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You two are probably right, I just decided to grab GOTG, but I'm still finding it hard to justify 30 bucks for Batman though, especially with so many reviews pointing out an alarming amount of bugs.
Phew! Luckily I got Back to the Future when it was on special in May 2016 for A$4.99 (also the Sam & Max Series).

Tales of Monkey Island was on special for A$3.49 back in July 2014.

It pays to get in early as soon as good games go on sale. Studios are being bought & sold like 2nd hand books this past decade (looking at you EA), or just closing for some reason.

I do feel sorry for those that missed out. Hopefully they'll be available again one day. I've missed a few other's I didn't grab before vanishing. *shrug* Way it goes!
I'd actually be willing to trade my physical copy of BttF for a GOG key :/ go figure