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"Ah. There you all are," the station AI, Q.U.A.D., greets you, appearing on the main monitor of Epsilon's main conference room. "I'm afraid I've got troubling news to report."

"Us? We've been here for 3 hours already!" retorts Vitek.

"I've been running some version control checks on my subroutines, and it turns out someone's been tampering with some of the security algorithms. After reverting these, it appears we have some unidentified life forms on board. Not only that, but it appears we've lost a considerable number of crew members, despite no-one being actually registered as missing until now."

"...What do you mean, until now?" interjected mchack.

"Well, it's about the communications department, you see. I suspect that whatever's aboard's been the cause of the recent glitches with the system, but they've finally gone one step further and bombed the communications department. We're a bit cut off, I'm afraid."

Ixamyakxim curses, loudly. "Then why are we gathered here?" he continues? "Yes, shouldn't we be in the security department, arming ourselves?" continues trentonlf.

"Patience, patience. As mentioned, there's a reason I've gathered you here. As dedoporno is by now aware," Q.U.A.D. continues, his disembodied head on the main screen turning to face him, who appears to have been heading for said security department, "this room is now sealed, and I'm happy to say the intruders have been all too eager to discover what's going on here - they all seem to be now located in this very room."

Silence descended upon the room, broken only by a few more futile attempts to open the door.

"Find the intruders amongst yourselves. When you've decided on someone to eliminate, I will deal with the... execution."

"Wait, don't you have the Laws of Robotics stopping you from doing that?" HypersomniacLive's brow furrowed.

"Nonsense, nonsense. There's the Zeroth Law to consider, after all - nothing so grandiose as the greater good of humanity, I'm afraid. Just, and here I quote, "Och, tae hell wi' it!". Anyway, good luck!" Q.U.A.D.'s slightly too pleased looking face disappeared from the monitor.


1: The moderator of the game is myself: QuadrAlien.

2: All players have a vote, placed in bold thus: Vote QuadrAlien. A vote may be withdrawn by unvoting (Unvote QuadrAlien), or by voting for another player. (Please note that voting for yourself, as in this example, is discouraged.) "No Lynch" is also a viable vote - this means you wish for no lynch to occur at the end of the day for whatever reason.

3: Once a player has a majority vote (over 50% for any one player or equal to or over 50% for No Lynch), the player you vote for will be lynched and killed, revealing his alignment.

4: Once you are dead, you are no longer allowed to post in this thread, other than one "Bah!" post (a post purely to lament your fate and give no useful information).

5: Under no circumstances edit your posts. This also unfortunately has to include GOG's habit of merging posts that are within about fifteen minutes of each other by the same person. Please be patient and give it a bit of time before adding what you need to say. I may be lenient for posts which are obviously double posts, but deliberate editing will mean I start to get modkill-happy.

6: Bold any other questions for the moderator (requests for vote counts, etc.)

7: Do not discuss the game with anyone outside the thread (unless specifically mentioned in your role PM, in which case only at times at which the PM tells you).

8: Do not quote or paraphrase too closely any PMs you receive from the moderator.

9: Please post at least something at least every 36 hours, or I will start prodding. Followed by replacement if necessary. If you're going to be away for some time, let me know beforehand. If you actively need replaced, again please let me know.

10: Roles have been randomly assigned. Check your PMs.

11: Do not post in the thread during the Night Phase.

12: Your victory conditions are provided in your PM.

13: Please remember it's a game. Try and remain civil.

14: Anything else I've missed from the administration thread presumably still applies.

Role Example:

YOU ARE: Urist McRedshirt (Communications Officer)

Another sad day in the lives of characters who exist purely to be murdered in order to start things off.


Dying quietly. Maybe not that quietly.

YOU WIN WHEN: All invaders have been eliminated from Space Station Epsilon.
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[this post beginning to be used to explain Common Questions]

STR: Strength - also affects general fitness, as well as the ability to aim a weapon steadily if it comes to that.

FIN: Finesse - fine manipulation and use of smaller tools of some variety.

INT: Intelligence - identifying specialised equipment, scientific knowledge and use of computers.


Crisis events represent something (defined in the flavour) going wrong on Space Station Epsilon. A number of the crew will be required to resolve the situation - to achieve this, they will need to be suitably skilled in the field required for the task they're given, based on one of the three stats above. Of course, the intruders have other ideas, so they may choose to sabotage their part in the Crisis Event if selected and they so wish.

Somebody on board the ship is assigning people to Crisis Event slots. This player may choose to make current prospective selections known in this post.

Failure to resolve a crisis event successfully will have penalties - this may include death of a crew member if multiple failures occur in one event.

No Crisis Event in progress.

Previous Crisis Missions:
D1: Teslascarab Assault: 2x STR: JMich, RWarehall, 2x FIN: McHack, Dedoporno - SUCCESS
D2: Hologram Guards: 2x FIN: McHack, JMich, 3x INT: RWarehall, AgentCarr16, Drealmer7 - FAILURE
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1: Bookwyrm627 (formerly Crewdroog)
2: yogsloth
3: trentonlf
4: mchack
5: Ixamyakxim
6: agentcarr16
7: RWarehall
8: HijacK
9: CarrionCrow
10: JMich
11: adaliabooks (formerly HypersomniacLive)
12: drealmer7
13: flubbucket
14: Krypsyn
15: Vitek
16: dedoporno

You should all have received a PM - please tell me if you haven't.

That being the case, let's not beat about the bush: Day 1 has started!
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I always try to be the fastest - let's see if I can do it again -

Ha! First illegit post!

Probably should have waited on this before quad sent out the link to observer thread…
lol, well, the only challenge was from a non-player. What a pity.

Not like last game where I knew I had to truly be first for my plan to look its prettiest, so was hovering over the "Post my message" button, refreshing like mad for the exact right moment.

btw, why is my character's name "Johnny Trollcrap"?
yogsloth: lol, well, the only challenge was from a non-player.
Do not underestimate my power! I'm could shoot you with my plasma gun.
And I'm second, since I'm not counting that rogue AI in the post above me.

Vote Leonard03
yogsloth: lol, well, the only challenge was from a non-player.
Leonard03: Do not underestimate my power! I'm could shoot you with my plasma gun.
Oh, get to the observer thread before I send you there the hard way. :P
I'm trying to think of something entertaining to do to flip the table over. Give me a little bit.
In before the first System Shock reference!
Vote yogsloth for already talking PM information
trentonlf: Vote yogsloth for already talking PM information
Husky looks so oddly creepy with that hat on!
Ixamyakxim: Husky looks so oddly creepy with that hat on!
LOL, well nothing stays on long as she does not like anything on her head :)
My avatar is suppose to be my cat Little One, but that feature is broken too so you only see it when reply to one of my posts.
yogsloth: I'm trying to think of something entertaining to do to flip the table over. Give me a little bit.
I'm sure you'll figure something out. Take your time :P