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Green_Hilltop: Good idea! Since svartalf has magic shield and reflect spells, perhaps he could cast those on some of us? And Thras too if he's willing if he has those spells? If you're trapchecking ahead of us, you might need it the most.
Nope ! I won't go ahead until these creatures are slayed or at least visible.

Let's them come to us !
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bler144: Main tunnel
Human paladin
Equipment: original equipment + 1 healing pot + ciemnogrodzianin's +3 hammer, and...uh...bracers of +4 typing. Yeah. Can't forget those.

Spells cast: Turn undead x 1, Heal x 2
Summoned creatures: Farted
I just realized that since there are three dwarves behind us, it must look funny as we walk - two tall, fully armoured paladins and behind them three dwarves. Also given their height, just imaged where your "summoned creatures" probably ended up - right in their faces!
Kyp - Dwarf Ranger
Healing potion
Magical bow that turns arrows to fire arrows
2 handed axe magic i think

Normal bow and a brodsword if i am carrying to much drop the bow then the sword if still to much

Also no spells afaik
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59 - Cicatrix - Southern side tunnel, turn 7

With three people tangled up on the ground, Cicatrix sees a possible chance to bypass this mess and tries to go forward past them, levitating if she has to. Aware that the ghouls are probably just ahead of them her scimitar is ready and her whistle is in her hand.

If she can get past all the other adventurers and the ghouls are withing striking distance, she'll blow her whistle and prepare to assault the undead. If it becomes obvious that she will not be able to bypass the others, then she'll repocket the whistle and fall back, trying to remain inconspicuous.
Green_Hilltop: Don't forget to state your action, or you'll be left waiting at the portcullis.
idbeholdME: Right.

I guess I will just move along through the gate with others, behind the main frontline, ready to cast a spell should the situation call for it.
I hope it's not metagaming, but after checking out the other tunnels, I think it might be a good idea to buff us in advance, since it seems hags and other types of witches are quite powerful and we don't know what we'll encounter and being able to reflect spells or at least resist them from the beginning could greatly turn the fight in our favour.
Lemmus: If she can get past all the other adventurers and the ghouls are withing striking distance
OOC: We easily dealt with the two ghouls we encountered (killing them on turn 6). Do you have reason to believe there's more ghouls ahead? I personally expect us to encounter the source of "the cackle" next.

If you do have reason to believe there's more ghouls coming, then please carry on. Otherwise it might be worth rereading the last few turns ( turn 5, turn 6, turn 7 and mini-update) and editing your post?

I do think you should've been able to move past us all, as there was a 2 minute gap without any of us in the side corridor, which by itself should've been plenty of time for you to walk past, and then the four companions tangled in a heap with me exiting the portal and focusing on them, and only then us getting back in formation.

I make no guarantee for our actions if we suddenly see a drow ahead of us in the tunnel, but if you're hurrying ahead, who knows...? You can get quite far in 2+ minutes.
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