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bad_fur_day1: Lords of Salem
tinyE: Watched that the other night.

Not great IMHO but a nice little piece of work.
Agreed, probably my least favorite Rob Zombie film. I liked seeing his regular actors back, but it was quite slow with lots of slow tracking shots. I expected a bit more, especially about something as cool as witches. Still, it had some good moments, I guess witches are not that easy to do.
DampSquib: Cube - rewatched, it's marmite, reviews at the time were a mixed bag...i still think it's worth seeing.
How weird! I just went to watch that 2 days ago with my partner and the version I had was too poor-quality and so now I'm waiting for it on DVD. It's been since it came out that I've seen it, and I remember it very well still, very well-done little movie.
I've recently watched:

Mission: Impossible 1
I can see why people and critics would have liked it back in the day, but it hasn't aged well.

Mission: Impossible 2
I had seen this only once before, it aged better, but the plot is a bit too paper thin. Still, loads of fun to be had here.

Olympus has Fallen
A great Die Hard movie, Gerald Butler is awesome as Bruce Willis. Too bad the CG effects are terrible.

Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary
Terrible movie with so many plot holes that it looks like a hero from a John Woo movie dieing of lead poisoning.
I recently saw the remake of Poltergeist. I didn't like it. Didn't expect I would like it either. I did however think that with that in mind it would at least have better special effects than the original. I didn't care much with how they used the special effects in the new one either. The only actor I actually believed in the movie was the little boy who was afraid of everything. Cannot remember his name in the movie since they didn't use original names either.

I also saw San Andreas. I actually liked this one. Lot of action, suspense even though at most times you know what's going to happen, and even funny at times. If you're not a fan of natural disaster movies there's a good chance you won't like it though.
[url=]Tale of Tales (Il racconto dei racconti)[/url]

A piece of art, every shot of this movie looks like it could be turned into a painting, I kid you not. It's one of those fairy tale for grownups movies, not as magical as Pan's Labyrinth but miles better and more poetic/metaphorical than Snow White and the Huntsman or The Brothers Grimm. I was very impressed because I haven't seen a good new movie in a long time and Tale of Tales flew under my radar completely. Strongly recommended, if you don't mind its slightly macabre slant.


Good movie but could have been better I think 3.5/5
My Old Lady

It's about a man who found out he inherited a house but with more than one twist. Highly recommended!

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

This movie took me by surprise. It's sad, charming, funny, illuminating. It's about a guy, his "friend" Earl and a dying girl and the life of that guy culminating in the fate of the girl. Recommended!

Started OK with a lot of nods to the old, Connery movies, which is a plus in my eyes...then devolved into the same horrible crap every single one of the new James Bond films devolves into.


Oh God...oh my fucking God.

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

What to say? It's an animated crazy ass Rob Zombie film. It reminds me a lot of Bakshi's movies (Coonskin, Heavy Traffic more than Coolworld), but with some Ren and Stinky thrown in. It's fun to watch, especially after Martyrs...
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bayzent: Martyrs

Oh God...oh my fucking God.
So is that a seal of approval or disapproval:D ?
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Firestorm, Hong Kong action with Any Lau, definitely entertaining, especially towards the end where there's some awesome action scenes:

Brotherhood of Blades, Chinese historical action done really well:

Hide and Seek , Korean thriller done really they usually do over there:

No Tears For the Dead, a really good Korean action film:

The Admiral: Roaring Currents, awesome Korean historical action:

Pioneer, a really good Norwegian thriller set in the 80's:

Troll Hunter, Norwegian Fantasy thing, came out a while ago but I only saw it recently:
Mr.Caine: So is that a seal of approval or disapproval:D ?
Y'know the thing is, the film's plot is interesting, but the huge amount of torture porn it has is excruciating...and the ending is kinda like..."wait what?". So yeah, if you can stomach it, I think it does bring a pretty interesting hour and a half.
Last one I saw: Heat
Man, what a surprise. I was expecting another respectable action in the line of something like Face-off. Instead I got something so much better! What struck me most about the film because I didn't expect it was the intense atmosphere and incredible music. I'm going to have to hunt down the other films Michael Mann directed.

Next I want to check out Fargo and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Last film I saw - Laser Mission starring Brandon Lee.

Film to recommend - Not sure. Wouldn't be Laser Mission.

Brandon Lee - Laser Mission Trailer
Emob78: Last film I saw - Laser Mission starring Brandon Lee.

Film to recommend - Not sure. Wouldn't be Laser Mission.

Brandon Lee - Laser Mission Trailer
I watched that when it came out because I am a huge The Crow lover (a noir revenge movie, great concept, haunting circumstances around it, and with perhaps the best soundtrack for a movie, ever) - I don't remember it really at all other than thinking "wow, it's not even a B-movie, it's not even a C-movie, it's a D-movie! wow!)

I should watch it again some day!

I just watched Short Circuit last night for the first time in probably 15 years, it was my partner's first time seeing it, and she loves robots (been suggesting we watch it for some time now), and she really enjoyed it too! The fake indian guy is so frikken offensive, it's ridiculous! What's really crazy is that later that night we watched an episode of Medium, and he was in the episode we watched. WOAH! Synchronicity!
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Saw last night <span class="bold">The Voices (2014)</span> with Ryan Reynolds since i'm in anticipation for Deadpool. Turns out the movie is both creepy and funny. Recommended watch.