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It's our birthday, and we'll rap if we want to!

'Cause you know our rhymes are wack
Feel the beat--you can't go back
It's a free game rap attack
If you wanna win then take a crack, as you possibly know, has turned five. In celebration of us turning five, we like to have gifts for you--let's face it, if not for you, we wouldn't be here. So check out the video with our mad phat beatz yo, laid by MC Enigmatic and the famous DJ Russkat, and then if you're inspired, feel free to drop us lyrics of your own! We'll collect all of the best lyrics and award up to four people 5 games of their choice in exchange for their permission to use their lyrics in a proper GOG Birthday Rap video. We may even spring for proper moving pictures for the next one!

Please send us all of your submissions (by which we mean: leave a comment below in the forums) by Friday 20 September 2013 at 0900 Eastern time to enter into the contest.
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Gotta give it a short verse:

When you go on GOG you know you feel nostalgic.
Nobody complains because there isn't anything wrong with it.
And when you start to look at all their indie games,
You know you will never quit
Oh, dear me.

I'm sorry, but all I could think of while reading the article and watching the video was this song.
Sending you all of my lyrics, cause for gamers like me

GOG has made our life great, and DRM free

I'm not the greatest rapper, but you better bet

I'm gonna play Stargunner free, and will never forget

All of the great deals you have, and the free games you give

Cause you make my gamer life, one that I really want to live
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Once upon a time i bought a PC,
I thought "does anyone have a game for me?"
And so i stumbled upon this site called GOG
And wow, there where quite a lot of games to see
I had heard of these games called "Baldurs gate",
and i dont know if it was luck or fate
But in the summer sale i saw a deal,
it made me let out gasp with joy, for real
Since then i've adventured on the Sword Coast,
but i can decide which games i like most.
Oh glee, its DRM-free, more games for my friends and me
Though GOG dont get money if you play for free,
and that would mean less games for you and me.
In short, happy birthday GOG,
you are all the things i want you to be.
Here goes:

In the age of modern games there are the dreamers
who protect the rights of all the loyal gamers
In can be a bit of a minefield dodgin’ drm
but trust in the best - gog does it time and time and time again

Now it's been five big years since gog has picked a fight
with the current market that hasn't seen the light
of posting better games along with all star promotions
unstoppable classics and adding indie game commotion

versatility, jubilee, economy,
these are the things that has done for me
So jot this down and take heed to what I say
gog's getting bigger and better - so don't get in their way.
A contest you say? A rap contest you say. Minions get me my books!

*Some time later after reading a 101 ways to rap book.*

lets see. hmm if this fails plan b.

Just hanging out by my self being undead.
You know the drill.
When some paladins from next door come on over, acting like they rule the place.
Shoving drm down our throats, when all i want to do is play a game?
Is that so wrong yo?
So my friends of the dark acts over at little gog.
They come around to the local graveyard and start digging up some stoney graves.
Bringing back the dead games from the past and ripping out that little thing called drm.
Drm free has rolled back into town, driving them paladins next door out of town.
Now here i relax, just slipping on some ice tea and enjoying my drm free games.

Kobold Captain death: Would that count as rap say?
Me: Hmm its time for plan b. Bring in orc j.

*Lots of bright lights and smoke later.*

Orc j: Orc j in the house! let me bring you the turth!
I want to play some coolie old blasts from the past but where to go?
Steam is too hot for me!
origin, what do i look like a time traveler to you?
gamersgate, they keep locking me out with there gates!
greenmangaming? Ba fools! any old orc could tell you men are not green!
Not a single placing rolling around that is green enough for a orcish's tastes.
When what this, that comes along? Just a little old place called gog!
Allowing me to play blasts from the place like i want g.
Gog keeps me rolling, making me green and joying!
its the place where any orc wants to be!

Kobold captain death: how about that sir? yip yip!
Me: hmm, that should do for now.

Witch: yo guys, what should i do with this big box of alchmist fire.
Me: Why do i see smoke coming from the alchmist?
Witch: the world keeps on spinning. i didn't start the fire, the worlds all ways been on fire!
Me: dam it! some quickly put out that fire!
This is what GOG inspired me:

Blonde girls don't like to read,
They're like pretty dolls without intellectual feed;
Now I am afraid of them,
'cause they have their eyes red.

I hope you enjoy it!
The LD on DRM is we don't think it works
Restricting our addiction until we go beserk
You try to fight the pirates but against your desire
It's the ones who buy the games caught in the crossfire
Just make a parody of the Super Mario Brothers Super Show rap. :L
Alright everyone, sing along to this tune:

Oh, my, god. Enigmatic T, look at that pack.
It is so big. It looks like,
one of those weekend promos.
Who understands those monk guys?
They only sell it, because,
it looks like a total classic, 'kay?
I mean, that pack, is just so big.
I can't believe it's just so old, it's like,
out there, I mean - gross. Look!
It's just so ... packed!

I like big games and I can not lie
You other monks can't deny
That when a knight walks in with an itty bitty mage
And a round fireball in your face
You leap up, wanna pull out your sword
'Cause you notice that maps need be explored
New releases they are presenting
I'm hooked and I can't stop staring

Oh Geralt, I wanna get with you
And take your elixers
My homeboys tried to warn me
Take some more silver and fill my shelf with glee

Ooh, behead-a'-green-skin
You say you wanna fill my shelf?
Well, sell me, sell me
'Cause you ain't that average boutique

I've seen them pixels'
To hell with visuals'
Even for the mac, swag,
You can replay it to hell and back

I'm tired of magazines
Sayin' console games are the thing
Take the average wise man and ask him that
He'll advice old games for your stack

So, fellas! (Yeah!) Fellas! (Yeah!)
Has your catalogue got deep games? (Hell yeah!)
Tell 'em to play it! (Play it!) Play it! (Play it!)
Finish that backlog
And then come back!
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Oh god, GOG unleashed something terrible with this thread... ;_;
And I'm about to contribute to its madness. Forgive me, Geralt T_T

Is it true, can it be?
Only 5 years since we got G-O-G;
digital ninjas (!)
who dared stand for D-R-M free.

Takin' names, kickin' ass,
bringin' games, lots of class,
supporting quality
through quality support!

Evolving constantly (!)
on top of strong foundations,
searching for new ways
to strenghten our relations.

So as I sit here typing
it's no revelation,
there's no doubt, no "maybe",
our king is G-O-G
& hail to the king, baby!
Happy Birthday GOG, and I hope you like my rap.

Just want to go back, because DRM is wack
Packing golden age games to the max
Kick back, and buy a game pack
Got a Mac? Well GOGs got your crack
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Can there be a winner for the worst rap?
mrking58: Can there be a winner for the worst rap?
Yeah, wanna participate? :p
Hmm, I haven't written song lyrics (of any style) in a while, but I'll give it a go, on with the show :P:

G-O-G is the pc gaming masta
All other DDs ain't nothin but laugh, ya!
D-R-M should go out with the trash
We get you screaming "shut up, take our cash!"

G-O-G is in the house
workin every day to get games out
Only thing here that has no home
Is SecuRom, Starforce, (DRM-sucks-bones)
Classics, Indies, Old and New
If you dig these things GOGs for you.

(Man I wish I had MC Frontalot's brain
Then I could come up with something more insane.
Oh man I'm on a rhyming kick
Now if only I could think of something sick.)
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