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Our moderation team decided not to take a side in the discussion since this giveaway thread was created by the community and, as long as there are no forum rules violated, is up to you, dear Gogers, to decide its fate. We will not set giveaway rules, edit the OP's post, nor lock the whole thread.

However, to make it easier for newcomers to understand the situation (about the OP being inactive and other), I will stick my own post right above the first one.

You are, of course, free to create new threads to start anew and make your own, clear rules. At the same time, please stay reasonable when crating them, as multiple new duplicates might make it even more confusing for many Gogers.

That being said, here you can find a post with dxenija's community poll to have better understanding of the situation: CLICK.

At the time of writing, open giveaway threads are:
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Be nice to each other *flies away*
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Register, link steam account and get DiRT Rally key.

Grab it while you can, most of the time codemasters offer a game for free, it was discontinued soon after.
It's a very good game for anyone who like racing games, although it may be somewhat hard for casual playing.
Crown Trick (BETA)

Type !getkey and get the key to PM.
The King's Bird free on GameSessions

Play the game for 5 minutes to activate and keep on GameSessions forever.

Activate the game before 09/04/2019.
Land It Rocket is free on Indiegala for add to your library:
genkicolleen: Free Steam key for Dino D-Day

Requires you to "like" on FB -- I use a junk Facebook account for these ;)
Yeah tempmail site is great.

Pirates of Black Cove

Adblock must be off to get the game (CAPTCHA).
The End is Nigh



both up on Epic Games Store's free roster.

Conarium is next in the queue for Sept. 12.
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Order of Battle - Winter War DLC

Main game is f2p.
Get Pixel Hentai Mosaic
Get Polygolf
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Peace, mercy and blessings of God
Dear brothers . And tell my brethren. This is a great honor for Leah
My name is Mohamed, I live in a village in Upper Egypt
Age 30 years. Married
Work There is no specific action however
I have worked in more than one area of ??my life from the age of 15 years now
I worked in carpentry, many jobs and in the sun and on highlands and very few salaries
I worked in a pharmacy, unfortunately the salary is much lower than the first profession
Worked in tourism, work for 12/14 hours with 2 hours of accommodation to the hotel and vice versa, Ararat!
I worked in a grocery store, I was working and the salary I bought from the shop needs home
I worked in the communications company and this is the last work I owned .. The company took the responsibility of hiring to separate all the employees of the company who are in the system of contract shop in shop to appoint new employees with high academic qualifications such as a college college ... On this occasion I have a diploma Industrial I can not accept because I am less.
You can not work in one of these areas and you are married and you have a great responsibility in this regard
I went to work on YouTube and the sites selling the services but unfortunately I failed because I have no experience in the field before
I learned and what I learned and now my channel on youtube 0 views 0 Subscribe 00000 in every thing This is failure
But what can I do?
I live in a rent apartment + electricity + water + expenses
A few days ago, one of my friends suggested that I open a phone maintenance shop because it has a good financial income, I told him. What is required for this project? Shop rent, cycle in mobile maintenance, repair equipment, all this = $ 770
Shop rent 1600EGY = $ 100
Maintenance equipment 6100 EGY = 370 $
Maintenance cycle 5000 EGY = 300 $
This amount is not equal to other people and is a very big income for people like me because I have nothing
I wish you my dear brother to help me and you pay for Allah, even if only $ 1
Do not ignore me and say you will be sent to one of the readers, because if you said this in yourself you will find everyone who reads my words will say like you
All I ask is $ 1 for you to start my dream and my project to do good, and you pay for God
My account is payeer = 0
This is my account on payeer : P1013748812

If you can not help me, give me advice on

Thank you very much
Peace be upon you
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Grand Pigeon's Duty is free on Indiegala for add to your library:
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Lady's Hentai Mosiac (NSFW) is free on Indiegala for add to your library:
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Indie Gala - Journey of a Roach
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Conarium is up on Epic Games Store's free offer.

The next game goes live on Sept. 19 but they've left it a mystery with nothing but a graphic of games featuring Batman (the LEGO titles and the Arkham games, sans Origins/Blackgate).