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Aramandur: [21 - Danric the Exiled - Human Paladin] [Northern Main Tunnel]

"Thank you so much for all your help, my dear friends. I think I felt the breath of death upon my neck."

"Vanathradil, please keep in mind this may not be our way out. Besides, there's still a matter of the ship and the undead pirates. Whatever we're going to do, we must raise our chances by sticking together."

"Hummer, until you have any means of defense, I will protect you with my life."

I stay close to Hammer, defending him if necessary.

If Squee is in my range, I cast heal on him.

- - -
Current equipment: plate armor, silver lined longsword, shield, amulet of repel arrows, 2x cure poison potion
Spells cast: 1x turn undead, 1x heal
Spells remaining: 1x heal, 3x turn undead, immunity to fear (passive)
Isn't Squee downstairs? That's what I understood from his post. In any case, I was afraid that by the time we reach the room with the ship, the action would be almost ever or there wouldn't be enough time to escape. I feel Doc has another adventure for us down that trapdoor. Don't you want to meet the Quxtotayl?
Will update tomorrow morning, sorry.
40 - Gilius, dwarven druid

Well, Gilius doesn't have any particular thing to do. He simply watches the situation with BJ the penguin unfold from the height of the crow's nest.

"The ship is burning, cap'n'guin !".
4 turns left to escape.

** TURN 16 **

Northern main tunnel:

Several zombies see to putting out the fire on the ship.

51 - Henz - Elf Thief waits to see if the party will fight the zombies or join them against the Kraken (the time for waiting around is gone).

63 - Fish - Half Orc Berserker you clear your head *rolls dice* you spin and your axe severs the arm holding a club of an Elf zombie. The zombie looks to its missing arm then back at you blankly.

57 - Siegfried - Human Paladin asks for an end to hostilities between the two groups. You enquire how to beat the Kraken.

65 - Grom Grombly - Half-Orc Shaman makes it clear that no-one else is to be turned into a zombie if you are to join the crew.

68 - Peloquin - Dwarven Thief *rolls dice* in all the commotion you successfully open the trapdoor unnoticed and slip below deck. You have to stop yourself from gagging as there are two piles of bodies, one to your left and another to your right. You assume this is where BJ has been putting his zombies together.
A lantern ahead swings between two doors. The left door has the words 'Admiral Polly's Quarters' scrawled into it.
The right door has the words 'Stinky Laundry Room And Definitely Not Treasure Room' scrawled into it.
You look behind where you are stood and see a pile of harpoons and some cages.

16 - Rizzleskiff - Drow Shaman you continue moving north *rolls dice* a large tentacle shoots up out of the water to smash into the cavern ceiling where you had appeared to be (saved by your cloak of mirror images and my suckiness at rolling dice). *rolls dice*
The impact near to you causes you to spin towards the water *rolls dice* you manage to regain control just 6 feet above the water, looking down you can clearly see the Kraken below you.

45 - Loradan - Elven Mage you engage with BJ and demand that all who join up with him are to remain alive and unharmed.
You also want a promise of safe passage to port.
Why does BJ need your help anyway? How many times has he tried to escape?

67 - Rufus - Human Cleric you shout "TIME T' SAIL COMPANIONS!". You summon a Holy Guardian which stands by your side. You see zombies putting out a fire and direct your Guardian to help.

40 - Gilius - Dwarven Druid you watch the situation unfold below you.

BJ puts Siegfried back on the deck then turns to face Loradan "Well, ye see, the Kraken, it be big. I mean, it be real big! Its tentacles wrapped round me ship and almost dragged it down last time I tried to pass it.
Me crew, just be looking at them, they be slow and not too smarts up top either. I be needing crewmates who're quick enough and smarts enough to attack the tentacles before they be getting a grip of me ship."
"Hmm, thinking bout that, I be guessing that turning you to zombies might not be the best idea."

"So it's agreed then, we sail as quick as the wind will take us and leave this hole far behind!"
" First though, you be needing to reign in yer mad dog over there." BJ glares at Fish "Or I be adding one last zombie to me crew."

65 - Grom Grombly - Half-Orc Shaman the zombie lets go of your arm and the undead shark slinks back into the water clearing a path for you to board the ship.

BJ "Right ye landlubbers, all aboard ye who wants to escape this here hellhole!"

Those who wish to try to sail away need to board the ship this turn.
greeklover: "HURRY UP FRIENDS! I'll take the risk and go down the trapdoor. Who's with me?"
"Guys jump down! It isn't too high and you all have healing potions to use if you get injured."
[56 - Damon - Dwarf Warrior] [Northern Side Tunnel]

I'm with you!

and trusting the words of the elf mage I follow him through the trap door
4 turns left to escape.

** TURN 16 **

Northern side tunnel:

75 - Darci - Drow Cleric and 66 - Tomato - Goblin Thief are no longer in the game and as such the equipment they stole from Hummer is returned to him.

1 - Hummer - Elven Ranger has his equipment returned.

34 - Stefareth - Human Necromancer *rolls dice* goes to carry Danric but seeing how he is fully healed realises that there is no need. You move back into the main tunnel towards the pirate ship (correct me if this is wrong).

10 - Squee - Goblin Thief moves down the tunnel (through the trapdoor) crawling along the ceiling. *rolls dice* You encounter no traps but as you turn a corner in the tunnel you stop. Ahead of you the tunnel comes to an end. There are two doors, one on the left and one on the right at the end of the tunnel.
In between these two doors is a tables with 6 duergar sat around playing cards.
*rolls dice* They have not noticed you.

56 - Damon - Dwarf Warrior goes through the trapdoor into a tunnel, as you make your way along you see a turning to the left ahead.

61 - Vanathradil - Elf Mage you untie Hummer, drink a healing potion and rush to the trapdoor. You call for all to hurry and go down the stairs into a tunnel. You move along the tunnel and see the Goblin crawling along the ceiling(!) go around a turn to the left.

1 - Hummer - Elven Ranger with your weapons safely back in your hands you need to decide whether to follow your rescuers through the trapdoor or head for the door at the far end of the room (you see the illithid has had its head squashed into goo).

21 - Danric the Exiled - Human Paladin you see Hummer enter the room but Squee has disappeared through the trapdoor. You need to decide whether to follow Squee or head back to the Pirate Ship.
Doc0075: 75 - Darci - Drow Cleric and 66 - Tomato - Goblin Thief are no longer in the game and as such the equipment they stole from Hummer is returned to him.
(What happened to them? Did they decide to quit?)
1 - Hummer - Elven Ranger

Ahhh, I feel whole again with my bow in my hands, and my sword at my belt! I gladly follow my new-found friends down the trap door to seek an escape route from this vile place.
Fish the Half-Orc Berserker

The undead ones seem to no longer be interested in fighting. I'll board the ship but any hint of hostility and I'll start using my axe again. If I smell any hint of treachery from the captain, I'm coming for him. No more negotiations.
Since you are in front of us, you will have the choice of interacting with the duergar or choose a door and get in while hidden. Our actions will depend on what you do, so what ideas do you have? Btw duergar are evil and If you talk to them I don't know how well they will react to a goblin. I suggest you wait or explore the rooms until I arrive to do the talking. They respect mages but hate other dwarf clans so Damon should stay a bit back or I could cast invisibility on him so that the duergar don't see him.We can discuss other suggestions on the thread instead of exchanging pms , it's more convenient and everybody will read other's messages at the same time.
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