Some interesting back-story / character parts too, all in all, OK I guess but I'm glad I only spent a few pence on it in a sale

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Oct 24 - The Monuments of Mars (all four parts)

Not a bad platformer from the CGA days, but not that great either. But then, I haven't played many CGA platformers either.

The collision detection and handling of the player could be a bit frustrating at times, but since each screen is short and you can try as many times as you want, it's not too bad. My DOSBox was too fast and it sometimes took a few tries to get the switches to stay how I wanted them and to shoot while jumping.

Each part is pretty short, maybe 10 minutes each. The puzzles tend to vary in difficulty, but nothing very tough. There are 20 screens per part and usually 5 or so screens can simply be walked through. They do get harder as you progress, but there will sometimes be very simple levels amongst the tougher ones.
Just finished Sigils of Elohim. What a nice minigame! And it gives bonus codes for upcoming (free?) game. Now thats better achievement system than those others who just give painted medals and stuff...
TouchTilt: Not sure my brain can think back that far, but here goes:

Valiant Hearts, GTA V, Latest Tomb Raider, Watch dogs, Child of Light..I know there's more!
Leroux: How did you like them? I'm curious about Valiant Hearts and Child of Light, and I read mixed reviews about Watch Dogs.
Valiant Hearts was pretty good. It's light on the puzzle and unique, artsy. I liked how they include history on WW1 and mix in a bit of fiction.

LOVED child of light, I'm not a fan of those turn-based games but I quite like this one because it wasn't heavy.

Yeah Watchdogs was a big letdown...what a waste of money!
ambient_orange: Just finished Sigils of Elohim. What a nice minigame! And it gives bonus codes for upcoming (free?) game. Now thats better achievement system than those others who just give painted medals and stuff...
I'm fairly certain that The Talos Principle won't be free. Also, there are still two extra parts of Sigils of Elohim to come - B and C.
Legend of Grimrock II

At first, I was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer size of everything. The island is huge and the game mostly takes place outdoors, which means the game wasn't as linear as its predecessor, but in turn this also meant that at the beginning I was constantly lost and unsure where to go or what I should be doing. The first Grimrock had a pretty clear objective: head down constantly while trying your best to survive, but this wasn't the case here. There's much more that needs to be done. Slowly I started to get the hang of things though and noticed that while the game is arguably a bit different than the first game, it's every bit as good. The puzzles are once again very well done and really made my noggin overload. The combat was a little bit more difficult in my opinion, but at least I had to be careful in every battle - thus every encounter was interesting from the beginning to the end. One thing the game does better this time, is the character progression thanks to the added traits. That was probably the least interesting aspect of the first Grimrock. Anyway, to keep it short: it is a great game and a must-have for those who like grid-based RPGs.
Super Panda Adventures

This game fools you, because you look at the screen shots and think, "Oh, another indie platformer with ugly--sorry, "retro"--graphics, we sure did need more of those." But your sarcastic dismissal is misplaced! It's actually a super well-designed platformer with Metroidvania elements, lots of secrets to find, a level system that allows you to greatly customize your character and playing style, challenging bosses*, great music, Worth the $4 price of admission. The developer is working on a new project, but it's a horror FPS for some reason. I guess in a sense not falling into a rut is admirable, but I'd fave liked more of this.

* I got kind of frustrated with the last boss when I fought him last night, actually, and made a post complaining about it this morning, but it turned out that I just needed to sleep on it. Also, I needed to get over the idea that you should be able to easily beat the game's last boss. This game looks like a kids' game, and on easy mode it might be one, but on normal mode it does not mess around.
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Just finished Transistor.

Found the graphics and soundtrack absolutely stunning, the game has a great atmosphere due to that, however, the gameplay was very dull. the turn based combat grows old pretty quickly, and doesn't offer much challenge at all. Granted, there is a new game+ option when finishing the game, but I don't tend to play beyond the first playthrough. The game's pacing wasn't too good either, but I think that's also due to the combat system being pretty uninteresting.

I would give the game a 7/10 just for its outstanding presentation, soundtrack and graphics, even though it's not really my cup of tea.
BadDecissions: * I got kind of frustrated with the last boss
You're a lot more patient than I am, I already got frustrated with the first or second one, and it made me abandon the game although I absolutely loved the gameplay up to that point. My impression was that the boss battles are a lot harder and more tedious than the rest of the game. The two bosses I remember weren't that interesting in design, they just required a lot of time and patience to beat.

BadDecissions: The developer is working on a new project, but it's a horror FPS for some reason. I guess in a sense not falling into a rut is admirable, but I'd have liked more of this.
Have you tried the free Gun Girl 2 by the same developer? It's not quite as advanced and varied as Super Panda Adventures, but still somewhat similar.
Deponia 3 (WINE Linux)

Finally finished the series.
It's definitely better than the (really not good) second part in every way (including bugs and technical problems), although the end wasn't really to my liking although not bad.
Runs perfectly in WINE by the way.

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