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JudasIscariot: Well, yes, I do but i don't like highlighting that fact too much because it feels, to me anyways, like I am rubbing it in :)
Rodzaju: You are!

You should soften the blow by giving us all free access too.....

Sure, here's my login info:

User: totallyjudasnoreallyiamjudas

Password: yourjimmiesarenowrustled

Have fun :)
Just finished Primordia yesterday. Damn, I haven't had this much fun in an adventure in a looooong time. If you're on the fence about getting it, well, it's worth every penny and then some :)

The dialogues are intelligent, the puzzles logical, and the overall mood is just WOW.

I can't recommend the game enough :D
I had a Wadjet Eye weekend that sort of extended into this week :D I still need to finish Resonance and then I'll have all the Wadjet Eye games on GOG finished :P

I've finished:

Gemini Rue

The Shivah

The Blackwell Bundle

(Primordia I've finished earlier so it's not getting the bold treatment this time :P )
Just finished Steam World Dig. Kind of short and not very challenging but somewhat fune :)
WOO! I just finished Heretic Kingdoms about 3 minutes ago :D
JudasIscariot: WOO! I just finished Heretic Kingdoms about 3 minutes ago :D
Reever: So you played it all in one session, or what? Saw you talking about in another thread :D
I played it the last two days with some breaks in between :D

edit: I also didn't go to an optional area near the end of the game because I was already tearing through the game on Hard with the attunements I had going :)
Post edited December 25, 2013 by JudasIscariot